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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #2199873
This is a legacy first edition self-published Nov 2011. I was only 15 years old back then.
#965612 added September 5, 2019 at 6:05am
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Truth and Confrontation. (XIV)
Truth and Confrontation. (XIV)

Shaol squeaked in surprise as Korvi tackled him while he slept, causing Shaol to jump up with a jolt. Shaol’s heart was racing as Korvi says cheery,

“Goods early dawns Shaol! I gots yous good!”

The moment Shaol felt his heart slowing down to normal from its racing stare, he frowns at Korvi, before giggling.

“That no fair Koorvi! Noo fair at all!”

Korvi grinned with a silly smile, nudging Shaol and says playfully.

“Let’s gos gets Mum! Boths!”

Shaol stared blankly at Korvi for a moment, having just woken up. Having no idea when Korvi herself woke up from sleep, she must have been up though for a while to be this focused. Shaol yawns, then fully understood what Korvi just meant, excitement growing inside. Shaol rolls up-right and so suddenly, it causing Korvi to jump in surprise, as if she was expecting a counter-attack tackle.


Shaol replied with a playful smile to Korvi, before then giggling at her for the silly reaction.


Fierya and Sarenala were both still sound asleep in the early dawn, cuddling close and tight to each other, snuggled and asleep, as Korvi and Shaol quietly on silent paws went into their mothers sleeping part of the cavern in the close corridor next to the main chamber; keeping even their breathing quiet to make sure that the sensitive hearing ear of their mothers didn’t wake them up because of their smallest noise. Once they got close enough, Korvi gave a small nod to Shaol, whispering to him very quietly.

“Okies… ones…”

Both Shaol and Korvi crouched into position.


Both their small muscles tensed and coiled, tightening and tense like a spring, almost ready to let loose.


Exclaims Korvi a little louder to Shaol, both of them at the same time spring out in a tackling-pounce, Shaol having tackled his mother Sarenala, while Korvi tackled her own mum Fierya. Both Sarenala and Fierya woke up with a large startle, yelping loud as they were ’attacked’ by their children whom both yearlings were bursting out with laughs and giggles, watching Sarenala and Fierya have their moment of panic. The two large dragoness mothers get up together, having racing hearts, having been awoken from their dreams with quite the jolt.

“We gots yous goods Muum!”

Exclaims Korvi as she tries to contain her laughter.

“Yes got good yes!”

Agrees Shaol; a happy grin upon his muzzle. When Sarenala and Fierya realized who their ‘attackers’ were, having mostly calmed down with their hearts beating to a normal pace, Fierya speaks her best, trying to sound fully calm.

“K… Korvia! And Shaol! You both nearly scared us out of our hide!”

Fierya herself then laughs, Sarenala nodding her head in agreement.

“Indeed you both nearly have! Though a very well down surprise!”

Sarenala laughs, both Korvi and Shaol beaming with pride for their silly idea.


Since of that early dawns surprise, Fierya and Sarenala stayed awake, having their early dawn feeding all together, taking two full deer’s to sate Korvi, Shaol, Fierya and Sarenala, Shaol and Korvi had to be separated during feeding to stop a food fight from the deer and to keep them from messing about during eating. The whole dawn was to be a casual boring one, except that Korvi had Shaol to share the dawn with! With Teralen’s ceremony complete, things should slowly return to normal… but Fierya had one main objective to do this dawn.

“I’m going to go speak with Tranras soon.”

Fierya stated out to Sarenala. Korvi and Shaol were busy chasing each other, playing ‘huntress and deer’, laughing as they chased each other, enjoying their game.

“Oh? Why is that dear Fierya?”

Sarenala asked, tilting her head.

“I have not seen him at Teralen’s departure ceremony last dawn, and he has been rather odd lately since I have first brought Teralen out of the forest. I wish to have a talk with him. He was to be Teralen’s mate anyways last I heard.”

Nodding her head, Sarenala stood up, and then stretched her large wings, giving a little yawn.

“Oh, well then I wish to accompany you.”

Fierya opens her maw to start objecting, though gets cut off by Sarenala.

“None of that my Fierya, I will not have you going off confronting others alone, especially after last dawns events. No, I shall come and be there for my beloved Fierya. Besides, if any troubles arise, I’d be there to help!”

