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Chapter 5: Magical Moment
As you were running in the giant Watchtower. You watch heroes past by you. Thats the only good thing you can say about this size. Makes it much harder for you to be spotted. Even by those Supers. You've been sneaking around for about an hour and you don't really have a goal. Maybe hitch a ride in one of their teleports, thats the best thing you can figure. But on the other hand you don't know where that is, so your pretty lost on this giant space station. For about an hour you were wondering around aimlessly.

Until something happen. You didn't find their teleport station, no you were being found.

As their was one girl with keen eyes, who say your scurrying little body running around the halls. She was on Parole Duty on the Watchtower. It is on a rotating shift and while it is the most boring job, eventually something fun happens.

The Superheroine is called Zatanna. A powerful magician and a proud member of the Justice League, and she's found a small stowaway. She was behind you watching as you peek around a corner. You weren't aware of her but she was fully aware of you. She was curious why you were naked though. Zatanna smiled, thinking she should ask you that personally.

Just as you were sure their was no one down this long hallway you got moving. Ready to start running.

“Ydob Ynit Sih Yfirtep!”

And just like that, you collapsed onto the ground. Landing face first as you found you couldn't move your body. Not one bit. Your arms and legs were totally unresponsive and your head was stuck to the side. Thankfully you could move your mouth but that only let you talk.

While you were trying to moving you see a giant black shined shoe slam next to you, scaring you beyond belief. You couldn't even look up at who this was. You've been spotted, that much was obvious.

Suddenly a couple of fingers grabbed you. Wrapping around your body s you got lifted up like a lifeless toys. You were able to see what was past the shoes as you were met with bare sexy white legs. Comeplelty on for show. You get pulled to a black and white clothed top as it looked like one of a magicians. You finally get pulled to the top and you were met with another beautiful woman. Wearing a smirk and a top hat.

This black haired beauty you recognized as Zatanna! The world famous magician. You've seen one of her shows in Metropolis with a couple of friends, before you were small that is.

Still you were shocked, cause one, you didn't think she was a real magician and being up hear clearly proves otherwise. And two, she was a member of the Justice League! What!?

“So, a little stowaway” She said raising you up to her lips, your body still not reacting “Got to admit, you just made my shift a lot funner. Come on” She said as she brought a finger in front of you “I know you can talk”

“I can” You say “Your a member of the Justice League! I thought you were just a magician”

“Well when you deal with Magical Beings like i do, its best not to be known” Zatanna said as she raised you up even further. Walking around and leaning against the wall “Now, are you going to tell me who you work for or am i gonna have to do this the hard way”

“Im not working for anyone!” You say to her, “Im acutall-”

“Fine don't tell me, makes no difference.” Zatanna said as she was about use a spell
“Htuom Ruoy Tuo Emoc Ylno Llahs Hturt Eht!”

“Um... what was that” You say to her as her voice got all loud and spooky.

“Now, tell me why your hear little naked man” She said simply.

What you responded with was not simple “Well i was living in Metropolis when my Meta Gene activated and i shrunk down then i lived on the ground and streets of metropolis for a bit until Supergirl found me and she got hit by my second power where girls lust over me and can't control themselves around me so she took me up here and had sex with me against my will and then we woke up and she wanted to see if affected the strongest so she put me in Hawkgirl’s room who then found me and had sexy with me just like Supergirl she then passed out and i started to run away planning on getting away but then i stopped moving and then i got found by you and i was shocked cause i didn't know you were a superhero and then you said something and now I'm reaping everything that I've been through” You monologue as it was weird. Its like you couldn't stop yourself when you started. And you didn't want to stop talking. You look at her confused as she smirked.

“Truth spell” She answered back “Thats... a lot to take in. Guess your not a spy. Just some guys who's been lucky twice”

“Lucky!?” You shout to her surprised.

“Id say so. Being in bed with Supergirl and Hawkgirl. If its because of your other power you should be thanking it”

“I essentially. Got Raped!” You shout to her angry.

“Did you enjoy it”

“yes Immensely. Wait what! Stupid truth thing” You shout as you didn't want to blurt that out. Zatanna was laughing above as you rolled your eyes.

“Wait... can you... Does it have an effect over you!?” You shout to her as that was put on the back burner for a bit. Now you realise the danger.

“I will admit, it does” She said “Its like my whole body is tingling just by looking at you and the ideas in my mind are lets say not safe for work”

“God dammit!” You shout to yourself not really happy about it “So what are you going to do to me?” You know whats coming. It happened with Supergirl and Hawkgirl and its gonna happen to Zatanna. Your body wasn't responding to you so its not like you can really do anything to stop her. Not that you could anyway, this size was too weak to stop anyone.

“I mean... Will you enjoy it” She said raising her eyebrow.

“Yes” You say as you starting curing “When is this stupid truth thing gonna wear out”

“Don't be grumpy” Zatanna teased, seeing you throw a little tantrum. She then did something with her fingers and you could find that you could move again thankfully. Theres that at least “There, hope thats better”

“It would be better if you let me go and just let me be” You say to her as she laughed.

“Clearly I'm not gonna do that, but i am on duty right now so i can't really just go to my room and do it now. You want to spend a couple hours with me?” She said acting like it was a question, however you knew better then that. “And then once were done i can take you there and have my way with you. Let me ask, is there anyway to get this feeling to die down”

“Im not 100% sure but Supergirl stopped acting super lusty this morning after she already did it”

“So we have to be satisfied, thats good to know” She said as she then heard some walking. “Got to hide you now” She said as she then moved her hand. Grabbing you and twisting it around her body to her back. There you could see the barely covered ass of the magician. Looking at it and being shocked as her ass was utterly huge.

