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Chapter 4: Time With The Hawk
Being told to go across her leg, you of course do. Knowing it would be much better to follow her orders then to disobey them. You move across her foot and onto her pants. Crossing the bridge that was her leg as you got to her lap. She watched you from above like a hawk, seeing every movement you do and loving it. After a while you reached her lap as she ordered you to “Come here” She said right onto her thigh. You stand there as she addressed you “Now, what fun can i have with you. Maybe ill just put you in there now, that would be very nice”

“Im assuming I'm gonna end up there anyway, so i don't care” You say as you think that was solid reasoning.

And... it was true technically.

Still she wanted to play with you so she decided against that. Smiling a bit as she grabbed you, holding you as she turned around onto the bed. Laying down onto her stomach as her wings were spread out. You were amazed seeing how big they were. Like a Thunderbirds wing span. Anyway she didn't put you there, instead she placed you down onto her butt. Her outfit hugging her cheeks right as you could pretty much see all of it.

After a while she dropped you down and rested her hands by her head. “Climb my wings, that would feel pretty nice”

“Um... Okay?” You reply to her as that was kind of a weird request. She could of done anything to you but thats what she chose.

Anyway might as well do that. You leave her butt and slide down to her back. Moving across her back as you walk to the wings base. Looking up you were amazed seeing the wings, your even more amazed by the fact that she is letting you have fun with her wings. You never met Hawkgirl prior to this, you just assumed she was a bit more defensive for her wings.

Getting at the bast you move across and climb the wing. Thankfully her feathers didn't stop you as you keep climbing up and keep climbing up. Using your arms and your legs to scale up the wings.

For Shayera, she was so happy. It was the equivalent of a massage for Thanagarians. Too much grip and its painful, not enough and its barely noticeable. Thats why she wanted you to do it, cause she suspected you had the perfect size to hit the nice spot in between.

And you did, climbing up she loved it feeling you on her wing. She could rest here with you on her wing and a part of her wanted to. But the feeling you created in her needs to be satisfied and she will do that after you reach the top of her wings.

Oh she is looking forward to it.

You keep climbing up and you keep climbing up as you start getting a bit of fear. Looking down her back seemed very far and you don't want to fall. You can't fly like many superstars. All you can do is be small and get girls horny.

She felt you stop and questioned “Come on” She said “Keep climbing to the tip of my wings. Thats the most sensitive bit”

“I-I Don't think i can!” You shout to her a bit scared. She just rolled her eyes understand that your scared of heights. Something she doesn't get personally but a lot of people have it. She started to move her wings in and out. Letting you fly back and forth as she was toying with you. You were screaming in fear as this happened. She stopped and carelessly told you “Keep climbing, once your at the top then you can stop”

You got over it as you start moving up even more. Getting to the top of her wings. Your fear put aside as you were more scared of her. Plus if you fall, your just gonna hit her back. Shayera wouldn't be happy about it though.

You keep getting higher and higher until finally your reached the top. You hope this is worth it for her.

And oh boy it was, Shayera loved feeling you up there and she was cooing from the feeling. She told you to “Squirm around” Which you did, not really understand. You move around and just grip parts of her body.

Over and over again as she was enjoying the touch. This continued on for about five more minutes of her just enjoying the touch. After a while you asked her “Can you get me down now!”

Hearing this broke her out of her trance, but she did promise. She didn't say how she was going to do it though. With a flick from her wings you went free fall. You panic a bit as you go down to the bed as you were screaming the whole way time. Flailing your arms and your legs as you hit near her head hard. Hitting the pillow as you bounced a bit. In pain from the sudden splash you moan in pain.

You could of recovered for a while, but she wasn't going to give it to you. Cause when you were falling and you arms and hands were flailing for anything, you unconsciously grabbed her red hair.

With a smile on her face, she got up onto her knees. Seeing you hold on as well as you dangle right in front of her face. The height scaring you from the previous encounter. Your okay when people have a grip with you, cause your confident they won't drop you. You don't like it when it all depends on you and your weak strength,

“Shayera, please grab me” You say as you dangle and spin on her hair. Little did you know she enjoyed the sight, and she was going to enjoy what she was going to do even more.

With a smile on her face she didn't say anything, only brought her fingers to the hair you were gripping on. Gripping it above you.

She then started to twist her hair around, swinging it back and forth while sending you on a trip. She got a lot of momentum using this as it was impressive. Although you are a bit confused at why she was doing this. If it was just to toy with you then your okay with that, but you have a feeling its gonna be more then that.

And it was more then that, cause after swinging you and given you enough momentum she revealed her plan. Opening her mouth wide you could do nothing as you were swung straight in there. Right past her lips and right past her teeth. You landed in the middle as you pray you can swing back out. It looks terrible in here. Everything was blood red, her tongue was alive and scaring you. And looking at the back of her throat scared you more then you are comfortable with.

It looked like you were going to swing out, however her teeth chomp down on her hair, stopping it and getting you to collide. You collide hard as you hit the ground of her mouth. Getting coated in Saliva within a second. Shayera outside pulled the hair back though her teeth planning on getting her hair out of her mouth and leaving you in there. You lost your hair as you panic, banging on her teeth as you knew what was coming.