Sarenala giggles and teasingly says;

“Can’t have the Dragonqueen herself at danger now can we?”

Fierya laughed, smiling warmly, feeling warmth and glad feelings inside to have Sarenala alongside her, giving Sarenala a tender lick, happiness shown in her eyes.

“Alright my dear beloved, let us be off, but first, let us be sure our young will stay.”

Fierya and Sarenala assured Korvi and Shaol would be safe being alone in the cavern for most of the dawn, Sarenala having said to the yearlings;

“Fierya and I have to go out for a little to talk to another dragon and find out some things, will you two be okay playing here until we both return?”

Korvi suddenly halted in her run, squeaking as Shaol ran into Korvi’s side from the sudden stop, toppling over each other. Sarenala stifled back a giggle, waiting patiently for a response from the young.

“Yesh! We wills be Okies!”

Korvi replied as she stands back up. Shaol looks to his mother and nods her little head.

“Yes mom we be good!”

Satisfied that Korvi and Shaol will be fine on their own; she joins Fierya at the cavern entrance. Korvi and Shaol resumed their chasing game, enjoying their fun as Fierya and Sarenala take flight out into the open meadow.


Fierya knew most of all this land in the meadows and alongside the mountains. She lead on to where she was told before where the cave was that Tranras lived in and claimed, Sarenala close beside Fierya, following. Although Fierya knew locations in where all Infernals lived, she didn’t visit many of them, giving them their own privacy. Any other who just decided to show up at another’s cavern without invitation, lead to disputes and at rare times, aggression. Fierya though, given her blood and stature, had all rights to go and see whoever if she so chose; and this reason why to go to Tranras to her mind, was very important.

“There it is.”

Fierya points out in the distance, tilting her wings to a degree, starting to descend, Sarenala following suit. Both preparing to land in a small area east of the Meadow, the cavern entrance was seen in the side of a ledge, at the base of a small mountain. Landing in the soft and rich soiled grass, Fierya folds her wings, Sarenala landing right beside Fierya with a ‘thud’, folding her own wings gently.

“Let’s go find out whats going on.”

Stated Fierya with a firm tone, strong expression, as both of them walked upon to the entrance. Without calling into the cavern or making much noise, Fierya just walks in, Sarenala following close beside. Fierya had every right to enter wherever she wanted if she wanted to, but refrained from doing such least she had a serious reason. This was a serious reason.

“Tranras! Come out and speak! Defy and suffer the consequences!”

Fierya called out while she and Sarenala stood in the middle of the main chamber, awaiting some kind of response. Minutes passed, and no response came. Growling, having feeling stupid for talking out to nothing, figuring the lone male would be out doing something. Sighing, Fierya was about to leave, when she heard a gentle, yet scared tone.

“H…he’s not home just yet…”

Spoke a female who came around the corner, worried who was here, hesitantly approaching Fierya, then gasps slightly, seeing it to be the Highborne Dragonqueen herself.

“H…Highborne Fierya...!” To what honor do I owe for this visit?”

Fierya looked to the other female in surprise; even Sarenala looked a little shocked. Neither of them expected to see another female here, only thinking that Tranras would be here. Observing the female, she was a nice shade of deep red, and having emerald green eyes, and a smaller then average adult, only appearing to be in her one thousandth year, one hundred cycles old.

“Who… are you? I was sure this was the home of Tranras.”

Fierya stated calmly, Sarenala remaining quiet to let Fierya do the talking.

“O…oh! Forgive me Lady Fierya… I’m Xelna, Mate of Tranras.”

Fierya blinks in surprise. She never knew Tranras had a mate. He must have found her during his grief over the loss of Teralen, asking her curiously,

“Ah I see, you both must be newly mated then?”

Xelna looked even more confused, shaking her snout.

“N…no Lady Fierya, we have been mated for two full cycles now… Tranras though persisted to not have a public bonding ceremony yet.”

Now Fierya felt more suspicious and alarmed, even Sarenala growled with a suspicious distaste.

“Xelna, did you know of my daughter Teralen? Was she ever mentioned by Tranras?”

Fierya questioned in a gentle yet firm and serious tone; Sarenala was paying close attention.

“I knew her and saw her, usually at times helping the young ones, which I found so kind. Though I never got to personally meet her…”

Xelna sighed and mumbles discouraged.

