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April 19-20-22
For Blog City Prompts: April 19, 20, 22

april 19:

Write about a family heirloom or simply an object that's been passed through the generations in your family.

Anything tangible is long gone, but I carry my lifelong love of reading from parents. I grew up in a household in which both parents read, daily, and provided books (hardbound and paperbacks). I learned my love of mystery and science fiction at home. I was taken to the Library early on, till I was able (early) to go to the Library myself. I shall always be extremely grateful for this foundation.

David Burns say, “The reason fantasy is an old but thriving literary genre is because fantasy stories speak to emotional truths.” Do you agree?

Not just fantasy: science fiction, horror, mystery, literary genre--all books speak to our emotions, awaken our psyches, inspire our souls, provide us not only adventures outside ourselves but awakening to possibilities that we might manifest in our lives.

April 22:

Prompt: “Sometimes it is good to fly close to the flame, see and experience the heat, but then fly away again, to survive, to be wiser in the art of heat,” says Robert Black.

Doesn’t flying close to the flame take courage though? From where can we find that courage and how can we know when to fly away again without getting hurt?

As I read this I immediately thought of certain emotional/psychological disorders, which "encourage" the sufferer to fly far too close to the Sun, only to suffer worse. Perhaps that is what Icarus felt? I think in many cases it should be enough to "see" the heat, not to "experience" it. Example: I can read about crime in fiction and non-fiction. I don't want to be a killer or a victim, but I can read and experience empathy, shock, revulsion, gratitude I am neither.

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