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by Crow
Rated: E · Book · Inspirational · #2169943
Crowing along the way with wisdom and practical advice
#942481 added October 2, 2018 at 2:47pm
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Gathering My Children Around Me

Gathering My Children Around Me

I have always been the quintessential neatnik. My office where I read and write is usually kept in a quasi-minimalist form. I have always much appreciated a well-kept workspace.

But suddenly, something has changed. I have begun to throw off the yoke of pristine spaces for the stacked clutter of books and papers. Instead of going to the bookshelf and searching endlessly for a volume I know is there, I have chosen to gather my most treasured volumes around me for quick access. I have the benefit of a large desk, so space is not a pressing issue. It feels great to have my children forming a protective wall around me, emanating their warm solace. I have my typewriter, laptop, and the knowledge and wisdom I need at hand. I hardly need to rise from my chair to find what I desire. I'm a writer, and this is living.

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