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by ruwth
Rated: 18+ · Book · Contest Entry · #2145363
I will be adding stories, poems & reflections as the year marches on. Take a gander today!
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Pizza, again! Grrr!!!
468 Words

Roscoe was ready for this day to be done.As he stood in line by the time clock waiting for the whistle to blow, he could almost smell the pot roast he had pulled out of the freezer for Ruby last night. "I hope she has pulled out of her funk," he thought as he put his badge in the time clock and headed for the gate.

"See ya tomorrow!" he shouts to his buddies as he waves good-bye and hops into his pickup and heads home.

Roscoe's mind wanders as he thinks about Ruby, roast beef and married life in general. "It sure has not been happily ever after. I hope tonight is better than last night."

As he turns on his street, he sees that the house is dark. The lights are not on and the curtains are drawn. It does not look inviting.

Walking up on the porch, Roscoe notices flashes of lights against the curtain. "She's in front of the tv again. That is not a good sign." Opening the door, Roscoe frowns as he glances around the room. He glares at Ruby and she glares right back. She turns her back on him and picks up the remote control and begins clicking through the channels. "This place looks like a pigsty!" Roscoe growls. Shaking his head, he quickly heads into the kitchen muttering under his breath.

Roscoe begins to stack the dirty dishes emptying the sink to he can rinse them and load the dishwasher. Wiping his hands on a towel, he picks up the phone and dials the number he knows too well.

"Pizza Hut, is this for pick-up or delivery?" Roscoe responds to the familiar greeting. "Delivery, please. One large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese please." He knows they have his address from all the times he has ordered before. Of course, the Pizza Hut employee still confirms it.

Roscoe putters around in the kitchen. Once he has emptied the sink and loaded the dishwasher, he grabs the dishcloth and cleans the crumbs off the table.
"I hope you enjoyed the toast I made you for breakfast." he grumbled to the stonyfaced woman in the livingroom.

The only response he got was an increase in the volume of the sound coming from the tv.

"Well, I am not going to take her a piece of the pizza when it gets here," Roscoe said to himself wondering if Ruby's hunger would motivate her to move her fat butt off the sofa.

He decided the mess in the livingroom would wait until after he ate. He knew before he went to bed, he'd breakdown and clean it, too. He certainly did not want to wake up to that disaster.

Just another dreary day in Roscoe and Ruby's contentious relationship...

And the beat goes on...

Written for "Show, Don't Tell Contest
Prompt: Show and Don't Tell these points:

*Bulletb* When Roscoe comes home from work, the house is a disgusting mess.
*Bulleto* His wife, Ruby, is angry when he notices the mess.
*Bulletg* Ruby watches TV instead of fixing dinner.
*Bulletv* Roscoe orders take-out and cleans up the mess.

Note: The color of the bullet indicates the color code of my words for each part of the prompt.
Word Count: 468 Words.

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