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Chapter 6: Tricks But Not For Kids
When you heard her say that, you already knew where this was going. Another rocky time with a member of the Justice League. You can't do anything about it and its gonna happen. You just hope she doesn't mind your defeated attitude while she's shoving you where the sun don't shine. She looked at you and smiled, before moving around. Shifting her entire body as she knew exactly what she wanted to first.

On her thigh, you could see her other thigh lifting up. Like a moving mountain it became a wall and then flew into the air over you. Hovering above you as you could see the underneath of it. It didn't take long for it to come down on top of you and flatten you. You were pinned between her two thighs as you laid there. Trying to get the claustrophobic feeling out.

For Zatanna, it was as simple as crossing her legs. Nothing more and nothing less. She was disappointed that she didn't feel you moving and wiggling around trying to escape so she did that herself. Grinding her thighs over you as your body was rubbed against her. Zatanna leaning back and smiling to herself as it felt so good having you there. The feeling she had inside of her was being satisfied, but she knows it won't fully be until she puts you in the back. Still she feels lime she can have a little bit of fun with you before that happens. Such as moving you around between her thighs, rolling you like you were a piece of doe. Still you weren't playing back so that did ruin the fun.

After having her joy and rolling you around her thighs, she moved around and lifted her thigh off of you. She didn't see you o her thigh though, instead pasted to the bottom of her other one.

The heroine of course laugh about this, getting a good cackle as she moved her hand around. She peeled you off and hanged you around her body. Looking straight at you with a smile as you didn't even try to fight out of her grip.

She looked at you and responded with a smile,s he then picketed her lipstick covered lips and brought you closer. She planted a massive kiss on you. Covering your head, your torso and even part of your stomach. It was all over you and the air she sucked in while doing this only pushed you into her lips even more. It was clear that she was enjoying herself, but you can't say the same thing for you. In fact you weren't really doing anything, just acting still and wanting this to be over. You didn't even react when your little member shot up from the kiss. It was an erotic scene for sure, you've just been destroyed a bit too much.

When she puled you out and saw your lifeless face, she knew she had to do something about this before continuing.

“Whats the problem? Im assuming you weren't like this with the other girls?” She questioned as she held you in her palm.

“No i was a lot more defiant, what you want that?” You say in a deadpanned expression.

“Honestly id rather that then how you are right now. Flightless” Zatanna said as she was actually curious.

“Whats the point in fighting. Your gonna use me just like all the other girls have. Not much i can do about it none of you even want to listen to me. Im just gonna let it happen, plain and simple. Just get it over with”

“No” She said as you were surprised “Im not gonna let you have that attitude. No I'm thinking about fixing that”

“What you gonna put another spell on me?” You say to her half sarcastic as you know she can very well do that. You might still be under that truth spell.

“No i don't need any actual magic to do this. She said as she placed you down onto the bed by her thigh. She then got up and you were left confused at what she was doing. She turned around and smiled down at you, until she reached into her cleavage. You don't know if its been there the whole time or its some sort of magic you don't know about, but she pulled out a stop watch on a string.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what she was going to do to you.

“Your gonna hypnotise me?”

“Only for now. That way you will want to do this and you won't remember the experience. or you won't live through the experience. Pretty handy if i do say so” She then moved it right in front of you and you see it angel.

Zatanna getting down and level with you so she can perform the trick “But I'm gonna need you to pay attention. I need your cooperation otherwise it won't work”

“Hey!” You say to her “If i don't have to live through it I'm okay with that. I don't know if you noticed but I'm not glad being used”

“Great!” She said not even considering the other option of her just letting you go “Now, look into the pendulum. look into it as it sways back and forth.

You do just as she says keeping your eyes locked on it. Her face becoming the background as you track it. Zatanna has never done this with someone so small before but it should be the same regardless of the size.

“Good... Good” She said her voice becoming background as well “Now your eyelids, they're getting heavier and heavier. It becomes more and more harder to keep them open. You shut them!”

She said that in a second and you shut it, whether its because you were doing or the hypnotism you didn't know.

“Now... Sleep!”

And just like that you lost your mind. Out like a light was you were a blank slate that Zatanna was free to draw on.

“Good... good. Now listen to my voice. Focus on my voice, and obey my voice” She said showing that she's done this before “With a click of some fingers, your gonna change. Your gonna change your mind, clear you mind and fix your mind. With a click of fingers your gonna have a fetish for giant woman and you will do whatever they want you to. Now... You will wake up in Three... Two... One...”

“Huh” You say as you suddenly came back into memory “What happened, is it over. Did we do it?” You question as you were left kind of brainless. She only laughed and put the watch back into her top, disappearing from sight and magically going away.

“Not yet, i just created the trigger. A simple click of my fingers” She said as she stood over “Now... lets start”

And with that she clicked her fingers and your mind changed. It was like a switch going in your brain. And suddenly the worst parts of this situation went away and the greatest parts enhanced yourself.

Looking at Zatanna you saw a new lease as you were actually looking forward to this. Zatanna saw the change and smiled to herself leaning down as she put her hands on her knees.

“Tell me, how do you feel?” She questioned. And the answer she got back made her beyond happy.

“Like I'm in love” You say with a ridiculous smile as she giggled at it.

