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Education and Fun! in the City of Brotherly Love
30-Day Travel Blogging: Philadelphia

  During the day we're going to enjoy some museums before having dinner at City Tavern on 2nd Street to enjoy a step back in history before we go ice skating at Rothman's.





Ahh, the City of Brotherly Love! Thankfully we've escaped that Super Bowl traffic. I remember one year that Pittsburgh won the World Series: maybe this wasn't so during the V-E and V-J Day celebrations at the end of WWII, or on Armistice Day at the end of The Great War (which didn't end all wars), but in modern times it seems like a "big win" (World Series, Super Bowl, World Cup, NBA Championship), is just an excuse for folks to unleash that reptile brain and pig out, loot out, assault on, and so forth, go crazy with mass hysteria. It's saddening because it's so clear at these times how narrow is the veneer of civilization, even though the U.S. is considered to be the most prosperous and advanced nation in the world.

If we'd gone to Pennsylvania just two days ago, we could have to Punxatawney and watched for Groundhog Phil. *Smile* So I'll settle for the indoor Philadelphia Flower Show and Philadelphia Home Show; Philadelphia Museum of Art and Please Touch Museum.

Oh boy! It's Black History Month, so let's visit the African-American Museum, the Free Library (yay!), t he African-American Children's Fair. (I think the Institute of Contemporary Art special exhibit Colored People Time: Mundane Futures would be a blast.) A lot of educational activities here!

We can't miss the exhibit Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns, & Mermaids, held at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University! I'm going to have to stay the whole month--or longer!!

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