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A man from 5150 and two young adults from our era are shrunk and travel through time!
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Chapter Three: 1935 Germany

Chapter Three: 1935 Germany

Upon arriving in the sky above Munich in September 1935, Professor Cannoli and Tiffany became very drowsy.

"I'm really tired for some reason," said Tiffany, as she reclined on her bunk bed. "It's a good thing we have these bunks."

"I'm tired too," said the professor, and he reclined on his bunk.

"That's weird, I don't feel tired at all," said Tad, but they had already fallen asleep on their bunks. The main monitor came to life, and Tad could see the distorted image of the leader of the Death Matrix.

"Tad, I put your two companions to sleep, because I have specific instructions for you."

"Okay," Tad replied.

"When you get to Nazi Germany, you must get swallowed twice by two different females, and your companions are not allowed to use technology to free you. If you are to survive, you must get vomited up naturally without interference. The neural stimulator and the space warp will be offline, and you will be unable to utilize them. You are not permitted to warn Professor Cassius Cannoli or Tiffany Tisdale or tell them of your mission, if you do, all three of you will be executed by the Death Matrix. Do you understand your instructions?"

"Loud and clear," said Tad, and the screen went blank.

The professor and Tiffany soon awakened. Tiffany looked at the display screen of the navigation console, and said, "It looks like we're in Nazi Germany now. We're flying above the middle of an Oktoberfest parade in Munich in September, 1935!"

"Take us there, Tiffany!" said the professor.

Tiffany programmed the navigation console and the time cruiser descended toward Munich in 1935, They could see the youth march below them.

"Land us in an alley near the march, Tiffany." said the professor. "The cloaking device is still activated, so we should remain hidden."

The time cruiser landed in an alley between two businesses, where there were no people. When the gangplank lowered, they could look out and see the backs of people's legs and shoes, as they watched the parade.

"Oktoberfest is in session," said the professor. "That must be the reason for the parade. Tad, the instructions say you know what we need to accomplish."

"And it's a secret," said Tad, as he walked out on the gangplank. The two of you just stay behind, and monitor me."

"The time cruiser will use the translator to allow any Germans within a twenty mile radius of here to understand English," said the professor. "And to you, it will seem that they are speaking English."

"I know the drill," said Tad as he exited the time cruiser, and made his way toward the crowd. It was an equal mix of boys and girls, so Tad approached one of the girls. She was wearing a skirt, with leather saddle shoes and socks that didn't go above her ankles.

Tad jumped onto her left shoe and began jumping up and down. The girl paid attention to the parade at first, but Tad's persistent jumping got her attention, and she looked down and saw him. The girl knelt down and grabbed Tad gently. She was about thirteen years old.

"Who are you and how did you get so small?" she asked.

"I'm Tad Polaris, I'm a shrunken time traveler."

"I'm Arabella Schwartz," said the girl. Some of the other children gathered around to look at Tad. "I'm a member of The League of German Maidens! What year are you from?"

"I'm from the early 21st century!" Tad replied.

"What year will the war end?" Arabella asked.

"1945," Tad replied.

"Did Germany succeed in conquering the world?" Arabella asked.

"Germany was defeated by the allies," said Tad.

"That is very upsetting," said Arabella.

"Maybe you could punish me by swallowing me, then vomiting me back up before too long?" Tad asked.

"I think I could," said Arabella. "You're certainly small enough!" Arabella turned and looked at the other children. "Do you think I should swallow him?"

"Do it for the fatherland!" said one of the other girls. "Send him straight to your belly!"

The children began chanting for Arabella to swallow Tad, so she lifted him above her mouth and lowered him in, onto her pink tongue. Her lips closed behind Tad, and she swallowed him with such force that he was instantly sent hurling down her esophagus.

The sphincter muscle that separated the esophagus from the stomach area opened, and Tad dropped into the murky chyme that composed the interior of Arabella's stomach.

When Tad was officially within her stomach, Arabella began to laugh.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was doing some research on Arabella with the central computer onboard the time cruiser.

"Professor, Tad and I know some girls in our home town of Bullet Bay who may be related to Arabella!"

"There should be an extremely accurate genealogy chart in the computer's mainframe that can prove whether Arabella is related to your friends."

