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Chapter 2: Time With Kara
It didn't take long for Kara to reach the Watchtower When you can move faster then sound of course it didn't. Once the bay doors opened up for her she walked right in. Normally she would just teleport in like most of the other members, but you wouldn't be given access. And Batman has made sure it could sense anyone ho hasn't gotten access, regardless of the size.

So she came in, some other members wanting to talk to her. It was around Nightshift so not much people were actually there. Kara given off the excuse that she wanted to go to sleep got to her room quickly. After arriving in she closed the door behind her, keeping it locked just in case. She's planning on doing this privately, and she's planning on not getting interrupted. She was beyond excited as the more she though about you, the more excited she got. Opening her collar she reached into her breasts, grabbing you and pulling you out.

You were actually kind of nestled in her breasts and you were comfortable. Which was not a good thing for Kara to see as she smiled. “No wait, i got bored and...”

“Don't need to hide it from me! You enjoy it, oh I'm gonna feel so much better about this afterwards” Kara said as she laid you down on her your back. With you laying she brought her lips to you and hit you hard. Kissing you as you get pushed into her hand. You try to fight it off with your little limbs but you couldn't push anything away. She forced her will onto you and when she finally pulled away, you were trying to get your breath back. Her lip gloss all over you as you were dirty. A sight that turned on Kara even more.

With a hungry smile you try to reason with her “Please don't do this! I beg of you” You say to her getting on your knees and trying anything.

“Look i just need to get this out of me, and then ill help you. Just... Endure” Kara said as she then smiled “And your gonna enjoy it i promise” She then gave you another long passionate kiss as she moved onto the bed. Dropping you down at the foot. Kara stood up giving you some distance and started taking off her Superhero outfit.

Taking down the skirt and taking off her boots. Finally taking her S away and leaving herself in nothing but her underwear. She's not the most well endowed in the league, in fact compared to Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Hawkgirl she was pretty small. Still she didn't worry about that, cause she knows her ass and her boobs are massive compared to you.

With a smile she got all her clothes and put it down, however something stopped her. Tiny foots steps on her mattress. She looked and you were running away from her. She felt so offended, that you didn't watch her strip.

And then she remembered you were kind of scared and understood why. Still she was feeling playful and by playful, she means really playful. She moved around the bed and lowered her hand down in your path. It blocks you and you look to the side. Seeing the giant Krytonian leaning over you, her bra being really close to you.

“Theres no point running, your not going anywhere. Well not going anywhere i don't want you to”

“I don't want to do this!” You shout to her as you prepare to run again. However she then brought her finger down and pinned your back down. As it turns out though she can control her strength pretty good so it didn't hurt you at all.

Feeling you squirm under her finger, it was getting her off so much. Moving her other hand down she patted her bottom, tapping it over and over again as she was getting excited. In this moment of bliss she thought of something. Something good. She reached for you, her fingers scooping under you as you get lifted off of the bed. Making room for Kara as she shifts onto the bed. Laying down on her back as she held you right in front of her face. Her fingers acting like cage bars for you.

“Please Supergir-l”

“Call me Kara” She said back. She knows she shouldn't reveal her actual name to anyone but she's feeling a bit frisky

“Fine, Kara! I don't want to do this! This is rape!!” You shout to her getting her to listen. She heard but she didn't listen. She only smirked as her eyes glowed red. Anyone who knows Superman knows what was coming “Wait! Don't!!!!”

She then shot her laser eyes, sending it right to you as it hit your clothe. You closed your eyes, not wanting to see your doom. But it didn't come though, you open your eyes and see she didn't cut you, but only your clothes. Moving it up and down your body as she cut your clothes.

“I can control it pretty well” She said to you as she's cutting “The Atom even told me i could cut Atom’s in half. Uh... No him, Actually Atoms” She then finished her cutting as her eyes went back to normal “There, its all done”

She said that as she reached for you, grabbing your clothes and effortlessly ripping them off. She cut them so they were just rags. You even found that she cut your underwear so you were left in nothing but your Birthday Suit. You covered yourself up, but Kara was stronger and pulled you arms apart. Letting it all be seen.

“Not only can i control the level my Heat Vision, but i can also control how strong i hit. I trained with my Cousin cause he didn't want me to actually hurt anyone i didn't have to. I can be as strong as a Locomotive, or as gentle as a mouse. And if you don't believe me, then see it yourself.”

She then brought her finger to you, and tapped you in the one spot you didn't want to. Your private area. Tapping you in the middle of your legs as the touch was gentle. But far too much for you to handle. She tapped you there and kept doing it over and over again. Kara felt like she was toying with a doll and she loved it. She loved it even more seeing your small face change trying to hold it in.

For you the touch was amazing, but you didn't want to show it. The second she sees that you like it she's gonna go even harder. Speaking of even harder, thats what happened to you.

Kara watching as your small little exposed package grew as you got a boner. It kept going until you were felled with shame. While Jara felt like this was the key to the gate. You do enjoy it, and she in her mind has every right to do it. Kara then brought her hand away and brought her lips down onto you once again. Not kissing your top side, but kissing your middle. More specifically your junk. Feeling her lips down there, god it was hard not to go anymore. Then she kept doing and kept doing. Kissing you down there as you were done for.

