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Chapter 1: Meeting In Metropolis
The City of Metropolis! A place where every person on the planet wants to live. A place where opportunity is there, regardless of race, gender or anything like that. A place where heroes fly and protect those who cannot protect themselves. Metropolis is great! For everyone!

...Except you.

Thats not fair, about a week ago you were one of the people that were happy. Working as a Property Mover. Driving those trucks, hanging out with your coworkers as you move it around. It didn't pay the best but you enjoyed it. Especially seeing the Heroes fly over when your driving. Going much further and much faster then you could ever. Of course you didn't have girlfriend but that wasn't a problem for you at the time. You were contempt.

At least you were before your Meta Gene awoke. For those who don't know a Meta Gene is something only a percentage of people have in their systems. And when they awake, the people get the chance to do amazing things.

Some become heroes, some become villains. You... you became a sexy toy.

Instead of getting super strength or flight. Yours shrunk you down to the size of four inches. And you can't turn back. When you found yourself so small, you were obviously concerned. Luckily you were able to find that you were somewhat invincible at that size.

You found out when your neighbour grabbed you and used you as a sex toy. You don't know how, but your neighbour didn't listen you at al and just shoved you into her pussy. Luckily you escaped her and went onto the streets of metropolis, living by yourself for a day as you ate scraps and tried to figure out what would happen next.

Then you got found by another girl and it was the same situation. She used you as a sex toy and you had no say. She even grew the same malice smile your neighbour grew. Luckily you escaped her too, as you don't want to be used as a sexy toy in general.

And that was your story, which leads to right now as your currently eating out of a knocked over garbage can. You don't have money on you so you have to take your food where you can get. Of course you would rather actual food but it was better then eating out a woman... Anyway.

You've considered getting a heroes attention, but the fact that the last two people who have seen you has ignored your humanity and just made you a toy. Which of course made you a bit wary. On your knees you pick out an apple core as you pick it off. Your body covered in filth and dirt as you don't care about your appearance at the moment.

While you were eating your food however, something happens. Hearing footsteps people running into the alley you were in. The darkness making the giant figures more menacing as two men with masks came in. They were currently carrying a bag as you can guess it was filled with jewels or money or something like that.

These two have guts, you've got to give that them. Not only because their stealing something, but because their stealing something in the City with the most powerful superheroes. Speaking of which...

“You two do realise who screwed you are” You hear a voice above as the two jumped around, looking up. You also look up and see the goddess in the sky. She had a blue, white and red colour scheme. Much like her cousins. She had long blonde hair down her body and a good frame for someone her age. With a smirk looking down you knew exactly who this was.

It was Supergirl! You've seen her flying above sometimes, just like a teen getting her licence she tended to fly more recklessly and faster. You don't know where she came from but she was a Superhero so the City welcomed her. The fact she was related to Superman defiantly made it better.

“Back off Girlie!” One of the muggers said pointing a gun. Moving around you sit down onto the trash, watching the whole situation.

“Your gonna shoot me, are you really gonna” She said landing down with a smile “Like with a bullet. Go ahead buddy. Just go ahead” She said casually. The man didn't like how he was getting mocked by a girl half his age.

Pulling the trigger the bullet left and it did exactly what you thought it would. It bounced right off of her breast. Almost like it was nothing. She laughed as both men were obviously done for.

“Faster then a speeding bullet? Why would i dodge it when it does nothing to me” She joked as the other mugger acted now. Running behind her and punching Supergirl in the back of the head. Which ended up breaking his hand “Okay guys, as much as i want to embarrass you all night. I think we should end this” The girl said as she turned around and uppercutted the guy, sending him flying and knocking down onto the ground.

“One hit and he's out” She said as she turned around, smiling at the other guy “And that was me holding back”

The next scene was terrifying to the mugger, but awe inspiring. The mugger kept firing bullets. While Supergirl just kept walking forward, no fear as she walked right up to him, snapped the gun’s handle in half and knocked him back. he landed against the wall as he was out two.

“Well, that takes care of that” She said jokingly clapping her hands together like it was any trouble “Seriously, if its not Kryptonite guys. Its not gonna do much”

Yeah, that was obvious. She seems to be pretty invincible. Its like the complete opposite of your situation. She has all the power in the world and you have none.

But... maybe she... maybe she can help you!? She's a hero! And not only a hero but Superman’s cousin. If those are the same, then theoretically Superman’s unwavering kindness she should have as well.

She's your best option. And as much as you fear getting toyed with you got to do it.

Running out of your hiding spot you run towards the giant hero. The Blonde getting bigger and bigger to you as you have to keep running. Although your a little bit afraid you came to far. Arriving at her red boots right under you look up. A little bit of fear in yourself as you look up and see under her skirt. Averting your eyes quickly as you quickly step back. Better to get on her right side and not risk anything.

You clear your throat as you yell up to her “Supergirl! Super girl down here!” You shout to her.

It didn't take long for her to spot you, what with her super hearing. Looking down at you she spotted your small form as she was a bit taken aback. “Oh uh... Hi?” She said surprised. She then looked left and right as she laughed “Guess you got a good show huh?”

She's seen weirder things then small men, so of course she isn't afraid. Getting down onto her knees as she came closer to you “So what are you... a hero trying to make a name for himself. Maybe a villain trying to go head to head with Supergirl”

The way she talked down to you was a little mocking but you didn't mind “No I'm just a guy who's down on his luck” You say to her being honest “I was just a normal guy and now I'm the size of a tiny doll. I was wondering if you can help me Supergirl!”

