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Chapter 9: Downtime Before The Animal
“So am i just gonna get passed around by you Heroes? Like your own Justice League Sex Toy” You say as you were not very happy right now. You wake up in certain moods depending on what happened the previous night. This time you woke up with a ‘Im done with this’ attitude. Something Fire noticed and Supergirl is noticing now.

As soon as Fire woke up in the morning, she got dressed shoved in her cleavage. She then snapped her fingers so you were your normal self. Which is a lot more uncooperative then the Lovestruck side. You were taken for a ride between her breasts as Fire met up with Supergirl. Who was currently resting in her room. She took you and placed you onto the bed.

And thats where you were right now.

“Look I'm sorry. I want you all to myself but... well I'm not the best at keep secrets. Im sorry” She repeated as you don't think your gonna take that apology. If she was really sorry then she wouldn't be doing this to you. She’s only partly sorry from your perspective.

“So far I've been with four of you heroes. And i have a feeling that number is just gonna keep going up”

“No it wont i promise” Supergirl said leaning forward and smiling at you. You got to admit, despite the grudge you've got against her. She does have a nice smile. It does soften and warm this experience.

“Now, let’s have some fun. Ill get the other half of you so you don't have to be all filled with vinegar” She said as she rose her hand and snapped her fingers. 

This was normally the part where your other side comes out. Except it didn't. And Supergirl could tell from your reaction.

Which was a massive frown with hints of confusion. She snapped again, and again. Looking at her fingers “It must of worn off or something. Aw man”

“Well the best things cant last forever” You say as you were not happy about this either. That seemed like your only way to Cope with this. Now it was gone an you have no defences.

“Anyway, we can have fun. We ca-”

“Supergirl” A voice said from above “Report to the Brig for mission briefing”

“Darn it!” She said out loud as she heard this. She wasn't happy about it. She looked at you before explaining “Listen i got to go”


“Well since I'm the second most powerful member of the League” She said boasting. Placing herself firmly behind her cousin but ahead of the rest “They use me for these missions. Usually With GL since he can be the tactical brains. And i can be the muscle. Anyway, that means i cant have any fun with you”

She pouted about this, while you could not be any more happy. Does that mean your getting a break!

“Well i could take you with me. I mean stuff you in my breasts under my uniform” She said gaining a smirk and looking at you.

“Yeah but i could be easily found out that way” You say to her as you were really petitioning for her to leave you here. You don’t care if she closes the door and locks you inside. At least you can get a break.

“No, your right” She said back to you as she moved some hair out of her face “Just sucks that I'm gonna have to leave you alone. Maybe i should get someone to look after you”

“Im not a chid. I can look after myself. Just get some food and i will be fine here” You say to her as you really want that. Plus if someone does end up looking after you, chances are you wont get a break you want.

“Right sorry” She said as she then moved to the door “I’ll go get you some food! Get you situated for the day”

“Thank you!” You reply as you were given a break. Finally.

It seemed that she was going to do this. And that has been the greatest thing that’s happened to you since you got up here. As you lay down, you relax.


This could not have gone better. Well it could of, you could be big. But you were happy about it. You were currently on the bed and you've been there all day. Supergirl set everything up, headed out on her mission and left you alone. You have biscuits on the side of the bed. Letting you eat. You have a bottle cap on the other side. Letting you drink. As well as another bottle cap for... other things.

She also situated her phone so it acted like a Television. Being smart she locked out anything besides viewing platforms. Meaning you were stuck watching.

Not that you cared though! This was amazing. Not being shoved in and belittled. You didn't have a single reason to complain. Supergirl was away. Your not sure how long she will be gone but your gonna take advantage of it.

After a whole day of just relaxing. You were up to sleep. You push the off button on the phone. Going over and finding a good spot to lay. All the way over to her pillow.

Normally most guys would be a bit hesitant to sleep up there but you know for a fact no girl will visit you. Kara is somewhere else and your good.

As you move over to the pillow you get down and lay. Ready to start sleeping and move on to the next day.

However when you heard the door slide open you became on alert.

“So she did leave you here. Good”

You panic and open your eyes. looking ahead and seeing Hawkgirl smirking at the door. Shayera found you here and her giant wings were blocking the door. She strolled inside and looked at the bed. Seeing all the stuff you were left with.

She then turned her eyes to you as she saw you scared beyond belief. Laughing and chuckling a bit as she couldn't help it.

“Please don't!” You say to her “This was suppose to my night off. Please don’t do this to me!” You say louder and louder. Hearing this she looked down at you before deciding to calm you down.

“Relax, I'm good for now. i don't need to shove you anywhere” She said casually. The way she said it got you to calm down a bit.

“R-Really?” You say to her as you slide down the pillow. Walking closer to her.

“Besides, i do have someone with me and he’s all i need” She said with a smirk as you walk closer to her.

“Yeah, that wasn't true when you used me before” You say to her being a bit salty about that.

“What was that?”

“Nothing!” You shout out loud as you needed her to know that.

“Right” She said, smirking a bit at this as she was very happy about this “I don't have anything to do with you. But i do have a job for you” She said crossing her arms as you had to ask.

“What is it?” You say to her wanting to know

“I need you, to get a woman to pleasure herself” She said as she then reached down for you. Grabbing you as she knows your gonna try at that. She lifts you up to her face as she smiled at you. “Right up your ally isn't it” She said with a giggle. You were trying to fight out her hand, however she held you there.

