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Chapter 3: Kara's Superplan
You woke up, your body aching from the night before as this has happened before. Every night was a fight for survival and last night was no different. You try to move of course, hopping that you can get away from kara now. However you were still in grasp. Now no longer pinned to her abdomen but just hold you to the side. You fight off her fingers and even try to bite it once. That didn't work though as her fingers was as indestructible as the rest of her body. You just had to wait until she woke up.

Which thankfully only took five minutes. her body stirring around as she stretches her lips. Sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Bringing the hand you were in close as she rubbed her eye. She spotted you and paused, pulling you apart as she smiled to you.

“Oh yeah, i did... that last night” Kara said to herself as it all comes flushing back into her memory “Um... Hi”

“Are you over it!” You shout up to her as you knew exactly what you wanted to ask


“Are you over it, i have to know. Are you over your whole lust thing” You ask her.

Kara looked down to you and understood you paranoia so she answered “Kind of. Im satsisfied, but i still want to... You know. That”

“You want to rape me” You say deadpanned as that was what you considered it.

Kara however considered it something else “Its not rape. You enjoyed it, you know you did. Now” She then placed you down onto the bed “I have to get dressed”

It happened in literally a instant. As she was dressed in her superhero outfit over you. Her hair brushed down, her makeup on and everything looking right. She was standing over you as you sigh “So, will you help me now?” You question to her.

She responded... with a “No” Before you could actually reply to her in any way she continued “Im gonna keep you. if i let your out, your gonna get attacked not only because of your size but because of what you do with ladies. You would be safer with me”

“Your one of the ones that put me in danger!” You shout to her as she waves it off.

“No I'm not, I'm your protector” She said laughing about “Look your safe with me. So lets talk” She then crouched down to you. You try to back up from the blonde but she grabbed you faster. Her hand grabbing you and moving. Sitting down onto the bed she brought you to her lap. You try to fight it off of course however she didn't let you as her fingers gripped you. You flipped around and you were staring at the giant girl.

“Okay, we need to figure this out. Figure this whole thing your doing to me” She said almost like it was your fault

“I don't know, it just happens. Its my Meta Gene. Any woman that sees me is hungry for me. And not in the food way. I thought maybe you would be able to resist it, however i was proven wrong”

She heard this and did feel a bit bad. Maybe it was just her hormones flaring up, but it wasn't her fault. Thinking about it maybe she should just let it happen. After all its not the worse thing for her, and she's sure she can get you on the same level.

“So thats how it works huh” Supergirl said as you listened up “Using my own experience, it messes with your mind. Makes you want to do things to the smaller guy. You kind of can't fight it”

“Great” you say a bit sad.

“but it lowers once you actually do it! Like i still ahem the urge to shove you in there, but its more controllable”

“You say that” You say up to her “But you still want to keep me here against my will and keep me as your sex toy”

“Oh stop, your gonna love it” She dismisses once again. Supergirl knew what you were gonna say next and covered your mouth with her finger. A powerful finger that you couldn't move if you tried. This finger let Supergirl keep going with her thought “but i can't just assume thats how it works. i need a test subject. Someone who normally wouldn't do it but because of what you put out would... Hmm...”

While she was thinking you know this was not good. Struggling some more to talk you finally speak out “Your not seriously gonna make me do it with another girl!”

“Its for testing, it will be fine and ill pick you up afterwards. Now who to go for? Wonder Woman, No she likes being bigger then men and probably would do that to you anyway. Black Canary, No if she found out i did that to her she will hurt me. And i may be invincible but she still scares me. Hm... I know! Hawk girl!”

You've heard of Hawkgirl before, one of the founding members of the Justice League. Wears a helmet, wields a mace. Has two giant wings out of her back. You've never seen her though.

“Yep, thats who were doing! Lets go!” Kara said as she grabbed you and covered you with her grip. This was to make sure no one would see you. She then got moving, leaving her room and walking outside. Since it was around morning the place was a lot more crowded. Getting assignments, meeting up and all that. She saw Shayera talking to John Stewert as she smiled. If anyone can resist your charms its her. She's just got to sneak you in. Walking to her private dorm she made sure no one was looking before sneakily and speedily going inside. Inside her room it looked... exactly like Supergirl’s. “Guess Bats isn't that big on personal decorations” She noted knowing that it would be one of Batman’s many rules.

As she walked in Supergirl placed you down into the bed, letting you rest under the blanket as she holds you there. You poke your head up to the superhero blonde and said “I can't believe your doing this!”

“Its just for checking if it works on everyone. Ill come get you when your done, i got to get out of here before she sees me”

“So your just gonna feed me to the wolves. Ive barely woken up you know”

“Then this will wake you up, just... Okay” Supergirl said as the door opened and she flew out. Flying at such speeds that when the door closed, she was nowhere near.

Under the blanket, you complain and argue. You can't believe just did that. You'd try to get down but there was no way you could. You were sulking and you were complaining just as the door opened, which got you to shut your mouth. Under the blanket you quickly put a plan together. If she doesn't see you, she's not gonna get the lust over herself.

“Great, a bug in my bed” She said from above as you curse yourself. Why does nothing go your way. Your not under the blanket for long as she has spotted you. She grabbed the blanket and tossed it into the air. Lifting it off of the bed.

