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A man from 5150 and two young adults from our era are shrunk and travel through time!
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Chapter Seven: 1918 Russia
Chapter Seven: 1918 Russia

The time cruiser emerged from temporal space inside an elaborate mansion. The time cruiser was still invisible due to the cloaking device being engaged. Professor Cannoli addressed Tad and Tiffany.

"We're in July, 1918, inside the Ipatiev House in the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia, about a week before the Romanovs were executed."

"I did a report on the Romanov assassination in junior high school," said Tad.

"Will that do us any good?" Tiffany asked Tad.

"I know the names of the Tsar's daughters, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia." said Tad.

"Didn't they have a son, too?" Tiffany asked. "I remember when you did that report, you told me about it back then."

"Yes, his name was Alexei," Tad replied.

"Don't get too wrapped up in the Tsar's daughters," said Tiffany. "I know they're attractive, but you've still got me as a girlfriend, and I'd appreciate some loyalty." Tiffany looked at the professor. "What's our mission, professor?"

"The Death Matrix wants us to give the royal family the schematics for the Sputnik rocket program."

"What will that accomplish?" Tiffany asked.

"The Russians will have viable rocket technology decades before anyone else," said the professor, "at least on paper."

"If we succeed, maybe that's why the Russians were so far ahead of us in the 1950's!" said Tad.

"Remember," said the professor, "the time cruiser has a built in mind control device that will make the Russians understand and speak English. The part of their brain that processes speech will think they're speaking and hearing Russian, so they will have no clue that they are speaking to us in English."

"We have to be careful," the professor warned, "because the royal family is being guarded, the guards are downstairs, and the royals are here, on the second floor."

"Who do we give the schematics to?" Tad asked.

"One of us will make contact, while the other two stay hidden in the time cruiser, which will remain invisible," the professor replied. "Once the royal family has the schematics, we want the guards to acquire them, and hold onto them after the executions next week."

"I volunteer to make contact." said Tad.

"I thought you would, you're such a brave boy," the professor replied. "Stay in contact with us through your communication ring, and let us know when to teleport the documents that have the rocket schematics."

"Is there anything else?" Tad asked.

"I almost forgot," the professor replied, "if one of us gets swallowed and vomited up naturally, without the use of any of our technology, one mission will be subtracted from our itinerary, so we will have a total of twelve, instead of thirteen missions."

Tad and Tiffany celebrated by cheering.

"Should I tell them the truth about where I came from?" Tad asked.

"Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone about the upcoming assassinations. That would void our mission, and we would be stuck here permanently," the professor warned. "Just make contact, then let me know when to teleport the documents. As far as who we are and where we came from, it's okay to tell her about us."

The professor hit some buttons on the control console. "The main monitor shows who is in the room, Anastasia is sitting at the table reading a book. You need to make contact with her, Tad!"

"Sure thing, professor!" Tad replied.

Professor Cannoli activated the door and lowered the gangplank, and Tad headed out into the main room. After stepping off of the gangplank, the time cruiser was not visible to him.

The room was huge, and very elegant. There were ornate wooden book shelves from floor to ceiling. The furniture in every way looked like it had been designed for royalty.

"These people seem like gods, they're so wealthy!" Tad whispered to himself as he made his way to Anastasia's feet. She was wearing a white dress, with dark stockings and leather shoes.

"She's beautiful!" Tad couldn't help whispering to himself, but he caught her attention. She lowered her book to the table, and looked down at Tad.

"Who are you?" Grand Duchess Anastasia asked.

"I'm Tad Polaris, I'm a time traveler," Tad replied.

"Have you come to help my family?" Anastasia asked. She stood up from her chair and knelt down, and picked Tad up in her hands.

"Not exactly," said Tad. "A terrorist group called the Death Matrix is forcing me to travel through time, and accomplish specific goals before we can leave and journey on our next mission."

"What is your goal in 1918?" Anastasia asked.

"I have to give you the schematics for rocket technology that will allow Russia to launch a rocket into space, breaking free from the earth's gravity."

"Is such a thing possible?" Anastasia asked. "I know Jules Verne wrote a novel about traveling to the moon, but that is pure speculation."

"Sure!" said Tad. "The Americans sent men to the moon in 1969. The Russians beat us at a lot of firsts, though. They launched the first artificial satellite, and got the first man into space before we did."

"Excellent!" said Anastasia. "And how would you produce such a document? You're a very tiny man, so please forgive my doubts."

"I have partners standing by," said Tad, "and they will teleport the documents to this table, when I give the word."

"Then give the word!" Anastasia ordered.

"Professor?" Tad spoke into his communication ring, "I've made contact with Grand Duchess Anastasia, and I'm ready for you to teleport the documents!"

Inside the time cruiser, the documents were in digital form on the main monitor. Professor Cannoli pressed the button that would execute the command that would make a physical copy appear on the table where Anastasia was seated.

Within seconds, the document materialized in front of Anastasia.

"Ooh!" she exclaimed. "This is like magic!"

"It's a science so advanced that it seems like magic," said Tad. "I'm paraphrasing a famous science fiction author named Arthur C. Clarke."

Anastasia looked through the pages of the document. "So this will allow us to build a rocket that can travel to the moon?"

"No, Grand Duchess," Tad replied. "It will allow you to launch an artificial satellite into Earth orbit. The moon is too far away for a rocket like this to reach it."

Anastasia's other three sisters entered the room. They spotted Tad, and walked directly toward Anastasia. Grand Duchess Maria, the 19-year-old, picked Tad up from the table.

