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It Defies all Logic
If you take the Muller Report and just open it in the middle, it will soon become apparent that what is being written is a roadmap for impeachment. Everything the reader sees laid out, page after page, is focused on that and nothing more. The problem is that the partisan investigators are unable to make their case. Since they can't prove guilt, they resort to a tactic that throws the presumption of innocence right out the window. They conclude by saying that while the evidence is not sufficient to indite, neither does it exonerate President Trump.

In part 1 some effort is made to show that the Russians were involved in trying to destabilize the United States Election process. So what was the scope of this effort...? A measly (In terms of what the two candidates spent) $1.25 million dollars. Maybe a dozen operatives were actively involved setting up email accounts and trying to incite efforts to undermine and destabilize the election. The partisan investigators claim that these efforts were designed to aid Trump without ever bothering to look into the millions Hillary spent on the Steel Dossier which was crafted by the Russians to get political dirt on President Trump. So on one hand you have the Democratic National Committee actively involved with a foreign agent to get dirt on Trump, while it is being claimed that there were Soviet operatives working behind the scenes to get Trump elected.

Pause a moment and consider, if you can, in your wildest stretch of the imagination, wonder why the Russians would have preferred Trump over Clinton. Clinton was a liberal Democratic, a known commodity who was committed to continuing the Obama Administration's policies that had literally run the US economy into the ground. Obama told the American people, 1 percent GDP growth is the new norm, get used to it. Contrast that with Trump, an avowed capitalist, a smart businessman, who was an unknown, with the potential for bringing the United States out of the Economic doldrums inherited from the Democrats. As you reflect, do you really think the Russians preferred Trump? Trump had the potential to become a Regan on steroids which is exactly what happened. The Soviets made a dramatic comeback under the Obama administration and became once more a force that exercised influence on the world stage. Decades earlier, under Regan the US economy surged and brought, the then, Union of Soviet Socialist Republic's crashing down on itself. Why in heavens name would the "Rouskies" prefer someone who might turn the US once more into an economic powerhouse?

For those who don't understand how dysfunctional the Soviet Union is allow me to inject some background. In Russia, the left hand seldom knows what the right is doing. This is to say that caught up in the corrupt give and take of daily Russian Political life, those with power are constantly competing with each other for the country's limited wealth. Very little of Russian's economic potential ever finds it way down to the people and is instead diffused into the hands of government officials, quasi government officials, wealthy businessmen, and organized crime. At the top of this societal dungheap is Vladimir Putin who rules this buzzing hive of dysfunction in much the same way Stalin did. If you mess with Putin you get sent to the Gulag or murdered. However, Putin can't keep his finger on everything, and the actions taken by the bureaucracy are seldom in the best interest of the populace. Plus, there are limits to what he can actually get away with. No one human being can preside efficiently over this chaotic mess, masquerading as government. Russia is no exception.

At the highest levels are government officials who understand the concept of "Real Politic." The idea here is exactly how the Mafia operates. Sure many of the mob bosses hate one another but they often refer to their actions as "business decisions" rather than personal acts. The idea is that a Nation, unlike the social fabric of the governed, lacks even loose concepts of morality, This stands in stark contrast to the idea that a nation state is amoral. Nations are seen as inanimate objects that act in their self interests... as decided by their leaders in power. The idea that a nation acts based upon self interest and not in response to the emotional baggage of their leadership. This is a time tested principle. So on the surface, claims that the personal antagonisms or friendships of leaders belies what is really taking place. So, all this begs the question why on this God's earth..., the Russians, in their wildest hallucinating fantasy would have preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton... IT WAS NOT IN THEIR NATIONAL INTERESTS! The very idea defies all logic.

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