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by ruwth
Rated: 18+ · Book · Contest Entry · #2145363
I will be adding stories, poems & reflections as the year marches on. Take a gander today!
#964674 added January 27, 2020 at 11:35am
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~ The Blue Fairy ~

In my childhood home, the Tooth Fairy had a different name. We called her the Blue Fairy.

We never referred to her as anything other than "the Blue Fairy" but she did collect our baby teeth one by one.

We would leave our tooth under our pillow and the next morning voila—a dime would be there and the baby tooth would be gone.

We were always excited when one of our baby teeth began to wiggle. We would wiggle it back and forth and back and forth loosening it.

Sometimes we would be gentle. Other times we would roughly jerk the tooth. Sometimes they were stubborn and dangle by a tiny strand of flesh too stubborn to let go.

My mother might inspect the offending tooth and declare it just wasn't ready yet and she would suggest we be patient, reassuring us it would come out when the time was right.

Did we follow her advice? Were we patient? Did we let nature take its course?

Of course not.

I was always willing to jerk the offending little tooth out of my sister's mouth—even if it meant chasing her around the yard and sitting on her to do it.

I am not certain why I was so enthusiastic during those ruckuses. After all, my sister was the one who would be getting the dime. I do know loose teeth often became a family affair.

The string around the door knob was tried more than once. It worked on tv but it never worked for us.

The most desperate measure I employed on one of my resistant baby teeth was to use a little metal mixing bowl from a toy dish set. I bit on the edge of the little bowl. I tried to pry the stubborn tooth with the same edge. It was not particularly effective.

When those silly measures failed, I went back to the sure-fire, tried and true way of "pulling" that tooth: Force it as far as it would go in one direction. Then force it as far as it would go in the other direction. Continue bending it aggressively back and forth, enduring the pain and a spot of blood or two, until success came with the bloody little thing in my hand instead of my mouth.

Was it worth it? Well, to our childish minds, it was. There was a dime to be gained. A dime would buy ten pieces of licorice or two candy bars. Such riches!

We really loved the Blue Fairy. And she was so kind, I remember one time, a baby tooth went flying out of my hand and was lost but the Blue Fairy knew all about it and she still put a dime under my pillow. She probably had a magical way to find lost teeth, don't you think?

And, we knew that we knew that we knew the Blue Fairy was the one gathering our teeth and leaving us dimes. Know why? It was because she did not leave us ordinary dimes. She left us her special dimes. They had her picture on them:

~ The Blue Fairy Dime ~

Written for "Holiday Short Story Contest
Prompt: In honor of National Tooth Fairy Day write a story about the Tooth Fairy.
Word Count: 523

~ ~ ~ JESUS is LORD! ~ ~ ~

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