She doesn't like bugs, or more accurately she likes to squash bugs so this was a bonus. What she didn't expect though was what she saw next.

The blanket flew off of you as you were left completely exposed. And because Supergirl stripped you of your clothes your left in nothing as well. You were looking up at the woman and boy what a woman. With a good pair in her front and a good set in the back. She was also very fit, like a marathon sprinter. Dressed in a yellow and black top which revealed her stomach and her abs. Looking over her you were beyond shocked at what you saw. Her body was so fit that it took you a second to notice the two giant wings behind her.

“Well your certainly not a bug” She said frowning as she saw you. She then brought her hand down and grabbed you, gripping you hard as her fingers wrapped around you. You were getting squeezed as you were having trouble breathing. “A little creep who crept in here somehow. There not gonna be happy when i tell them that”

“Oh great” You say as you were being already considered a villain. her face not too happy as she squeezed you harder.

“Not to mention your in my room. Either to hide or to perv on me. And i think its fair to assume which one”

She squeezed you harder as you were out of breath. Your body being compacted by her grip as her glare scared you. Still in Supergirl’s case this was going exactly like she wants. Turns out your love aura can be resisted.

At least thats what you thought, until her grip stopped, and she looked at you like you just turned into her first love.

Shayera looked at you and was surprised. Something... was happening in her. Something she doesn't understand. Its like when she looked to John, but it was much more. Like over one thousand times more. Shayera doesn't get it, but she needs to know. Her grip came back onto you as you get trapped again. Not as tight this time as you can talk.

“W-Whats happening!” She questioned to you “Why do i... What did you do?”

“Wait, its not my fault i promise! Its my... Power?” You say as you then think it over, it kind of is your power. “Girls... lust over me”

Shayera had some quiet after that before glaring at you “Are you serious?” She questioned.

“Yes i am, and its affecting you now.” You say to her and since your talking “And i didn't sneak up here or in your room. Supergirl grabbed me, it affected her. She brought me up her and in your room!”

She looked at you and your story, a little bit confused at what you were saying. She doesn't want to believe you, but whats feeling inside of her made her believe you more. “Yeah, and then how do i fix this” She replied to you as you were left paused. Something she noted and squeezed you harder “You better tell me, or I'm gonna grab my Mace and turn you into little paste”

“Okay ill tell!” You say to the threat “Supergirl said she felt better after she... Had Sex... with me” When you say that you of course start panicking “But I'm sure if you drop me or i don't get rid of me then you won't have that feeling. please just place me back on Earth and maybe grow me back. It would be so much better for me!”

She paused for a second, like she was actually thinking about it. However she stopped, growing a smile over her face. “I may be a bit loopy, but i think I'm going with the first option”

“Wait, please don't!” You shout as it was going down the same route. She then dropped you down onto the ground. Hitting hard. Thankfully your body was stronger now as you got moving. Seeing your opening. You try to run but with a loud order from her you paused.

“Stop!” She said as you did just that. Shayera above smiling as she was going to do the one thing she wanted to. The thing she was going to do to the bug. Moving her hand aroudn and grabbing her boot. Pulling it off as you were left looking at the Hawk Girl.

She took off both of her boots, placing them onto the side as her feet were now on show. And just then, she raised her foot up and brought it down onto you. You try to dodge at first, however it became clear that wasn't going to happen. She was giant, and you were smaller then most dolls.

You get pushed under her foot, right under her toes as she had you pinned. You try to fight and get them off of you but she had you pinned, right under her big toe.

Shayera herself loved this, utterly loved this. You were so small and so weak to her that it was getting her off so much. She's gonna have so much fun doing this to you, while you on the other hand might not.

“Get your toe off me!” You shout to her, a bit scared of course as you had a feeling Shayera was going to be a lot more rougher then Kara was.

“Your not in a position to bark orders at me little man. Im big, your small. Not only small, but a toy compared to me. And thats what your going to be, my little toy. Now if you want to beg me to get my giant toe off of you, you can”

Geez, she's taken a turn. She's suppose to be a hero! Then again she still is considering you a villain so maybe this is warranted. Still you didn't want to piss her off as she seems to have no problem stepping on you.

“Please... get your foot of me” You say swallowing your pride

“Hm... Not good enough. A big gesture. Right now” She said loving it “And through in some compliments about my toe while you at it”

Rolling your eyes, you did just that “Miss Hawkgirl, can you pleas get your... Beautiful toe off of me”

She smiled hearing this, as it made her feel amazing. She of course got it off of you, just like she said she would. Only for her toes to grip your sides and lift you up. Holding you up by her toes as she began to speak more personally.

“Call me Shayera” She replied to you as you were surprised. You now know two of the names of two famous Superheroes. If you ever get captured by bag guys your gonna make them regret it and spill the names instantly “And this is gonna be fun. i want you to say your excited. Right now”

You sigh as you reply back to “Im excited”

“Damn right you are” She said as she grew a massive smile. She then proceeded to hold her leg out. Stretching it out far as you were at the edge.

Then with skill she moved you up to the top of her foot. Letting you rest there as you lay down. Only for a second though as you know Shayera wouldn't like that. Standing back up, you were looking at her.

Shayera looking at the naked doll man on her foot smiled “Come here, go across my leg”

You sigh and listen moving along her leg as you touch her pant. Making the journey to another sexual adventure
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