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Chapter 8: Brazilian Girl
As the Brazilian girl looked down to you with a massive smile on her face, you were surprisingly excited for what was about to happen. sure if you had a choice for it to happen you would say no, but since you don't you look on the bright side. She was so big and she was so beautiful. it was hard not to gaze upon her. With you in two hands she walked over to her bed, getting down onto her knees as she placed you down. Her face was level with you and two could talk normally.

“I must say, I'm excited. And not just regular excited, very excited. After all, its not every day that i do this with someone your size. i can't even imagine where to begin with you” She said, her accent making even those words sexy.

As she couldn't imagine where to start with you, you've been through this many times and know what to expect. “Well... if i tell you the truth. Normally the girls will toy with me before shoving me in their privates” You say to her.

“Hmm... that does sound nice” She said moving her finger with her lips. One part of her thinking about what she can do with you and the other part just to see your reaction. Your eyes were locked on it as she knew what she wanted to do first.

Fire leaned forward and grabbed you. Holding you to her face as she puckered her lips. Kissing the air a couple times teasingly. You understood this and had to question “your going to kiss me?”

“Kiss, makeup, its the same thing i believe” She said with a big smile. Hearing this you were a little bit surprised but once again up for it. The Brazilian brought you close to her face. Puckering her lips and kissing you with a massive smooch. it hit you in the body as it was hard, her glossy lips getting all over you as you feel like you were getting hit by two wet pillows. The kiss was nice, but it got passionate as she kept moving her head around. Tilting it left and right as she got ever part of your body. She loved doing it and was enjoying herself so much.

Twisting her kiss she decided to move it up once again. The kiss getting more passionate as she parted her lips and her tongue hit you. Now being assaulted by three things. You try to fight it ff slightly but give up. Given into the kiss as she kept kissing and kissing. Now not only getting coated in her lip gloss but her saliva as well. This continued on for about a minute until she pulled away. This time bringing her lips close and touching you hard. Pressing into you with the hardest kiss you've had yet. She then pulled back just as hard. A touch of saliva coming from her lips and touching your body. Giggling a bit she saw your stunned looked. Covered in her saliva and her lip gloss. She might have to clean you u before she hands you to Kara.

“So... did you enjoy that?” She questioned with a giant smile.

“I-I-I... I never felt that much passion” You say to her as it was true. While the three other heroes loved you, it wasn't on that level. That kiss was in another ballpark.

“Only from a Brazilian” She giggled loudly as she liked that. “Now, what i want to do next. You might not like it as much”

“Believe me” You say fixing yourself “Whatever you do, I've been though it all. What do you want to do?”

She heard this and considered it you saying yes. With a smile on her face she moved and stood up over you. You saw her towering over you as you then saw her turn away. Seeing this she was over you and you could see her tight ass under her latex. Moving her hand away she grabbed each side of it and lowered it down. letting you see the creamy covered ass as it was huge. This woman was exactly what you would want if you were normal size! However at this size not so much. She's a lot more dangerous and your nothing compared to her. She's lusting for you and she's about to sit on you.

And as much as you like staring at her ass, you didn't want to get squished by it. Although you do have a trick you can do. You can't believe you've still got this in your arsenal.

“Wait! Beatriz can you wait a second?!” You say to her wanting to tell her that. She paused and turned her head. looking down at you as she loved it. You were staring at her giant ass like it was the only thing that mattered. That touched her heart and touched her privates especially.

“What is it?” She questioned to you as you keep talking.

“Well, the thing is i don't want to get sat on. But i can fix that? You see I've kind of got this thing”

“Your small, your making girls lust for you. Another thing?” She questioned to you as she heard that.

“Well its something that came later. Anyway snap your finger and ill change. My mind will go into someone who wants to get sat on”

“Really!” She said out loud very excited. With a big excited smile she snapped her finger and that was the trigger. Hearing this you move around and get your senses gone. You look up to her ass with more love then you had before “Well, did it work?”

“It did Beatriz! Sit on me! Sit on me please!”

“Oh my” She said with a big smile on her face as this was different from before. Something she might like even more. Wasting no more time she brought her butt down to you. She lowered it and lowered it down onto you.

You found her ass making contact with you and you get pushed onto your back. her giant ass over you as she moves it against your body. For the girl, she was loving the feeling of you on her ass. She was surprised you changed and liked it but she hopes this leads to more things that you would be for. With a smile she started to bounce up and down more. Repeatedly as she was jumping on it. This happened again and again.

It was so erotic and nice, she was kicking off her legging so her bottom was empty. Having no clothes under her, she started to move her hand again. Grabbing her top half and lifting it over her head. Now completely naked she could start to get a bit more erotic. Grabbing her breast and caressing it over and over again. Both of her hands moving her nipples as she keeps bouncing again and again.

For you, you were enjoying yourself and getting smushed by her ass. You feel it pull you sometimes as you were gutten eaten by her ass. You wish you didn't have to stay under the cheek but still the cheek was pretty good and you were just grateful you were in this situation. Your more grateful you can trick yourself into enjoying it as well.

