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Chapter 7: Returning To Kara
You woke up thankfully the same time Zatanna did. Both of you jerking away as she sat up. After doing a quick clean up spell to make herself more presentable, she put on her hat. She was about to pull you out, and snap.

However she stopped when she realised she should just keep you in there. That way you will be hidden and she can take you to Supergirl without problem. While on the other side she did want you up her ass even longer. Its not like you minded though, you were still under the influence of the hypnotism.

With a smile she moved out of her room and walked through the halls. The clocks all around the place showing that it was around 6.00 in the night. Meaning that she rested for a while. With a smile on her mouth, she walked even more and even more.

She arrived at Supergirls’s room as she knocked on the door. Knocking it again and again when suddenly the door opened. A zooming inside which caused her too laugh. Supergirl clearly wants you back right now.

Suddenly the door opened and the magician gets pulled in. The door shut as Supergirl was right up to Zatanna. A big surprise on her face as Supergirl was even closer.

“Zatanna, did you have fun with him? Where is he? Is he still pinned to your butt!?” She questioned pretty much zooming around her.

Causing her to laugh about it as she turned to Supergirl “No he's further in, let me fish him out”

She then reached into her ass and pulled you out. Grabbing your arm as you get yanked out and held right between the two super heroines. Both of them smiling down to you while Supergirl was a bit worried.

You hated being in her pussy, no doubt you hated being in Zatanna’s ass. Your gonna be all sulky and she's not looking forward to it.

However she was surprised at your reaction as you said “Zatanna! Thank you!”

Zatanna giggled a bit before replying, “Your very welcome” She then brought her finger and patted it down onto your head, which you welcome”

“What?” Supergirl said as that wasn't the reaction she was expecting. In fact you seemed like you were a completely different person. Supergirl looked forward to Zatanna causing the girl to laugh.

“Right, suppose i should tell you since your in charge of him. I hypnotised him”

“What!?” Supergirl said shouting out, anyone outside hearing this if they were walking by “You can do that”

“If they're willing and he was, weren't you, you little cutie?” Zatanna said with a smile as she brought her finger to you and rubbed it around you. Which you welcome around you as you wore a smile. “I changed him so he's more into the whole giantess thing, and he won't remember it when he switches back. Or it will at least will feel a bit more like a memory rather then just living it

Still this wasn't you and she just wanted to know “Can... can you change him back?”

Zatanna didn't say anything, only replied with a simple snap of her fingers. Which got you to wake up and look around. Memories flooding all around you as you took time to really gip what just happened.

“Oh man, its like a bad headache” You says you were back to normal. At least you weren't put though it yourself you rationalise. It was the other version of you.

Suddenly you felt yourself dropped into Supergirl’s hand as Zatanna left.

“Well i had my fun, you two kids enjoy each other. I might come back in a couple of days for another round” She said walking out as Supergirl waved at her.

Once she was out the blonde looked down to you on her hand and decided to admit something. “Uh... that feeling is coming back”

“Cant you give me a break at least! My ass was just in her ass!” you say to her as she can do that. After all she doesn't feel like it controls her. Its building up and its not at the top though.

With a smile on her face, she went back to the bed and dropped down onto her back. She then placed you on her breast so she can talk to you. Her hands behind her head as it was time for discussion.

“Fine lets talk, so this hypnotism thing. Surprised you were up for it?” Supergirl said as you turned to her. A bit tired you lay back and land on her breast. Treating it like a beanbag

“She said i didn't have to live through it. I was fully up for that” You say to her “What about you, what did you do when i was gone?”

“Oh went down to earth, save some people from a burning building, fight some bad guys. Simple stuff like that” Supergirl said as she was nonchalantly bragging about herself.

“Wow, you save everyone but me” You say as you really feel that way.

“Hey! I have saved you. I carried you up here to take care of you and... well if you only knew?”

“Knew what?” You questioned her as you ahem to.

“If you think its bad us having you, it would be worse if Villains had you. At least were caring” She said as she did raise a point. Still you were against it but thats true. Plus your not being shoved in right now so she can hold herself back.

“Plus Hawkgirl came around, and she was searching for you. So she's gonna want a second try with you. She seems to really like you. So i said you were resting and she backed off” Supergirl added.

“Okay i get it”

“And when you wireless, i flew around the station looking for you. Im being nice, or at least trying” She said as you give up.

“Okay what do you want me to say, thank you?” You say to her as she looked away as that was clearly what she wanted. Due to this you did just that.

“Thank you”

“Your very welcome” She said bringing her finger to you and tapping you. You just lay there for a while, until Supergirl moved around. Letting you fall onto the bed as she grabbed something. You see her bring a piece of chocolate to you. It was clearly hidden in the room somewhere. You didn't catch where but it was hidden. Breaking off a piece and breaking of some crumbs she placed it down in front of you.

“Here you go, some food. You need to get your energy back” She said offering it. You forces don't turn it down as you welcome it completely. Eating and nibbling as Kara was above you and watching.

She didn't say anything, only thought and waited for you to finish eating. After a while you did just that as you back down, getting down and rubbing your stomach.

“Oh... too much chocolate” You say to her as she noted that. She's gonna have to get some fruit and vegetables to you. The reason she had chocolate was because she wasn't allowed to eat it otherwise. The Kents and Clark usually force her to eat vegetables.

