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Not Addictions, Part of My Nature
Blog City May 11 2019:

Everyone is addicted to something in some shape or form.What are the things you can't go without?

I don't call mine "addiction." I think addictions often grow from habits, rightly or wrongly adopted, and can sometimes, like habits, be overcome. Even when they're not overcome, sometimes they can be mitigated or reduced.

What I couldn't live without is Reading and Books. I literally cannot live without those and maintain any sanity. What I desire but unfortunately have had to live without for my lifetime are mountains and solitude and Winter (I haven't lived without Winter all my life, just the last 14 years). I also don't want to be without my dog, although over the last nearly 8 months he has had to live in the shed instead of indoors with me.

I consider these not addictions, but part of my nature.

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