Tiffany looked it up, and a family tree popped up. "Yes, just as I thought!" said Tiffany. "My two friends Kelly and Shelly Schwartz are the great grand-daughters of Arabella Schwartz! Tad can use that to his advantage! Will it hurt Arabella if I use the communicator to contact Tad while he's within her stomach?"

"No," the professor replied, "our communication system utilizes dimensional signalling, it has something to do with dimensional string theory. No radiation will affect Arabella if you speak with Tad."

"Tad!" Tiffany spoke into her communicator ring.

Inside Arabella's stomach, Tad could hear Tiffany's voice over the ring. "Tiffany, I can hear you!"

"Arabella is the great grandmother of Kelly and Shelly Schwartz, back in Bullet Bay! Maybe you can use that to your advantage!"

Tiffany turned her attention to the professor. "I'm worried about Tad! We can't even be sure what our mission is this time, or if we'll succeed! And I'm worried about Tad, he's in that girl's stomach!"

"Tad knows our mission, I'm sure he'll succeed," the professor replied. "Besides, he's been swallowed by two other girls, so he has some experience in that area."

Meanwhile, Arabella had other plans. She lifted her shirt to reveal her belly and laughed. "He was a fool for trusting me!"

An older girl spoke to her: "He's more valuable alive, you know!"

"Well, it's too late now!" said Arabella.

"Not quite!" said the older girl. "If we get some syrup of Ipecac, it will induce vomiting. Come with me to the pharmacy!"

The two girls walked to a nearby pharmacy and entered. The older girl asked the pharmacist about Ipecac syrup, and after being directed to a specific aisle, she found it and brought it to the counter to purchase it. She happened to have enough money to buy it. The two girls exited the pharmacy and entered an alley.

"Drink some of this!" said the older girl.

Arabella took a swig, and a few moments later, she vomited, and Tad came tumbling out onto the cobblestones of the alley below.

The older girl picked up Tad and held him in her hand. "I'm Anna, Arabella's older sister. I'm sixteen. What do you know of the future?"

"I know Germany surrendered in 1945," said Tad. "I don't know a lot of details about the war, but I know the two of you have relatives in Bullet Bay, California. That's where I'm from."

"We have no relatives in California," said Anna.

"But you will," said Tad. "Arabella is the great grandmother of two girls I know in my home town. Their names are Kelly and Shelly Schwartz."

"How could their last name be Schwartz, if our last name is Schwartz, and we are female?" Anna asked. "Surnames are passed won through the father!"

"He must be lying!" said Arabella.

"Can you help me here, Tiffany?" Tad asked into his ring.

Tiffany pored through the computer files. "I think I have an answer, Tad!" said Tiffany. "Arabella's daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, and put the baby up for adoption. It was a boy! He was adopted by the Maisons, but upon turning eighteen, he tracked down his family ancestry and had his last name legally changed to Schwartz! He is Kelly and Shelly's father!"

"I believe you," said Anna. "My father is a guard at a concentration camp, and he assists with the escape of some of the prisoners."

Back in the time cruiser, Tiffany could hear what the girls were saying to Tad. "That's true, Tad! They escaped from Germany during the war and came to America."

"In fact," said Anna, "My father has a plan for our family to escape Germany tonight, so it's fateful that you showed up today to verify that we will escape safely."

Back in the time cruiser, Professor Cannoli told Tiffany, "We can print out fake visas for their family, to help them escape."

"Did you hear that, Tad?" Tiffany asked.

"Yes!" said Tad, back in the alley. "If you take me back to my time cruiser, we can help you with fake visas and paperwork you'll need to escape Germany."

Tad directed the girls to the alley where the time cruiser was hidden, and the professor deactivated the cloaking device. Arabella picked it up, while Anna held Tad.

"Take the time machine home to our parents, Arabella, I want to take Tad to a tavern to celebrate one last time before leaving Germany!" Arabella did as she was told.

Meanwhile, Anna carried Tad hidden within her hands to a nearby tavern. When they entered, the architecture was Germanic, and looked like it had been built during an earlier period in German history. There was a bar extending across the length of one wall of the room. There were chandeliers, and tables with patrons sitting at them enjoying their beer. Some of the people were Anna's age or only slightly older, and a couple of girls who were friends of Anna's had followed her in.

"I thought you were only sixteen?" Tad asked.

"In Germany, the minimum drinking age is sixteen," said Anna. "WE can drink beer or wine, we just can't drink spirits until we're eighteen. You Americans need to get with the times!"