“Ok, so whats going to happen” She said announcing to you as you listen up “Were gonna have a bit of fun, and then i kind of... promised you to someone”

“Are you serious!” You say as you hear that you got to do it again “Fine... who is this time”

“Well she's not a major hero like Zatanna or Hawkgirl, but i think you'll like her. She's very fun and playful” She said as she wanted to keep a secret right now “Ill pick you up tomorrow morning. Don't worry, she's fine”

“Yeah yeah” You say ignoring her. The info Supergirl was holding back is how it happened. While she was looking for you, and talking to Hawkgirl someone came in curious. She ended up telling and in order to keep you a secret she has to share you.

“So lets have some fun” Supergirl said as she scooped you up.

“Id rather rest” You say to her “But does that even matter to you”

“Not that much” She admitted to you with a smile. She didn't go any further though as she got a curious idea. You see her face think as you were curious what she was going to do.

With a look on her face, she brought her hand up and clicked her fingers. She was more then delighted as what happened.

Cause you then change your stance and your view of Supergirl became on of admiration and lust “Well, does it work?” She question as you answer back by getting on your knees and kissing her hand.

She giggled of course while this happened as she gushed “Oh my god your still in your... Giant Girl Gaze” She said giving it a name. This is perfect, lets have some fun!”

With that she moved you over and placed you by her feet. Crawling onto the bed as she asked “Come on, kiss my sole! Kiss my sole!”

“Of course Supergirl!” You shout back to her as you did just that. Moving around and kissing her sole. Kissing it over and over again as you were beyond happy. This was so amazing and Supergirl loved it so much.

You were trying to get every part of her sole that you can get and Supergirl felt it over and over. Suddenly she brought her foot back and she watched with a chuckle as you got up and chased her foot.

Running after it like it was all you cared about. She felt your lips back on it as she was beyond happy. Now was the time to play a prank on you as she smiled to herself.

She then snapped her fingers again, feeling you move around as you recoil.

“Ehh!” you shout as you move your hand across her tongue. Getting any taste off of you as you didn't like it “Thats disgusting”

“So the hypnotism is still around” Supergirl said with a smile as you look up to her. She moved her legs apart as she smiled down to you.

“Great, well at least i don't have to live through anymore pussy explorations” You say looking on the bright side. Your nothing but a toy, and now your toy these girls can't easily mess with you. “Can you at least let me rest before the next girl has me”

Supergirl looked down to you. You have had sexual fun with two giant girls today, too very hands on aggressive girl. Thinking about this and hearing it she decided to let you.

However she did stop a bit as she smiled to herself “Okay you can rest, after one more kiss on my foot”

You look to her a bit confused as you wait a second, only for her to not do anything and wait for you. “Your not gonna snap your fingers are you?”

“Nope” She said revealing she wanted you to do it clearly. You tried to outsmart and outwork her by snapping your own fingers. See if you could work around it that way. However once it happened, it clearly didnt work as you lower your shoulders.

“Nice try, come on kiss” Supergirl commented above as you had to do it. With a frown you walk over to her giant sole. It towering over you as you quickly peck a kiss down onto it. Hitting it hard as you felt your soft lips against her hand Krytonian feet. Once this happened you rubbed it off of your mouth as you were not happy about it at all.

You clean your mouth again as you turned away and look up at her. Kara giggling above you as she was keeping her word. “Okay, lets rest. I got to admit you earned it”

Hearing this, you didn't reply. Instead just flopped onto your back. You needed rest, and Supergirl was going to give it to you.

For the next hour it was rater peaceful and pleasant for you You just rested with you thoughts, Supergirl above on her phone and occasionally talking to you. Just idle chit chat as you were rea;;y happy about it. Weird. After being shoved into so many girls, this part right here has been your highlight up in the Watchtower. Just peaceful times.

That peace couldn't lose forever, and Supergirl was about to crash t “Okay, i think i should take you to her now”

You frown at first, hearing this but you just let it happen. Her grip comes onto you and she places you back into her favourite hiding spot her breasts.

Once in she headed out of the room and into another. Thankfully these quarters were right next to her so she didn't have much trouble doing it. She knocked onto the door and found it opening up. With the girl on the other side.

“Supergirl!” She cheered as you noted an accent “Where is this lucky man you were talking about” After hearing it you realise it was Brazilian.

“In my breasts, trying to keep him hidden so keep your voice down” Supergirl said whispering.

“Oh my bad, can i see him... please?”

You feel your whole prison move around as she reached down and pulled you out. For the first time you could see the woman she was talking to, and while you didn't know who this was.

You did know she was quite the looker!

With long flowing green hair, Green makeup over her no doubt beautiful face and a body which had the largest pari of breasts you've ever seen. At least so far.

This girl was amazing and you were left stunned looking at her. Especially when she brought her face closer “Oh... Look at you. Your so adorable”

“Do you feel it?” Supergirl added in “That feeling inside of you”

The girl had a smile across her face as she lit up “From the moment i saw him” She then held her hands out and Kara dropped you in. “Thank you for letting me have this chance”

“Just dont tell anyone else” Kara said simply. little jealous of her for getting you for tonight.

“Oh i won't, he's just mine. Ill return him by morning” She said as the door closed, before Supergirl could actually say goodbye. Once the door was closed she lifted you up to her face, letting you just stare at her.

“You and i have are gonna have some fun” The Brazilian woman said, and then asked “Have you got a name?”

You reply with it simply as that was all you could say. She giggled afterwards before continuing.

“My name is Beatriz Bonilla da Costa, however my Superhero name is called Fire”

And now that introductions were out of the way. The Brazilian Bombshell was ready to start her fun
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