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Cooking on Coals
Coals are ready when they are 80% ashen (about 20-30 minutes).

Use one briquette for every 10°F of temperature needed (35 to reach 350°F).

You can use an old campers trick to gauge the temperature. Hold your hand over heat at the level food will be cooked until you feel the need to remove it (not necessarily recommended, but it works).

         2 seconds 375-400° hot
         3 seconds 350-375° medium-hot
         4 seconds 300-350° medium
         5 seconds 200-300° low

A 300-375° fire is recommended (medium to medium-hot)

For Dutch Oven cooking:

stews, soups, liquids — put more coals on the bottom, less coals on top.

meat, poultry, potatoes, beans, vegetables — put an even number of coals on top and bottom.

cakes, breads, biscuits — put more coals on top, less coals on the bottom.

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