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by ruwth
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~ A Goal ~
ruwth had read a lot of self-help books in the past. All the books claimed the one key to success was having written goals. They said there was a difference in having a dream and having a goal.

ruwth dreamed of success in several areas so, in 1995, she hired a life coach and came up with some goals:

1. Regain the intimacy that I have lost in my relationship with GOD.

2. Do recreational things with my kids.

3. Make new friends through shared activities and interests.

4. "Nest" -- I would like to nest to create a haven for myself -- a place that I really like to be.

5. Unclutter and organize.

6. Put into practice all the tools that I learned to use that have helped me to deal with life in a healthier way -- but which have been on the sidelines for a while collecting dust.

7. Create a step-by-step plan for getting my business off the ground -- and then start taking the steps.

Well, there they were in writing—seven goals to work on. However, having them in writing did not bring them to fruition.

Life changed for ruwth. She decided to become a freelance writer. In 2009, she joined Writing.Com. In 2010, she created "Goal: Be a Successful Freelance Writer!. Her work on this journal is an interesting adventure. There came a time she settled on a plan and posted it here: "My Writing Plan . . .. She even posted a longer entry to let her many followers know how she had come up with her writing plan. She entitled the longer entry: " Here's an idea of how my plan developed over time . . ..

Now she had goals specific to her career goal of becoming a successful freelance writer—and the goals were in writing. She even put mechanisms in place to review her plan and keep track of her progress.

So, how did this plan work out? She followed it for about a month and then wrote: "Working on my daily plan . . .. She explained reasons she was not going to use her wonderful writing plan after that. She wrote about a different assessment tool she had created with her goals in mind. She created an customized link to allow folks to see her progress:

ruwth stuck with this new idea for about three days. She used her fancy self-examination tool a total of seven times in 2010, four times in 2011, and once in 2012. If you can access it, it will appear as though she used it once in 2016 but, since it shows a perfect score for completing the quiz, it is unlikely she was doing a valid assessment at that time. More likely, she was simply playing with the item for some reason.

How is "Goal: Be a Successful Freelance Writer! progressing? Not so well. On April 3, 2017, ruwth added an entry entitled "ruwth/writing/writing.com. It was the last entry she made to her journal detailing her path as a writer. 2011 was the last year she made regular entries.

At this rate, it is unlikely she will reach her goal of becoming a successful freelance writer. Perhaps the time has come to consider a different goal. Since I know ruwth personally, I can tell you she has reached some writing goals over the years. From 2011 to 2018, she has written at least 50,000 words each November as a NanoWrimo Rebel. In 2018, she successfully entered 52 contests documented in "ruwth is writing.... So far this year, she has entered three. With each contest she has entered over the last fifty-six weeks, she has also written a review of another member's contest entry for each week. So, she is writing.

She has even developed a following of sorts. It is limited to her WdC friends but it is a following none-the-less.

These last facts demonstrate she can reach her goals. Perhaps for 2019, she should make it a personal goal to do the things she wrote about in "Oh, dear me!. Probably, the best goal she could set for herself in 2019 is number six on her list: Write Every Day—or every other day—or twice a week. Even twice a week would be an improvement.

Writing twice a week might even be a goal she could put in writing and REACH! Time will tell.

Written for "No Dialogue Contest
Prompt: Goal
Word Count: 690

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

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