“Doesn’t seem I will ever get to now… and no, Tranras has never mentioned her at all… why?”

Fierya started to growl a little more deeply, becoming more suspicious, asking out lowly;

“Xelna, as much as you can, tell me. Five dawns ago, has Tranras gone anywhere at all?”

Fierya watched Xelna close… If Fierya’s suspicion was true of what she was thinking… then…

“Five dawns ago? Yes, he said he had to go and meet a friend in a forest, saying he would return shortly.”

Xelna answered out slow and honest. Accusations now grew in Fierya… even Sarenala was starting to growl and deep. All she needed…was one last question answered. Fierya struggled to keep her tone steady; breathing a little heavier now, as there was so many signs… so many pieces and clues, all being put into place.

“What… Forest…”

Fierya nearly growled out. Xelna looked frightened, shivering a little, as if she has done something wrong fearing to herself, hesitantly speaking

“T… the… forest to the North-We---”


Roared a voice sternly at the cavern entrance, interrupting Xelna and causing her to whimper slightly, as if this wasn’t the first time she was yelled at. Both Sarenala and Fierya turned to look to the voice. It didn’t matter to Fierya that Xelna was cut off… the answers were clear… She knew now who murdered her daughter… she just needed to control her rage a little longer…

“What are you doing Xelna? Talking your nonsense again? And this time to the Dragonqueen herself? Such disrespect…”

Tranras speaks with a small smirk as he walks to the main center where the others stood. Fierya felt Sarenala’s muscles tense slightly; Sarenala having caught on quickly. Xelna looks down with sadness in her bright emerald eyes, as if this sort of treatment of insult was common, mumbling sincerely,


Fierya gives Tranras a long, cold and hard stare, speaking mostly calm.

“Hello… Tranras. Sarenala and I came to here on behalf to speak with you. Though seems you weren’t home, but your hidden MATE was! Tell me, what of your undying love and care for MY Teralen, who had the truest of love in her heart for you?! Did you tell you’re called mate of your ‘love’ for MY DAUGHTER, Who seems to of been KILLED five Dawns ago?!”

Fierya snapped; an increasing offensive snarled tone grew very clearly in her voice. Tranras recoiled in anger, tensing up as a look of horror crossed Xelna’s eyes with shock.

“T…Tranras..? What is this about?!”

Xelna asked with deep confusion, looking to Fierya with fear in her eyes.

“I’ll tell you Xelna… Tranras has KILLED AND MURDERED MY DAUGHTER TERALEN!!!”

Tranras growls deeply, his body very tense, glaring at Fierya with cold anger and hate.

“How dare you make such accusations at me! I’ve done nothing wrong!”

He claims out to Fierya, who held her own ground firmly, Sarenala close tight to her right side.

“Xelna, finish your whole statement of what you heard and saw.”

Fierya said to Xelna directly as a command, her eyes not leaving Tranras even for a moment. Xelna trembled now, deep in confusion and fear, not sure what to do or believe, staggering in her tone,

“F…five dawns ago Tranras came home after visiting the North-West forest… his left paw had blood that was thick on his claws, but I was told he had a deer… my thought that I kept to myself was that the blood itself was too strong to be deer though I didn’t object.”

Xelna finished saying as she lowered her head, seeing the anger grow more in Tranras’s eyes.

“All the pieces have been put together Tranras. You are hereby guilty for the death of Teralen; All I wonder now… is why. Did you really think that you could get away with such a crime? To kill a Highborne and be unknown forever?”

Fierya growled in a rough cold tone, knowing that she will have her full vengeance soon enough… Looking to Tranras with a gasp, having a shocked, disbelieving and broken heart expression, Xelna mumbles,

“Y…you… Killed Teralen..?”

Xelna spoke with near a choked sob, watching him. Tranras roars out, having had enough with Fierya and her annoyance snooping in information best kept hidden,

“YES I am the one who killed Teralen by slashing her gut open and leaving her to bleed and die! Why?! Because she was a love struck foolish female who was willing to do anything I wanted, in all saying in returned was that I cared for her! She was but a servant to me, though five dawns ago she had to go too far asking me to be her mate. I told her the truth and she just had to be a cry-hatchling over it. All I wanted was to use her body that dawn but for how over-reacted she was I couldn’t let her go crying to you. So yes, I am guilt and treason for killing her.”

