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A book of poetry forms, and how to write them.
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Lady's Slipper
The Lady's Slipper poetry form is complicated but fun. It goes like this:

It's a three line poem, written in iambic trimeter. For more help with this, go to: http://www.literarydevices.com/trimeter/

Hint: iambic trimeter typically yields six syllables per line

That link helped me a lot, as I generally am terrible with metered verse.

Lady's Slipper poetry also has rhyming within the lines, like this:

The trees flutter in the breeze (this is not written in iambic trimeter, but see how "trees" and "breeze" rhyme?)

Usually, the last line of a Lady's Slipper poem is silly or thought-provoking.


A glint of silver spent
On blossoms fair and rare
The moon is sure to swoon

There's this example, as well:
Blooms Among The Tombs  (ASR)
A Lady's Slipper Poem for Easter
#2183910 by IceSkatingSugarCube

Some fun suggestions for using this form are:

*Write a longer poem comprised of multiple lady's slippers. This could also be done as an acrostic poem, though that would add extra complication.

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