Kara was doing it for herself, but she knew she was getting to you. But she wasn't expecting what to come next. As she felt something over her lips. She stopped the kissing and pulled away. A little confused as she looked down to you as you were looking embarrassed and humiliated. She licked her lips and tasted something, kind of sweet. It took the girl pretty long to actually piece together what happened.

“Oh!” She said as she pretty much jumped “Did you just... Huh”

“S-Sorry” Was all you could say as you can't believe you just did that. Why couldn't you hold your stupid ass back. looking up to Kara, it was the exact reaction you were expecting. She loved it.

“I hope you know this means i can do whatever i want to you now” She said as you sigh.

“Thats... Fair” You just jizzed on her lips, it would be terrible if you said anything now. Kara smiled as she was happy. Although a little less turned on now. The stop really got to her and if she wants to finish, she needed tog et herself back on. And she knew how. placing you down onto the bed you land in the area between. Kara moved quick as she flew slightly. Going up and going up as she hovered over you. Like a mothership above orbit you were left looking at the back of her panties. However she then moved her hands to the side and pulled down her panties. Bringing it down to her knees as you could see her bare ass above you.

And then it came down. Like a meteor the girls cheeks came down and pinned you under the bed. Right under her right cheek it didn't hurt you that much funny enough, but the weight was beyond comparison. Now sitting up kara smiled to herself, seeing this as the fastest way to get herself back into it. She loves the feeling of you under her, and she's gonna love it more when you start wiggling.

Which of course you do, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible you wiggle against her massive cheek. You didn't make any distance though, as you were firmly under her and not escaping. All you were doing was turning Kara on. So her plan was working at least.

After a while you figured it was useless and just stopped moving. Her massive ass in your face as you just had to deal. She felt you stop moving so in retaliation, she moved herself. Grinding her ass against you as she wipes you body with her body. This turned her on even more, just feeling your small body and limbs be forced to move by her gigantic ass. Normally she wouldn't describe her ass as gigantic but you were the one small exception. After a while it stopped moving and Kara was ready. She's turned on enough and she wants it. Laying down on the bed she spread her legs. Then reaching under herself grabbed you. Finding your leg and yanking you away. She smiled as she did this cause she rubbed you against her cheek even more. A good side effect.

She brought you out and you landed on the bed. Looking left and right, you can see the girls legs on either side of you. Her panties around her knees at the other end pretty much trapping you. Wait if her panties were there then...

You turn around slowly, gazing at the massive pussy of the Hero. Her body was laying so you couldn't see anything past her pussy. You can imagine her face though, and thats all you needed to know what was going to happen.

She then brought her hand and grabbed you, her fingers pushing you up and up as you get a face first of her lips. She started out small, pushing you not in her lips but against the,. She dragged you around her lips, in a circular motion as you could hear some sounds from above. Some “Ohh and Uhh”. It didn't take a genius to know what those sounds were for. She made you circle even more and she got even faster and faster then quicker this happened. You could do nothing as her hand was like a windmill, bringing you around as you were getting some friction on your face. You want to tell Kara to slow down! but she's not going to, she's enjoying it very much.

She stopped at her own time, and thankful that didn't take to long. As her hand stopped moving ready for the insertion. Her fingers prying open her privates as she shoves you in there. Your going headfirst as you were in. She kept pushing you in till it was only your calves and your feet out. This was so she can control you still. With her fingers gripping you she shoved you around, treating you like a pinball as ou bounce off every part of her body.

Up above, kara was in bliss. Laying down with her legs split and shivering around. her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. A look of pain and pleasure on her as she got to work. Moving you fast around her “Oh Yes!!! Oh Yes!!” She cheered as she kept it up. Pulling and pushing you in and out as you had no way to stop this.

For you, you were just trying to endure it at the moment. Eyes closed and mouth closed you knew you just had to wait it out. Its not like you could stop her and its not like you can just force yourself to pass out. Although in this situation that would be nice.

You were completely wet right now. Her love juices al over you as it made this experience even worse. At least there was no friction anymore, her juices made sure of that.

Kara, being rather unexperienced at this whole situation didn't last long. As she reached her breaking point pretty quick.

It ended as Kara was at the end, sending her juices all over you as you get washed. You get pushed slightly from it but because she was holding you, you had no choice but to endure it. It was like being at a waterfall, only more disgusting and more intense. And much more erotic.

It didn't take long for it to happen as it washed over you. Kara was now laying down and immobile. She grabbed you and pulled you out, dangling your body upside down as she was still getting her breath back “That... was... great...” She said in between breaths. You open your eyes and see her tired face. A tired face which was like a warning.

“I... Need... Rest” She replied as she brought her hand down and trapped you against her abdomen. Her hand on top of you as you were not pushing that off. You wait for her to move her hand and after a while, you finally figured she was asleep. Her Ab moving up and down as it became clear thats all that was going to happen.

your okay with that, sure you'd like her hand off of you so you could actually escape but at least it ended.
You've never been with a giant girl twice in a row, you escape before they wake up. You wonder if she's still gonna have that lusty attitude that she has or if its out of her system.

Regardless you close your eyes and sleep. Needing rest just like Kara.
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