Eventually you gave up “I am not a prostitute!” You shout at her as you feel like that was happening. “I am not just gonna be passed around whenever you giant heroes want”

“Just hear me out okay?” She said rolling her eyes. You were not being with her. Poor Shayera as she didn't even get a chance to snap her fingers with you “Here me out or ill just throw you in there for yourself”

“Fine” You say as you frowned at her. Moving down she sat onto the bed. “You see, i have a boyfriend”

“Congrats” You say sarcastically. Until she held you closer as she squeezed you a bit “Sorry!”

“Now, me and him. We... let’s just say he had a girlfriend before. Another hero. Called Vixen”

“Vixen... thats the animal girl” You say as you think you can think of that. A dark skinned, short haired woman. Of course a good body. You've seen her in the news a couple of times but you don't remember her powers. You think it has something to do with animals.

“Yes. And she's not happy. I pretty much stole him from her. And now for the past couple weeks every time she sees me. It’s either a fight or sass coming my way. It’s so bad, Batman told us to fix it. That is where you come in”

“What, you want me to be the gap between you two?” You say as you were not sure what she was trying to accomplish.

“Look, I'm trying anything. And your the first one who popped into my head. So are you doing or not?” She said giving you a question as you hear this.

“Let’s face it. I don’t have a choice” You say as you already knew the situation. She smiled as she then moved her fingers out. Holding you so you were completely under her fingers and unseeable. It worked, but it made you really uncomfortable. Not that she minds though.

She suddenly moved out and went among the rooms. Vixen was in her room, so this worked out really well. She kept walking and kept walking until finally she arrived in front of the door. With you in one hand she knocked on it. Hitting it three times as she considers something. Maybe she should of brought her mace.

Opening the door, Vixen was on the other side. A little bit surprised seeing Shayera. And was not happy about it.

She instantly got angry “Unless the Watchtower is falling from Orbit or there are Bombs in Metropolis, you better have a good reason to get in my face”

“Hey!” She said a bit angry. Both of these girls are very hostile. So of course it was going to happen this way. Luckily Shayera calmed herself down. “Im here for a piece offering. I've got-”

“I don't care what you got! Or what you stole!” She said with a frown “What your gonna get is an ass kicking if you don't leave!”

“Im trying to be nice here” Shayera said as her tone didn't say nice “Listen i”

“You got a problem if you don't get out of here! Vixen said back as she brought her hand to her chest. Grabbing her necklace “Cause i can see you don't have your Mace with you, and I'm about to kick your boyfriend stealing as-”

“Oh forget it!” She screamed out loud as she then threw something over Vixen’s shoulder. Throwing you.

You landed down onto the floor on her as you hit hard. You get up and turn around just in time to see Shayera storm off. Really angry and really pissed off. Seeing her go you calm yourself down a bit. She wanted to give you to Vixen. So this was alright.

“Bitch” Vixen said under her breath as the door then closed. You got a good view of her rear as she then turned around. Turning around and walking around.

“Now, what the hell did she throw in here” She said as she walked closer.

You were going to speak out and get her attention, but stop of course when you see her giant dark foot over. Her barefoot coming down and crashing you into the ground hard.

You feel it press onto you as you get squashed under her foot. Pushed into the ground.

As Vixen stepped down, she of course felt something. You were small but you were not that small. She lifted her foot and placed it down to the side. Crouching down as she looks down to see a human figure.

“What the hell? Ray?” She said as she was a bit confused.

“No, someone else. Someone with way worse luck” You say as you look up to her. You then lift her hand and wave at her “Hello”

“What the hell!” She said as she reached for you. Her fingers on either side of you as she lifted you up “I don’t believe it. Why the hell would that Swooping Hawk, throw a tiny man in here and...”

“And why are you feeling funny inside. let me explain” You say as you look in her eyes.


“And your okay with this?” She said down to her lap. Looking down as you rest. She listened to the whole story. Amazed as she heard this. From the sexual conquests you have gotten to you having the weird sexual lust thing going on. Explains why she wanted to have fun with you right now.

“I got to admit. I want to have fun with you” She said “But at the same time i don't want to make her happy”

“Really hate her?” You say hearing the hatred in her hand. It made you smile widely at this.

“You have no idea. You’ve ever had your love stolen from you from a coworker. It is never nice!” she said as you roll your eyes a bit

“Well if you want to get her back. You can just let me rest, say that you didn't do it. Reject her weird way of friendship”

“No, ill just be doing it in spite of her” She said out loud as she leaned back on her hands with a smirk. Clearly she was doing this. So you can add to her to your list of girls you've been with.

“Fine lets do it. What is your name anyway?”

“Secret identity” She said frowning a bit as that was not the thing to ask a Superhero.

“Come on!” You reply back to her “I know Kara, Shayera, Beatriz, Zatanna” You say listing them “And it’s not like I'm a super villain. Im just a guy who’s bee-”

“Having the time of his life” She said raising an eyebrow.

“No in hell” You reply back as your not gonna hide what you were thinking.

After thinking about it for a little bit she sighed “My name is Mari McCabe. Happy”

“Mari, nice name” You reply as she then got up. Moving and dropping you from her lap and onto the bed. She stood over you as she smirked massively.

“Now turn. I don't want you to see me changing. I want you to be shocked” She said as she was already committed.

Seeing no reason you follow her instructions. Looking the other way as you hear some rumbling. After about a minute you got asked to turn.

Which you did, being greeted with the chocolate naked body of Mari. She was completely nude and out of her tights. She had a fit and firm body! One that was more fit for an athlete them anything else. Clearly she moves a lot.

“Wow, thats a sigh-” You stop when you notice something “Uh... what do you still have your necklace on?”

She didn't reply, only smirked. And brought her hand to it
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