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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #2199873
This is a legacy first edition self-published Nov 2011. I was only 15 years old back then.
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Valblade Arrivial (XV)
Valblades arrival. (XV)

Jarshal stared into the large entryway through the Sky Mountains. There in, was the Infernals and their meadow. The moons dimly lit the outside of the valley where the Valblades stood, silently awaiting the order to march on. Their tactical idea was to go in silently, and to have a small force of soldiers stay at the entryway to enforce that none of the Infernals could escape from the siege, so that they could do as they were ordered to, and unleash everything the Valblades army has to bring down the Infernals. None of the soldiers were even near tired from the dawn’s march, all of them were still so full of energy, and now knowing the time was upon them having reached their destination, they were alert with focus. He sighed to himself…deep in thought to himself as he surveyed the area.

~“This is not right…why do we have to obey Valreth on this, there’s no--”~

a voice suddenly spoke near him,

“As said, High Commander, we have arrived at Star-fall and all the men are ready.”

Stated Carshan as he approached Jarshal from the ranks, clad in his steel plated armor with the King’s Imperial sigil of a shadow spiral flame was embedded upon. Turning his attention to Carshan, being diverted from his thoughts, he holds a firm expression, Jarshal speaks in a low tone,

“Alright… are all the soldiers prepared, sieges ready and armed? The soldiers are all in formation and are ready to engage? We are looking at an estimate of two-hundred from what Valreth proclaimed…and there are only a thousand of us. We need to be ready.”

Jarshal responded to Carshan in a low tone, holding no enjoyment for this slaughter of a mission. Carshan nodded his head, replying with formality but hidden holding great distaste towards Jarshal.

“Of course, High Commander. Armed and ready, and fit to the finest. Not one of the beasts of the fire element shall live long enough to muster a resistance against us.”

Jarshal scowls but doesn’t speak against what was said of the Infernals, nodding his head.

“Alright… then let us begin our march in and position our soldiers within, from there we can start the siege. Now, get back into rank.”

Carshan dipped his head and returned to front lines of the men he commanded, forming back into rank. Sighing with regret and distaste, Jarshal draws his polished silvery broadsword, holding it idle as he signaled the march to proceed through the Sky-Mountains, where the Infernals laid within. They slowly and formally advanced, heavy rolling of the catapults and ballista’s were heard as they were pushed forward on the creaking wooden wheels against the rough stone patch, complete Star-fall of night all around, while the Kelrethen moons shined dimly, as if known of what was approaching, and the soon be death that would follow and echo into the land for eons to be heard.
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