Unable to contain her emotions any longer, Fierya roars out loud, even Sarenala roars along, Fierya screamed at him as she roared,


Sarenala adds in with a snarl,

“That is how you treat true love? Such cruelty and dishonor!”

Xelna was practically whimpering and crying silently now, sniffling sadly. Xelna was innocent and had no part of it, causing her much fear, asking in choked sobs,

“L…lady Fierya… I swear on the honor of my deceased parents I’ve had nothing to do with such a sinister ploy…nor do I wish to be mates with a killer… especially one of royal blood… may… May I please leave this place? I think to go stay with a friend…granted permission on if I can go of course…”

Fierya glances to Xelna for a moment, giving her a short nod and a very faint smile, turning her attention back primarily to Tranras, not answering Xelna, instead, Sarenala replies to Xelna for Fierya,.

“Of course sweetheart you are free to go. Fierya and I will deal with Tranras. You are able to go, but go so NOW.”

Xelna sniffles and mumbles a soft thank you as tears were dripping down her snout, all of this was too much on her, and it was for the best she lost her mate, which turned out to be a killer. Stepping Carefully past Fierya and Sarenala, Xelna makes a small run to the cavern opening to the meadow, spreading her wings…

“Xelna! WAIT!”

Tranras calls after her, but it was too late, Xelna has already taken flight and was gone.

“GRRRAH! Now look at what you’ve caused you pathetic excuse for a Dragonqueen! My mate is gone cause of you!”

Tranras snapped with an enraged tone, claws clenching in the ground.

“You’ve no one to blame but yourself Tranras! Now by my rights and authority by noble birth, and for the crimes and treason you have caused, you are to come and be held in capture, and punishment will be public Execution next dawn.”

Tranras growls low and deep, a cold look of hatred and anger in his eyes.

“So that’s how it’s going to be then?”

Then without warning, claws extended, Tranras snarls as he lunges at Fierya, catching her by surprise as his claws dig deep, raking Fierya’s left side flank of her body under the wing, cutting her open, not too deep and not fatal, but still a serious wound. Sarenala snarled and roars deep and loud, tackling Tranras, engaging him in combat, as Fierya gasped in shock, being greatly wounded, falling down in pain of her raked side, but fully alert and focused. Sarenala and Tranras fought aggressively, biting, slashing, tail and wings were also used, though Tranras was gaining wounds and injuries greatly more than Sarenala, as Sarenala was the experienced tactic and defensive combat mentor in the arts of defensive combat for young adults, causing Tranras great annoyance with her skills known. Speaking was useless at this point in combat; only growls and snarls were heard from both as they fought vigorously.


It didn’t take long for Sarenala to finally land one good swipe across Tranras’ face, slashing his left eye and causing that eye to go blind from being slashed.


Roars Tranras in pain, bleeding from the slashed eye, he disengages a moment later from Sarenala, fleeing towards the cavern entrance, leaving blood dripping down. Sarenala could of pursue him, though did not as her beloved Fierya was stricken a heavy wound, so she Let Tranras flee, for he was a traitor and rogue now and would be hunted soon but right now, her beloved needed her.

“Fierya! My dearest! Come, let’s get you home…you must rest and recover.”

Sarenala exclaims as she rushes over to Fierya’s side, looking to the wound on her side, something that could be treated easily. Being very careful, Sarenala supports Fierya to stand up, using her own body weight to support and hold Fierya as she staggered upright, hunched in pain while leaning against Sarenala, being supported by her under the wing.

“That was a dishonorable and cruel attack upon me… Thank you Sarenala… What would I be without you?”

Fierya asks with a small smile. Sarenala laughs as well, heading out into the meadow, carefully supporting Fierya, walking slowly. It was almost nightfall, and the two had to get home, silly thoughts running though of the troubles Shaol and Korvi could have gotten into for the dawn. They walked slower than usual, due to Fierya’s wounds, as then Sarenala teasingly replies to Fierya’s question,

“You’d be dead without me. Can’t have that now can we? Who would I get to snuggle and share close body warmth and affection with then?”

Fierya laughs softly, leaning into Sarenala lovingly and glad for the support as they slowly walked home.

“No… We can’t have that indeed as I quite so need that, just don’t say that to Furyan or we’ll have to get him again with our singing.”

Fierya replied with a small giggle and light smile.
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