Anna stepped up to the bar and showed her ID. "Bartender, a mug of your best beer, please!" Anna slapped down a Deutsche Mark. The bartender took the money, and gave Anna her change, and filled a beer mug and set it in front of her.

There were other young people Anna's age in the tavern, some of them female. When Anna revealed Tad to them, the others crowded around her.

"It's a tiny American from the future!" said Anna. "I'm going to drink him down with my beer!" Anna dropped Tad into the mug of beer, and said, "For the Fatherland!"

The others said, in unison: "For the fatherland!"

Anna began to drink the beer, and Tad with it. Tad could've tried to fight the tide carrying him toward Anna's mouth, but he knew the Death Matrix would kill him if he didn't get swallowed a second time. He actually swam toward her mouth, and a few seconds later, was swallowed by Anna.

Tad plunged down Anna's esophagus, and landed in her belly. Beer continued to pour over him as Anna finished her beer.

"Another!" said Anna, as she slammed the empty mug down and placed another Deutsche Mark on the bar. The bartender made change and brought her another mug of beer, and took her empty mug.

Anna guzzled her second beer in record time, then ordered another. After her fifth beer, she began to feel sick, and headed to the women's restroom. She vomited into the sink, and Tad came tumbling out. She picked him up, and rinsed him off. She carried him home, concealed so others in public couldn't see him.

Meanwhile, Arabella had successfully brought the time cruiser back to her home, with Tiffany and the professor inside. She set the time cruiser on the table, and the gangplank lowered, and the professor stepped out.

Arabella's mother was home, and she saw the professor.

"What is going on, Arabella?" Mrs. Schwartz asked. "How did he get so tiny?"

"He's a time traveler, mom!" Arabella replied. "He's going to help us get fake visas so we can go to America! Anna has another shrunken time traveler!"

"Where is Anna?" Mrs. Schwartz asked.

"She went to a tavern, she's probably going to swallow one of the other shrunken people."

"You shouldn't be swallowing them," said Mrs. Schwartz. "Especially if they're trying to help us escape Germany! If the government ever finds out that your father has helped Jewish people to escape from the concentration camp he works at, we would all be killed!"

"We were just having fun with them, mom!" said Arabella. "I swallowed him once already, too. They claim to know my descendants, my great grand daughters. They have historical evidence that we will make a safe journey to America."

"Really?" said Mrs. Schwartz. "What else did they tell you?"

"We will settle in California, in the city of Bullet Bay." said Arabella. "They also said the war will end in 1945, and Germany will lose the war."

"Thank heaven for that!" said Mrs. Schwartz. "I knew this war was a mistake as soon as Hitler invaded Russia. Can they really help us get visas?"

"I can answer that," said the professor. "With my onboard computer, I can replicate visas that will fool anyone. I just need some time." The professor returned inside the time cruiser and began working on the documents. After about an hour, the computer was ready to replicate the documents.

The professor exited the time cruiser. "In less than a minute, the visas will materialize on the table, try to stay clear of that area," the professor indicated the middle of the table.

"Of course!" said Mrs. Schwartz.

Moments later, four visas materialized on the table, one for the father, one for the mother, and the other two for Arabella and Anna.

Just then, Anna returned with Tad, and set him down near the time cruiser.

"Anna, are you drunk?" Mrs. Schwartz asked, feeling her forehead.

"Yes, Mama," Anna replied.

"You need to be sober if we are to escape Germany tonight!" said Mrs. Schwartz. "Let me make some coffee."

"I can assist," said the professor. "We have technology that can clear her blood of alcohol. Just give me a minute." Professor Cannoli returned to the interior of the time cruiser, and worked the controls. Within moments, Anna sobered up with the professor's technology.

"Professor, we've succeeded on our mission!" said Tad. "I accomplished what the Death Matrix told me to do today, I think we can leave now."

"Tad's right, professor!" said Tiffany, who was at the control console. "The lock has been lifted, we can leave at any time."

"What is our destination?" the professor asked.

"Chicago, in the 1920's!" Tiffany replied.

"Let's say goodbye to the Schwartz family," said the professor. They exited the time cruiser, and waved to Mrs. Schwartz and her two daughters. They entered the time cruiser, and strapped themselves in.

"Take us to our next destination, Tiffany!" said the professor, and they set off for 1920's Chicago.

To Be Continued!
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