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Some Assembly Required
It's been a couple days, very busy ones here. Yesterday was spent setting up my older daughters new bed. It's designed like a bunk bed, but has a full size bed on top and a desk beneath it. I shouldn't say new, it's new to us, which means no instructions and a bit of a challenge. We purchased new hardware for it, since most of the old screws had stripped heads, and with her help had is set up relatively quickly.

Of course, there was a lot of last minute getting things ready for school, their first day was today. There was a lot of excitement from both of them, eager to be back at school, which is nice. I remember dreading the day school started and, for that matter, going.

My youngest daughter had gotten a hamster about a week ago and had really become attached to Popcorn, her hamster. Yesterday afternoon, she lifted up the house in the little critter's cage and found Popcorn had left us. We have no idea how old Popcorn was, or if anything had resulted in her passing. Nothing new had taken place except her cage had been cleaned, and unknowing, my daughter had used the hand soap in the bathroom instead of dish soap.

Also, we were in the room next door moving stuff and setting up the new bed, cleaning and vacuuming. Since I was already close, I did vacuum in  Popcorns room as well. I don't know if she was accustomed to  the noise and hustle and bustle or if that may have contributed. Not that it mattered, my daughter was devastated.

With her history and past, she assumed she did something wrong and was sure she was in trouble and would not get another animal for a long time. Of course, I talked with her, we discussed anything that may have stressed Popcorn, all the while re-assuring her that she was not to blame and we just needed to consider anything that may have contributed, so that we could learn from them for the future. I also added that she could get a new hamster, and because we didn't know the history of the cage and items in it, a new habitat.

My older daughter, so she wouldn't feel left out, was also told she could get a hamster and new habitat. My wife drove them up to the pet store, and again, disappointment. Closed for the holiday. I looked online for habitats so they would be ready to get their new pets today, but the store only had one within our price margin. I reassured them we would work it out.

Today, they headed off to school, I did a bit of cleaning and vacuumed their rooms knowing they would have new pets in them tonight. After, I did a bit more around the house, then looked online for another pet supply store. Found! I headed over and looked at the starter habitats. They were nice, but lets say, "lacketh" a bit. For another ten bucks I could get a nicer habitat. I picked the nicer for both of them, picked out a little wooden house for each cage, and a couple of stuffed toys for our dog.

I was able o assemble both cages, put bedding, food, and water in them, and have them ready for their new inhabitants before the girls got home from school. My wife took them to the pet store, and now, they are home and I have to go meet the two newest members of our family, DJ Pizza and Lunna.

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