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General thoughts about today's headlines
I try not to think to hard about the news I hear on TV. I mean, I'm interested, and I want to know, but a lot of reporters put a "spin" on what they report about and so it's a process to get to the facts. Not only that, politics is extremely divisive and I'm just not into that. Do I have political leanings? Sure, but today's politics are more theatre and drama than politics and I'm not into that either. -- I've become very discerning about my media exposure and I'll let it be at that.

Went back to work yesterday. I learned about paperwork. I think every job has paperwork and paperwork is a necessary evil. Today, I'll be working in a supervisory role. I like that job. It's hard when I get assigned the phones 911 and non emergency. Because it's mentally draining, dealing with people's problems. And a chunk of them are not really emergencies but more like civil disputes. And they heart goes out to the business owners who call for the umpteenth time to complain about the homeless urinating and dedicating in front of their business. Sadly, there's not much the police can do for them.

Almost done my book about Patton. He lead a very interesting life. He believed if you give the Soviets an inch, they'll take a mile. Unfortunately at the end of the war, we gave too much to the Soviets and that set us up for the Cold War. I find it an interesting read.

I've been trying some different ice cream flavors to help cool down. Working on Cookies & Cream. Do you have a flavor to recommend? I'll give it a try.

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