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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #2199873
This is a legacy first edition self-published Nov 2011. I was only 15 years old back then.
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Gifted Life (II)
Gifted Life (II)

The wind blew gently outside of Fierya’s home, complete Starfall shrouding the meadow outside. It was a calm, quiet and peaceful night, as even the wild-life slept at this time. As all creatures rested during the hours of Starfall, a blue tinted ghastly haze descended from the sky, appearing before Fierya’s cavern, making its way closer towards the entrance, making its way inside. Once inside, the aura started to take the form of a man, which looked no older than thirty, with medium straight brown hair, cyan-azure eyes, and tall of 6’8. He had a spectral glow radiating off him, being fairly transparent and invisible to the mortal eye. He walked deeper into the cavern, though with each step, the earth beneath his feet was purified and refreshed as the man walked towards both Fierya and Furyan. Neither of the sleeping dragons could sense him, for he wasn’t really there physically, but was there as a spirit, as like a ghost. He looked around the cavern main chamber, then started walking towards the nesting bed that Fierya curled beside, seeing that inside the nesting bed, there was an egg, though now it was dull toned in color and cold to any touch, which showed clear signs the life inside has given way and died, nothing more but a dead egg. The man walked next to Fierya as she was protectively curled around the nesting bed, smiling at Fierya before then bending over to pick up the egg with great tenderness in his own warm hands, and then started to speak in a pure benevolent tone of care and love,

“~My child… It is neither your time nor fate to depart now… The world of Kelretha will need you… Live once more my child, and take it upon thy heart of my blessing of energy within, for a great destiny is yours to discover…. Stay strong child, and hold unto thy faith of hope and take upon thyself mine blessing!~”

After speaking, he starts to channel a strong portion of his ancient Azure energy into the egg, causing a reaction that made it shine back to the ruby red toned color, revealing it was now renewed in life. The energy of Azuren itself was unending, a divine power, though the young inside would be limited by the mortal life, it would still possess powerful amounts of the primal ancient energy. The man knew that what he has just done has forever changed the young child’s entire life along with it's being, for he has fused Azuren energy to the child’s soul, to it’s very genetics so the young while growing and grown, would never lose that energy, as the young is now merged with that energy. Satisfied of his work, he gently rests the renewed egg down exactly where it was before he picked it up, whispering lightly to Fierya, to her very heart;

~“You are an un-foretold mother of greatness, this young of yours shall live and be dead no more.”~

Now having finished his task with the young child, the man slowly walks back to the entrance, his body slowly dematerialized into the aura of his tinted blue again, noticeably now it was Azuren energy, and that he himself despite having used the form of a human man, was the benevolent deity, Azuren. Before he fully faded away back to the hazy tint, he looks to the red egg now bolstering with life, whispering to it, the sound was as low as if a faint sound in the wind,

“~A new and gifted life for you…My great destined child.”~

Then he fully vanishes into thin air, as if rejoining the stars and the heavens, leaving the land as the peaceful night was silent and calm.
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