“Good to know Casanova” She said “Now I'm not the only on covered in lust. Come here and lets try what we did again” She said as she reached for you. Not running or moving, accepting her hand as it picks you up.

Suddenly this isn't so and, and your actually loving it. You know why but you got to admit it doesn't bother you that your basically brainwashed right now. How could you, your in an amazing situation!

She pulled you up and smiled, ready to kiss you once again. She pulled you close and her lips puckered. Just like before she gave you a huge kiss, the difference now though is that you were loving it. You even kissed it back as you two made out for a while. She shifted her hand around as her head shifted around. You felt yourself get twisted and played with by the kiss as you welcome every second of it. The softness of her lips and the powerful air pulling you in, you loved every second of it.

For Zatanna, it was so nice seeing you into this. Not scared or defeated, but in love. Sure she would of loved seeing you fighting and trying to escape only to ultimately lose. Still she would rather this. A loving guy who wants to get fucked.

She pulls you away from her lips as you lay there. Shouting up to her “T-Thank you!!”

“Your very much welcome” She said back to you “Now, lets try what we did before. I want to feel you under my thigh and squirming this time”

“Yes Zatanna!” You shout back as she sat down. Sitting on the edge of the bed as she placed you down onto her thigh once again. This time though you knew what was happening as you got down onto your back willingly. A huge smile on your face. Sure it wasn't a genuine smile but you sill had one.

“Squirm this time okay?” She said with a smile as she then lifted her thigh and planted it down onto you. You found yourself in the claustrophobic situation once again. Only this time you were happy about it. You start squirming and moving around, not because you wanted to get out. But because you wanted to make your Magician Master happy.

And boy did you make her happy. This was all she ever wanted and she loved it. Even grabbing her breasts and start caressing herself just to control the feeling you were giving. Your small body, squirming and moving around as she loved every second of it. her big meaty thigh trapping you and preventing you from escape. It of course got you off and you would be lying if you didn't grow a boner.

Something she noticed and decided to take care of right then and there. She lifted her thigh slightly, which scared you as you feel like you did something wrong. She then moved her thigh into the middle and twitched hers. This sent you falling down into the middle, your back up top.

You try to mov but her finger pushed you in. This was done so your little dick was right between her thighs and she could do what she wanted to it.

She then pushed her thighs together and starting shifting it on either side of you. Moving her legs and making sure it was pleasurable for you. She wants surprised when you start making orgasmic sounds and shot your load. She even feel it drape down one of her legs.

It was time for her to have her fun now. Grabbing him and lifting him up. She flipped her whole body around. laying on her stomach on the bed. She then dropped you off right onto her leg near her asscheek. Considering you were tired you took some time to rest, however not that much as Zatanna wanted you to move.

“Now, go to my ass... and crawl inside. Crawl inside me little man” She said as you did just that. Making the trek up her leg and onto her bare ass. Due to her uniform her cheeks were mostly for all to see, but her crack is only for you to feel. You et on your knees and climb into her outfit. Getting under as you army crawl your way in. Crawling against her ass cheek as that was enough to get her off as it is. She could only wonder what it would of felt like if she didn't make you cum. She's gonna have to see later thats for sure.

You were fully under her clothes as you crawled even more. Until finally you were at the edge of her cheek and at the top of her crack. This was your chance to finally move in as you crawl some more. Crawling off her ass and down into her crack, more specifically her hole. 

Your crawl in as you had to put your arms and your feet together. At this point you were more falling then crawling as you were going directly into her ass. Wiggling and squirming in as you went in more and more. From your torso, to your hips and finally your legs. Head first you were deep in.

“Ohh” Zatanna said above as she felt this, it felt amazing. Whats happening in her backside making her feel special on her frontside “God keep going. For the sake of magic keep going!”

You do what she wants and frankly what you want, moving in and wiggling further. Acting like a vibrator as you got Zatanna off. Her whole body shaking around feeling you. This isn't gonna take her very long, besides the dildo’s she's sometimes used she's usually untouched back there. Feels nice to have you.

For you it was tight, cramped, dark, not the most appealing to look at and everything smelt like shit. But that didn't stop you from enjoying yourself. you were pleasing Zatanna and thats all you need. You move around and wiggle your body. Shaking and stirring something inside Zatanna as it was coming to the surface.

Every light movement you did was enough to push Zatanna. Pushed her so much that when she finally did start to cum, it snuck up on her. She was fast enough to twist her body around. laying on her ass and coming all over her panties. Her clothes and her legs getting coated in her juices. If you weren't brainwashed you would of been thankful since this time you weren't being covered.

Your head was facing upwards and you were stuck in her ass. The mattress underneath pretty much trapping you as you were left in there.

Zatanna after getting her breath back looked at her clothes, she can't really go out there but thanks to magic she can quickly fix herself.

“You know what...” She started telling you “I think I'm gonna need a little rest before i take you to Supergirl. Have fun in there until then”

She knew you wouldn't mind, if she snapped her fingers you would no doubt mind but like you are, you would be loving it. So she rested and admittedly, started sleeping.

Something you noticed and took note of. All three girls who have used you have slept after then Cummed. Maybe thats another part of your Meta Gene that you didn't know. Regardless you rest. When she snaps again your gonna hate this, but for now your loving it.
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