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This is a legacy first edition self-published Nov 2011. I was only 15 years old back then.
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Rainy Starfall (I)
Rainy Starfall (I)

The darkness of Starfall filled the meadow as heavy rain clouds were high above in the sky. Fierya walked slowly through the wet grass that felt like mush under her paws, releasing a light sigh as the rain poured down upon her smooth, leathery red hide. She looked rather annoyed as well upset as she continued her slow pace. Having decided to no longer fly as she was already in her meadow homeland, she took the pace of walking, appearing downcast in expression. She simply just wanted to get home to her warm cavern. As she walked, she started mumbling under her breath,

“Why are they all unable to see reason…?”

She has just returned from the final gathering between all eight element dragon Highbornes to negotiate peace, having high hopes that the Great Elemental War would be brought to an end once and for all, though to little surprise, the negotiating has failed once more, reassuring that any meetings between each other had little results which led to the new decision that no more gatherings would be held between the elemental dragon species of Kelreth. Every element dragon were known by their own name for each of their species, chosen long ago by the first generation of Highbornes. The elements were as followed;

Aquarians for Water,
Erathans for Earth,
Arius for Wind,
Glaecions for Ice,
Vienous for Nature,
Diveneous for Light,
Abyssians for Shadow,
Infernals for Fire.

Each element dragon was pure of blood; there were no mixed blood lines, nor cross-breeding. With each element, there was one family line of Highbornes, descendants from the first hatched dragon of their element. Fierya kept her gaze ahead as she walked, only a short distance now away from her home cavern, looking forward to seeing her bonded mate, Furyan who was awaiting her return. Furyan though, was not a Highborne, only a common Infernal that many cycles ago she has chosen to be mates with. Fierya was the only Highborne Dragonqueen of the Infernals by her right of birth, though due to events in her past, she did not even know of her bloodline until she grew to be a young adult. With the disappearance of her father and the death of her mother, she had no idea who she was in her past when she was but a young.

“This war between us all needs to end… we need to focus our attention on those human creatures instead of each other… But do any of them listen to me? Oh noo cause I am not as wise and old as they!”

Fierya mocked to herself as she neared her home. It was true; she wasn’t as old nor wise as the other element dragon Highborne leaders, though she is a full grown adult dragoness at the age of five thousand five hundred-fifty, which was her five hundred-fifth cycle. One full cycle was equal to ten dragon years. Having finally reached her cavern, she walked inside, stepping onto the clean solid granite stone; the three Kelrethan moons were illumining a faint light outside reflecting partly off her smooth hide. Walking deeper within, She reached the main chamber that was only a short walk through the entry tunnel. Her beloved mate was seen awake, curled around a small nesting bed against the far-side wall. Inside the nesting bed, was her single red egg that she has laid many long dawns ago, though it looked a dull pale red now instead of the natural thriving red tone… Which revealed greatly to be a bad sign. Fierya felt her heart lurch for a moment as she saw her egg looking so pale, more fears lingered in her mind.

“I am back, mine beloved.”

Fierya announced as she approached him. Furyan looked around in her direction as he heard her voice, dipping his head in a nod before asking,

“How did it go? Is all well?”

Fierya scowled then spoke out with a higher annoyed tone,

“No they are idiotic spoiled whelps! Skulblaken of the Abyssians, Silven of the Arius, the whole lot of them! They oh so much enjoyed babbling and arguing like younglings unable to get along! They focus more on each other as if like threats over territory then giving any notice or care to the human creatures that further increase in their gains and land!”

She started growling to herself before then sighing, taking a slow, deep breath before continuing.

“So it has been agreed upon that least there is some sign, some artifact or proof that shows of all eight elements having worked together… That without such proof there shall be no more negotiating…and the hostility continues on.”

Furyan for a moment looked surprised by Fierya’s outburst, before then nodding, understanding as to why she was so frustrated, remarking,

“That… is indeed not a pleasant outcome…”

He paused for a moment before speaking in a lower gentle tone,

“Though it is highest fortunate that you are here now, home, and safe.”

Fierya sighed, walking towards the back of the cavern to examine the wall behind the nest after Furyan spoke, before starting to count down a list of symbolic claw markings craved into the wall, the symbols were known as Keldrathan, a written language of all dragons in Kelretha, feeling a sudden sharp hard pang deep inside as she noticed the recent added marking, which shown as claw written mark for the number sixty-four, representing how many dawns it has been since the egg was laid and having not hatched. Fierya sighed sad before moving away to curl around her nest protectively that held her egg…fearing inside that her new child would not make it…fearing it to be a dead egg.

“Has… any signs if but one come from our child within?”

Fierya asked with a hopeful plea as Furyan joined beside her for rest.

“I fear not my beloved… No squeak nor sound or even warmth anymore comes from the egg… I… am sorry.”

After hearing his low response, Fierya lowered her head, deciding to not respond, just wanting now to sleep and escape the thought of her own birth and blood not getting to awaken into life, the thought was hurting her deep within.
Furyan sighed to himself, leaving her be, knowing that there was nothing he could do, as he leans down against her and closes his eyes to rest. Fierya as well closed her eyes to sleep, though silent steams of tears, tears that were cold as ice, dripped down her snout as she started to hum herself to sleep.

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