“You like it, i worked pretty hard to get it looking that good” Zatanna joked being playful about the whole situation “Why don't you get a closer look at it”

She then moved her other hand and pulled back her clothing. Letting you see more of bare ass and giving it some room to breath. “Zatanna, your not gonna... I don't think ill like.... that I'm not near it already” You say as the spell was still under effect. You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to Zatanna. You want to be near her ass right now.

Zatanna then moved her hand and you up against her ass. Pushing you adjacent her cheek as you naked body got pushed into it. Your junk being mushed by it as your limbs were spread. Zatanna wanted to enjoy this but she can't be doing it right now hen people could see her. And people were coming around the corner.

Zatanna let her hand go of her clothing and let you go as well. For a second you had nothing against your back, until her tight clothes grabbed you and pushed you even further into her ass. Your face getting muffled and hit hard. You try to wiggle around where you were, trying to get out and at last help you breath better. That didn't work though as she had you stuck.

Although the wiggling was nice to her. And when the fellow member passed her she spoke to you “You feel so good back there. Oh its like a portable little butt massager. I love it”

She then decided to have a little fun. The wall that she was just near, she rammed her ass into it. Pushing you deeper in as you feel yourself drive hard. With a smile and a smirk she can understand why Hawkgirl and Supergirl wasn't able to stop themselves either. This feeling... its intoxicating. Even if she wasn't under the feeling she would be pretty sure she would love doing this. The power you have is just giving Zatanna an excuse as to why she was doing this.

After a while she moved around, standing up as she stretched her arms “My shift continues for about five more hours. Just have fun back there. And wiggle around, make it fun for me”

You groan, but do just that. You weren't gonna get out of this, thats obvious. So you just let it happen and she got to work.

The next couple of hours just sunk together. Being near the giant girls ass, you could do nothing but stare at it. You had trouble smelling of course, but its not like you had an alterntive. You did move around everyone and then, satisfying Zatanna. While she above went about her worked, talked to other heroes and just walked around.

At least your making her enjoy her time more, guess theres that to be proud of. During the later hours and when she was about to retire, twenty minutes left. Zatanna spotted Supergirl and she was concerned. Looking around and trying to make it seem non suspicious with the way she was looking. It didn't take long for the smart magician to understand that she was looking for you. The blonde must be concerned, so Zatanna of course goes to calm her down.

“Hello Supergirl” Zatanna said waving her to her walking up.

As soon as Supergirl saw her she jumped. “Zatanna! What are you doing here? Your not gonna do anything to me are you?”

Zatanna took a second to remember what she did to get Supergirl so scared. Smiling she remembered when she first met Supergirl. The young Kryptonian bragging and acting all confident. Saying she's invincible and despite her age was stronger then all of the League Members. Zatanna with her magic loved cutting the girls ego and teaching her humility. Making her scared as she giggled “Don't worry, I'm not hear to hurt you. Im hear to calm you down. Your looking for someone aren't you”

“Are no” Supergirl said, Zatanna crossing her arms over her giant breasts and smiling. “Ok yes, a friend of mine. Me and him got separated and now I'm looking for him but i don't know where he is!?”

“Pinned to my ass” Zatanna said simply, getting a look from Supergirl “Thats where he is”

Supergirl was shocked, so with her lightning speed spun around and got on her knees. Staring at her ass as she could make out a little bulge there. Right on her ass “Found you!” Supergirl said with a giant smiled ‘OH I'm so glad your okay!?”

Zatanna smiled at the reunion, and giggled at the concerned wiggling you were doing in the back. Moving around her ass as she could tell you weren't so happy about the reunion. Turning around she smiled at the blonde “I found him, and he told me everything. he's been in my ass ever since”

“Look i know what your thinking but i couldn't help myself! He just... had something over me. I know it wasn't very heroic but-”

“Don't worry in fact i was going to do the same thing” Zatanna said walking past her “Ill return him once were done” Zatanna said waving and walking past. Supergirl turns with her and was shocked on so many things, but she as going to get you back “Thank you Zatanna!”

Zatanna didn't look back at the younger blonde, only smiled and waved goodbye to her. For the next fifteen minutes she just walked around, until her shift was over and she entered her room. Magician equipment stored around and a lot of magical tools in the drawers. Turning on the light she walked in. As much as she wanted tho sit on the bed, she wanted to pull you out right now. Grabbing her clothes and grabbing you. She held you out in front and smiled sitting on the bed and placing you on her thigh. You land down hard as you look up to her. Happy to get fresh air but not so happy about the deal.

“Do you have to return me to Supergirl? Please don't?” You say to her not wanting to be forced into this life anymore.

“She's worried about you. And having you, might teach that girl some responsibility.” Zatanna said telling you what was going to happen “But enough about her, right now its just and me. Were gonna have so much fun”

“But what if i don't want to have fun. Is there anyway i can get out of this without being shoved in your pussy. Ill do anything” You say to her not wanting to be shoved again.

Zatanna blinked twice then laughed, at first you thought she was laughing at your offer but she wasn't. “I-Im not gonna shove you in my pussy. Did you really think that!?” She joked with a big smile getting you to calm down a bit. The first sign of relief on your face.

“Are you serious! Oh thank you! Thank you for not shoving me in there Zatanna!”

Zatanna then gave you a big wink “Oh don't worry. I never planned to do it. Im more of a fan of the backdoor”
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