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by Dragyn
Rated: 18+ · Book · Arts · #2172182
Art and Multimedia through the eyes of a Dragon
#944312 added October 27, 2018 at 10:45pm
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Spoof Ad
Create a poster that is humorous or ironic that promotes health or safety benefits. You may submit either the poster you created with your group or your own individual creation.
Think of an advertisement and the current way that it promotes its health and/or safety benefits etc.
Then think of an alternative to that scenario and create a poster for a fake product that reveals, in a humorous or ironic way, a different reality.

My own version of the Juul spoof ad we did in class

My group and I did one on Monday, but I wasn't completely happy with how it turned out . For the most part, only two of us really "contributed"- one person "contributed" towards the end when she wasn't completely sure that we were doing it right... maybe she should have paid more attention to what we were doing at the beginning?

Regardless, I made my own version, pictured above. It's not completely different than what we did in class, but I did want to include a kid in the picture, just to drive the point home about what Juul (and/or most vaping companies- I don't vape so this is just to my knowledge) is doing. The original concept I wanted was for a kid to be walking down the aisle with their parent, but I didn't have the planning time I usually do for other pictures. Plus, my perspective drawings aren't great. Therefore, I decided on a back view of the kid and parent- so we can see all the products (water, chocolate milk, juice, and the vape). The chocolate milk and juice are lowest, because that's what kids like- which is how supermarkets arrange stuff anyways- put the expensive, unhealthy, stuff at the bottom shelves, which is right at the kids' eye-level.
As for Juul, though, their packaging is very similar to juice boxes, which entices younger kids- and gets them started on vaping/drugs earlier than they would if this were, say, regular cigarettes. I mean, an eighth grader was attacked by his classmates because he wasn't buying into their vaping habits- and now he's suing the school district.   So tell me that this isn't getting kids started earlier.
Also, I decided to make the fonts similar on the juice and Juul- not to mention that "juice" and "juul" are kind of similar- enough that if you weren't paying too close attention, you might get fooled into thinking Juul was just a very expensive brand of juice. Granted, there is a minimum age to buy vaping material (18), but busy mothers don't always read. I mean, my sister tricked our mom in 11th grade- just with a note saying "Please excuse my daughter, _____, from any and all previous and future late assignments". Mom signed it without a second thought. And Sis got excused from doing most of her homework on time.
Finally, who doesn't like cotton candy? Juul makes their vapes in various "fun" flavors, which again, attracts a younger audience and gets their loyalty from a younger age. Cotton candy is a fun flavor- and I'd say it's one that attracts people from most ages and ethnicities. Little kids love sugar- and for older kids and adults... well, cotton candy certainly is something nice to have every now and then for fun.
The vaping liquid usually still contains nicotine in it, though, which technically makes it just as addictive as regular cigarettes. Sure, it might not be as bad, but "not as bad" definitely doesn't equate to "good".

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