With a bit of fear, you turn around and see the tongue, coming straight for you! It hit you hard as she licked you all over. Your naked body getting violated by her tongue as she was having so much fin licking you up.
Getting you away from her teeth and pushing you to her cheek. She then proceeded to suck on you like a lollipop. loving the taste and loving how easily she could overpower you with nothing but her tongue.

Outside Shayera was annoying the taste. Eyes closed and her tongue moving around like a rabid servant. The whole thing with the wings was more to get her calm and give her a good massage, while this. This was turning her on beyond belief. She's decided that once she's done here she's gonna shove you down there, whether you like it or not.

And at this point, you might actually like it. Anything but the attacking of her tongue that you were getting. It was wet, and drenched in saliva. Her slimy tongue getting every part of your body. From poking your somatic to wrapping around your legs, it seemed no aspect of your body was safe from her tongue. Eventually she brought her tongue away and attacked the one area you didn't want it to. Your crotch. Pinning you to your back and assaulting it over and over again. It didn't take long for you to build a boner by the powerful and menacing tongue. It was even shorter until you jizzed in her as you were once again sent with shame. maybe you should practice your endurance so you don't just go for any girl that touches you in that area.

For Shayera outside, she didn't know what happened. She knew she attacked your crotch with her tongue and she knew you got a boner but that was pretty much it. After a while she felt yourself go limp, not moving and fighting as much as you were jus like a lifeless peace of meat. The reason for this was because you were tuckered out but she didn't know that.

What she does know is that she's horny and she should do it before she loses her flare. Opening her mouth she retrieved you, grabbing you as she yanked you out. She saw that you were covered in saliva but that didn't bother her. You were gonna get wet regardless.

Now was the time, laying down on her back she moved her wings around getting comfortable. When she was she brought you down to her waist. With her free hand she opened up her pants and her underwear. Shoving you in there with no care in the world. Once you were in, you get pushed hard into her pussy as she had full control over this. Not letting you hand out at her knees but shoving you in there quick.

Shayera bit her lip as she started shoving you in and shoving you out faster then you could grip. You were getting wet from the other part of her as she went to town. Her bed and her body shaking as she shoved you in and out. Shayera was able to keep herself quiet while she was doing this, which was impressive. And you couldn't make a sound yourself as you were a bit preoccupied.

She's been teasing it for so long that it obviously makes sense that it didn't take that long. She quickly got it done as she sent her juices all over you. Her baby maker keeps you in there as her hand retreated from the pants. You were half in and half out there right now as you were left recovering. too hurt to even move at the moment.

“Wow, thats... Wow. I got to admit” Shayera said above as she was recovering as well “You did fantastic. Im gonna need... just a couple of minutes before i go back”

You would say great, but you don't care about what happens next. In this woman grasp or Kara’s your just a toy. Kara said it didn't fully go away after she had her way for you and you think its the same with Shayera.

You two rested for a while and you were about done, until you realised that you needed to get out. Since you recovered slightly you wiggle your way back out. Getting down and dropping to the bottom of her panties. Once you landed you questioned “Are you gonna take me out of here!?”

You got no response, so you logically ask again which once again got no response. It was at this point you asked again and after third time, you figured she was asleep. Happened with Kara, right after your time with her was done. Maybe you have that effect on woman, who knows.

Regardless if there was ever a time to move now was the time. Moving you run away, running down the pants legs as you go down her thigh. Getting onto your hands and knees and trying to get away. You crawl past her thigh, past her knee, past her calves and finally onto her bare foot. The one you were climbing on at the start of this. Looking at the giant Hawkgirl you take this as a blessing in disguise. At least this gave the chance to get away. Only problem you face now is to where. Any girl who finds you from this point is going to use and you don't want to risk going to any guy, fearing the same would happen. At least with the girls your kind of into it.

Regardless now was the time to act. Jumping off of her foot and down onto the bed you move along. Looking at the foot of the bed as you were not that happy honestly. More heights.

Regardless your drive was pushing you as you get down. Getting onto your somatic and moving your way down. You know you need to get moving.

You climb down to the bottom and stand on the ground. Knowing that she could wake up any moment gets you to move. Running to the door as you were met with a problem. The giant door ahead of you was too big for you to open.

Thankfully it was automatic with a pressure floor so it did open. Even for someone your size! How fantastic. An actually break for you, who would of thought.

You don't really have a plan as you run out of her room, but your gonna figure it out eventually. Your surrounded by heroes and your naked and small.

If you do get found your gonna be assumed as a villain or a spy. Until they of course get you and you get done for.

So you do what you think should, stick to the shadows and the corners and hopefully find a way out. As you were doing this, you even saw Kara hanging around. Talking to another hero that you didn't recognise. A fellow blonde with a blue spandex. You can't help but wonder if she was talking about you to the girl around your age, but you also don't care that much.

You want to get away from them, and you plan to do just that. Running away and moving deeper into the watchtower. You've been with two Super Heroines in this watchtower and if you get caught, who knows how much of them are going to get you.
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