"What is this?" Grand Duchess Maria asked. "Is it a toy of some kind? Is it a clockwork mechanism? Did Dr. Botkin or Anna bring this to you?"

Anastasia quickly grabbed Tad from her sister Maria. "He's not a toy, Maria! He's a little man! He's been miniaturized and forced to give us scientific secrets. He's from the future!"

"You'd better not let the guards find him," Maria warned. "They would take him away from you! And what is this?" Maria indicated the document that had materialized moments earlier.

"It's the schematics for constructing a rocket," said Anastasia. "The Russians will be the first to launch an artificial satellite into orbit!"

Maria looked through the pages of the document. "This all looks very complex, I don't think this is a hoax, Anastasia!"

"Of course it isn't!" said Anastasia.

"We'd better show our father!" said Maria, as she took the document and carried it to her father. "You'd better hide your little friend, before the guards see you with him!" The two oldest sisters, Olga and Tatiana, followed Maria.

Anastasia took Tad, and lifted him to face level. "You don't mind if I put you in my mouth, do you? It's just to keep you hidden from the guards."

"I don't mind," said Tad. "I've been in plenty of girl's mouths before this!"

Anastasia gently placed Tad on her tongue, then closed her mouth with him inside. Just then, one of the guards entered the room. This startled Anastasia, and she accidentally swallowed Tad.

"What is that document?" the guard asked Maria, taking it away from her.

"It is the schematics for a rocket that can break free from Earth's gravity!" said Maria.

"Nonsense!" said the guard. He looked over the document, turning the pages, and was amazed. "This information is very technical, an engineer should look at it!"

"Give that back!" said Anastasia.

"No, Anastasia," said Maria, holding her back, "let him have it. There's nothing we can do at this point!"

Meanwhile, inside the time cruiser, Tiffany was watching the Romanov sisters on the main monitor.

"Tad has been swallowed by Anastasia," said Tiffany to Professor Cannoli. "If he is to be vomited up naturally, one of us needs to explain that to Anastasia."

"It will do no good!" said the professor. "If we warn Anastasia that she needs to vomit Tad up, then that will void our mission! According to the control console, the lock has been lifted, because we've given them the rocket schematics. So if we retrieve Tad, we can leave. We might need to use the space warp to get him out of her stomach!"

"I think we should leave it up to Tad!" said Tiffany. "He really wanted to succeed on getting one mission dropped from our itinerary."

"Then contact him, I'm just saying, if worse comes to worse, we may have to use our technology to retrieve him, and we can't use the space warp while the cloaking device is engaged."

"Tad?" Tiffany spoke into her communication ring. "Can you hear me?"

Meanwhile, inside Anastasia's stomach, Tad was chest deep in chyme.

"Loud and clear!" Tad replied.

"Do you want us to rescue you?" Tiffany asked.

"No!" said Tad. "Try to let her vomit me up naturally!"

Inside the time cruiser, Tiffany looked at the professor. "He wants to ride this one out all the way, professor!"

"Your boyfriend can be very stubborn!" said the professor.

"Tad?" Tiffany asked into her communication ring, "If we use the space warp to get you out of there, we'll have to disengage the cloaking device."

Inside Anastasia's belly, Tad replied, "Then we would be sitting ducks! Just leave me in her stomach for now, only use the space warp if there's no other way!"

"How is it in there?" Tiffany asked.

"There's more stomach acid than there was with the other girls who swallowed me," Tad replied. "I think Anastasia must be stressed out because of all the things that are happening to her family right now."

"Will he be okay in there?" Tiffany asked the professor.

"It is possible that if enough of Anastasia's stomach acid eats away at him, he could die."

"I thought that elixir we drank before our first mission made us immortal?" Tiffany asked.

"Immortal to normal wear and tear," said the professor. "But not to things like bullets, falls from high places, or stomach acid. It's just too corrosive; he can survive for a short while, but not indefinitely."

Meanwhile, the Romanov sisters were arguing with the guard who took the rocket schematics. "I said to give it back!" said Anastasia to the guard.

"This should be in the hands of the government," said the guard. "Where did you get this document?" The guard turned and yelled into the hallway, and more guards appeared.

"Scour this entire room, and find any sign that there has been an intruder!"

Three guards began looking through the room.

Meanwhile, Tad was having difficulty within Anastasia's stomach.

"Tiffany!" said Tad, "The stomach acid levels are off the hook in here!"

"Anastasia is experiencing a lot of stress," said Tiffany. "And the guards are shaking down this whole room. Should we use the space warp?"

"Yes!" Tad shouted into his communication ring. "Get me out of here!"

Professor Cannoli began activating the space warp. He locked onto Anastasia's stomach, then de-activated the cloaking device. A dimensional portal appeared in the floor of the time cruiser. Professor Cannoli could see down into Anastasia's stomach, and saw Tad swimming around in her chyme.

Meanwhile, one of the guards spotted the time cruiser while they were searching the room. He walked toward it, with the intention of grabbing it.

Inside the time cruiser, the professor reached his hand down into the dimensional portal, and grabbed Tad's hand, and pulled him up and out. Once Tad was safely inside the time cruiser, the professor hit the button that would send them back into temporal space.

The time cruiser disappeared from the guard's grasp, and the Tsar's daughters laughed at him.

Back inside the time cruiser, Tad asked, "Where to now, Cash?"

"1958, Bullet Bay, California!" the professor replied.

"Tad," said Tiffany, "we'll be able to see our home town before we were born!"

To Be Continued!
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