She smiled, of course being a hero and knowing the Atom she considered helping you, however she paused as she looked down at you. Something... happened. The more she stares at you, the more something takes over her. Like invaders to a house, ideas crept into her mind. Ideas of what she could do... with you.

You wouldn't be able to stop her, and she knows that. Granted no guy can stop her, but with you its... different somehow?”

“Uh Supergirl” You say snapping her out of her mind. She shook her head and looked down “So will you help me?”

“Yeah sure, ill help how i can” She said reaching down as she grabbed you. Her fingers grabbing her and swallowing your little body. You get lifted from the ground and up to her face. Supergirl stood up as she went to her full height. A little bit afraid as you move your hands and grab her finger.

“Don't drop me!” You say up to her as she giggles. However then she went back to her store as those ideas came into your mind. You look at her eyes and were starting to feel a bit ominous over yourself. She moved her hand around and let you rest as she looked over you.

“So uh...” She said calming herself, trying to get the ideas out of her mind. “Whats... happened to you?”

“Well I've been... well i don't know if i should share” You say to her as she jumps in.

“No tell me, I'm interested” She repeated as you should obey the girl who's holding you in her hand and could crush your body into a pulp

“Well, I've been... used” You say up to her as her eyes opened wide “I woke up small, got found by my neighbour. She was a nice girl, a little younger then me but kind. However when she saw me this size, its like something happened to her. I became nothing but a toy for her and i was just used by her. Eventually i got away from her only to get found by another girl. Granted i didn't know her, but she had the same attitude to finding me. Using me as a sex toy! Thats why I'm glad i found you. Your a hero, your not gonna do that”

Supergirl heard this as the situation and was a bit shocked. It sounded like something changed in them, and something was changing in her

“Not gonna...” Supergirl trailed off as she looked down, before looking right at you “Okay I'm gonna be honest... i don't think it was the girls fault for using you like that”

“What makes you say that?” You question her wanting to know

“Because I'm feeling the same way they did” She said as you were there in her hand for a little while. Then suddenly you move around and try to jump out of her hand. However she grabbed you before you could, and her grip wasn't gonna let you go. “Look calm down, let me explain”

“No your gonna use me like they did! Ive already been shoved in places i don't want to be, i don't want to do it again!”

She did smile, you putting the idea of shoving you where the sun doesn't shine. However frowned as she moved her fingers around, grabbing you and pinning you to her hand. You could do nothing as she held you there. You try to fight out of it but... its Supergirl so it didn't work.

“Look, i might have those ideas, but its not my fault. I think your doing something... something thats making me want to do those things”

“Are you saying its my fault!?” You say shaking around and trying to justify yourself.

“I don't think your doing it on purpose” She said to you “But judging that three girls feel the same way about you, i think you have to make sense about it”

“So I'm small and give off sexy vibes. Thats just great” You say up to her as you roll your eyes. However you stop as you realise something. Something that could prove a real problem for you.

“Your... What are you gonna do with me?” You question her as you saw something you didn't want to.

She smiled seductively to you.

“Nope! Nope! Nope! Ive seen that smile before! Let me go!” You shout pretty much in defiance. Your shouts were loud enough to be normal volume. Acting quickly as she moved her finger over your mouth. Covering it as you were done talking.

“Look I'm sorry. I really am, its just... Well looking at you i can't help it” She said as you weren't happy “At least think about it like this, in bed with Supergirl. Sounds pretty good doesn't it?”

You didn't reply as you just kept moving as you kept moving. She knew it wasn't heroic, she knew it wasn't kind of justified. but she can't help it! She's got to do it!

The more she looks at you and the more she glances at you she just feels it building inside of her. She has to do it! With a final calming, she continued “Look, this is gonna happen. And hopefully when its out of my system then i can actually help you. Just, endure it okay. God i hope i don't break you”

Hearing this you panic even more. She moved her hand over and pulled open her collar. You panic as you could do nothing as she brought you against her neck and dropped you in. You found yourself falling deeper into her cleavage as you were held there. Her breasts pushing up against your shoulder as you were stuck there.

You try to fight it off but her breasts held you with support from the bra.

With you stuck she pulled her hand back and you were in the breasts. Now looking over herself she found herself looking completely normal. But she wasn't feeling completely normal.

She was feeling dirty, she was feeling kinky and she was feeling horny. She's got to hide it though as the Police finally arrived. Quickly acting normal she put her smug look back on “Guys! Guess what! These two almost had me. I swear”

“Right, right” The officer says as he walks up to her, with a smile “Thank you Supergirl, your a saviour to this city”

“better then Superman right?” She said crossing her arms with a smile.

He laughed back “You have a lot to do before your on his level, no offence”

“Makes sense” She said before flying up “Anyway i got... things to do” She then flew away from the scene and quickly flew through the sky. Dangerous and fast, just like you thought she did before.

As she flies, she feels you in between her breasts as she smiled down. She was going to fly to her home but stops mid way. She can't do it at her cousins home. She can't do it at the Kent’s farm, which is her second home.

No she's got to go somewhere where she can get privacy. Stopping in mid air she looked to the sky, seeing the Watchtower and remembering her room up there.

“Perfect!” She said as she then flew up into the air
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