Fire above was fondling herself until she decided to move. Standing up as she looked over her breast. She's not the only one that has to touch her nipples. As she got up she turned around excitedly. Trying to see you behind her as that was what she wanted. However when she looked she didn't see you. You weren't there!

As this happened she was a bit sad. Looking around and circling herself. “What... where did you go?” She questioned as she had no idea. Suddenly she got a good idea as she tried. Moving her hand backwards and touching her butt. Where you were getting attacked. She found that you weren't gone! You were just stuck and plastered against her ass.

With a loud giggle she went to peel you off, but she wanted to do something first.

For you, you were just seeing ass everywhere. The only thing you were feeling and honestly the only thing you were caring about at that point. Suddenly she walked backward and up against the wall.

Fire then pounded her ass backwards and hit you against the wall. Over and over and over again. This was great as she hit you hard. Having to grab her nipple once again as she was getting turned on. As much as she wants to see you play with her ass, she needs to do something else.

Stepping away from the wall, she grabbed you with her fingers. Grabbing you and lifting you out. Peeling you away from her ass as it giggled a bit. She then lifted you up to her face and you could see that she was naked now.

“Yes!” You yell getting that attitude. Getting a good giggle from the girl.

“You like what you see, good. Because i have a job for you and i think your gonna enjoy it” She then moved over to her bed. Crashing down and still holding you. She moved around the pillows so her body was facing up a bit. This was to make sure she would see you and all the work you were going to do.

She grabbed you and brought you to her stomach. Dropping you down in the middle of stomach, right at her belly button. You land down and quickly get around. She could feel you scurrying across her stomach as she giggled very much. She then watched as you got down onto your hands and knees and kiss her stomach.

She loved the love you were given her, but she needed you to reserve that. Wait... she wonders”

With a smile she snapped her finger again. Watching this as you snap back to reality. Getting up and look at the giant Brazilian’s asked body. her two massive breasts right in front of you as you were stunned.

“Well... seems like a good way to get your attention” She giggled loudly as you blush a bit.

“Yeah, its kind of weird. I do remember everything but it was like i was watching someone else. Its really weird honestly” You say to her as she giggles.

“Well i need to talk to you. And i don't think i can when your in love mode. Now... i want you to come up here and suck on my nipples”

Hearing this you jump back a bit, surprised at it but knowing you have to do it. breathing in and out you then tell her “Okay, just... just snap your fingers and I'm sure the other me will get onto it”

“Hm... i could, but i don't think i will” She said as you were sad about that part. Since you can't trigger it yourself you just have to wait for her.

“Please!” you say back to her being honest.

“I could... and i will but you have to suck on one of my nipples. This one” She said as she brought her finger to her breast. Knowing you don't have a choice and you were put into much worse things. You do what she says.

Moving up her body as you climb her giant jiggling Breast. It moving with each step that you took.

She giggled and laughed above feeling you climb her body. She really liked feeling it, and she found you so cute doing. “You know... my breasts are huge. Second biggest in the league i believe”


“But i can't even imagine what it would be like to you. it must be huge”

They were and you just climbed the giant breast. Arriving there as you move your hand around. You then crawl right up and onto the tip. looking at the Nipple as you take a breath.

“Only one, then the other you can finish” She said making a deal. Hearing this you move your head down and start licking the top. Your tongue going over it as you weren't really a fan of the whole situation.

Up above, Beatriz was feeling this and loved every second of it. So much better the her own fingers! She moved those fingers though, grabbing her pussy and start massaging it. Feeling you on her nipple. You grabbed it and licked it until finally you move back. Getting up and standing up as you look to her.

“Am i done yet?”

“Wha... Oh yes” She said in quite the hurry. Grabbing you with her free hand and dropping you off onto her other breast. She then snapped her fingers as you change once again.

“Now, suck onto that one!” She said out loud as this version of you was fully up for that. Moving around and kissing her nipple. laying on top and humping it up. This touch was much much better then before. It got her so much and her body was shaking. She even moved her hand and grabbed her other breast. Caressing it and fondling it as all three parts of her body was being touched. It kept going and kept going until finally she couldn't do it anymore. her fingers getting covered as her whole body stopped moving. Her whole body dropping as she moved her hand. Dropping it onto the bed as she rested with a smile.

She was laying there and doing nothing, while you were still full of energy and going to town on her nipple. She considered grabbing you and stopping you for a second, however she didn't as she just let you go to town. You weren't doing anything bad, as well as you had a boner. A boner right now as you keep going and looks like you were having fun.

“Well, I'm gonna take a little nap. Don't have too much fun” She said with a massive laugh as she then went to sleep. Resting as you were on her nipple.

Getting a little bit intimate, you bang her nipple. Sending your sperm all over her as you busted. Once you did you fell off her breast and rolled back onto her stomach. where you were resting before.

Unlike Fire, you weren't out of your mind and you could still do something. Not to mention you've got your little perverted version of yourself. Your plan is to rest here until you get it back in with you. You then move over and go to her underwear. That was your plan at least.

But for the moment you were just laying down there. Happy as you rested. So far you've been with an Alien, a Half bird woman, a magical magician and now a fire born Brazilian. You no doubt have so many girls in front of you. One side of you happy about it, while the other half isn't
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