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Are You Studying?

Are You Studying?

According to King Solomon, "The making of many books is a weariness to the flesh." To what was Solomon referring? He was stating that any study can be an arduous personal task. Any of you, who, having huddled by the midnight lamplight in preparation for next day exams, knows well the labor involved.

However, for our brief exchange, we will refer to that type of study that enhances the skill of writing. In my most humble opinion, the first and foremost activity should be reading. I love to read books, flesh and bone books. I have read or listened to books in other formats, but there is nothing like holding a book in your hands. Writers should always be reading.

After reading there is the study of English composition. This is where the real work begins. If you thought you were finished with English after you completed your education, think again. If you wish to be a proficient writer, it's back to the study of English composition. As I have already said, it's work and no worthwhile work is easy. However, if you are willing to put in even a minimum of effort, you will be rewarded.

Now, let's hit the books and turn out your best work ever.

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