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Choosing Perspective--and--Perfection or Growth
April 24:

Prompt: "Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrong." Charlotte Bronte What are your thoughts about this?

I am not certain whether nursing grudges, bitterness, and resentment physically shortens a life; certainly it exacerbates or possibly even creates health problems and disorders. Certainly it makes for an embittered life. I've known people who've carried grudges against family members for 40 years or more. Were they embittered? Yes. Happy? Didn't seem so. I suppose it's a matter of whether one chooses to change one's attitude and perception. If one considers oneself a "victim" then one will perceive any event as victimizing one. If one chooses bitterness and resentment, life will seem to provide those qualities.

      Choose well and choose wisely is the lesson here.

April 25:

Prompt: "If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow." Beyoncé Do you agree with this statement?

Most definitely. Suffering promotes growth. The Fires of Adversity (or the Crucible of Adversity, as I term it) is the process that foments our spiritual evolution and the development of our psyche (our personal growth work).

We are not born perfect, we have to work to achieve it.

April 27:

Chosen from Billboard's Year End Top Hits of 1956

My Prayer

For the Poor People of Paris

Is that they survive Heartbreak Hotel

After the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Memories Are Made of This,

they must remember how Notre Dame had always been

Don't be cruel, don't wish to destroy;

Standing On the Corner,

they almost lost their minds

at the destruction.

of the Ivory Tower Cathredal

On the Street Where You Live.

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