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Chapter 10: And Hear Her Roar!
As Mari brought her hand closer to her chest, you had to take your eyes from her breasts and her nipples. The smirk she was wearing was harsh and rude, and it cant help but make you worry.

Suddenly she pressed on it and you were surprised when you saw a Spirit come out from behind her. It was blue, it was large and it very quickly took the shape of a Female Lion. Seeing it you were shocked and as it opened its mouth you knew what was coming next. Reacting quickly you cover your ears as it Roars loudly. A proud roar that only a woman can give.

You take your hands off off your ears as you look at Mari. That must of been her power. She must be able to connect with animals or something. But you don't know why she would want to do that right here.

Unless... you look up to her eyes and see primal urges in there. Primal urges that scared you. They were locked on you and unlike before there was something in there. Her eyes trapped you as you couldn't look at the rest of her body. Just stare into them.

With a sultry walk. She placed her foot down, and then down again. Walking towards you. During this never taking her eyes off of you. A part of you wanting to take off running away, but a part of you too scared to even move.

Whatever she did with the Lioness Spirit. It was powerful

Suddenly she jumped down. Leaning over and placing her hands onto the bed. Having them out like claws. She then came closer and closer to you. Seeing this you move your legs back started going back and back. Crawling as she crawled after you. Of course it took about twenty of yours compared to one of hers but you didn't notice.

Suddenly you stopped halfway through as you arrived in the middle of the bed. She kept coming over you as her buddy hovered above yours. With her four limbs on each side. Her abs and her chest right above you as you look to the next roof you have got.

“Uh” Was all you could say. At least you weren't looking into her eyes as you could move a bit.

It didn't matter though, as she brought her body down to you. Her limbs giving up as she collapsed onto you. Feeling it on you, you were pushed hard by her abs. You felt her powerful weight onto you as you try to fight it off of you. Trying to get any grip against the hard skin that was above you.

Vixen wore a massive smile on her face as she had you pinned under her. It made her feel powerful, completely dominating your small body.

That’s why she chose the Lioness after all. To gain power and dominance. With a big smile she started to move her body around. Rubbing it over your small body with her giant body. She loved and purred over the feeling as she then stopped. She slipped a hand under her body and brought it around to you. Putting you and hitting you hard against it.

You were pinned by her hand as your face was in her abs. You made the mistake of opening your mouth as you accidentally licked her body.

Something Vixen felt, and loved. She knows what she is going to do to you. She flipped around and landed on her face. With you on her stomach as she lifted her hand off.

You look to Mari and see her eyes once again. Those eyes that scared you a bit.

“Lick” Was all she said as to be honest, that was all she needed to say.

“Yes, Mam” You say as you back down. Sticking out your tongue and licking her abs. Of course you didn't want to but you didn't want to piss her off either. You lick her abs and climb up her body. Making a trail of her tongue as you keep moving up and up. Every now and then your tongue got dry so you had to bring it back into your mouth to get more saliva.

When you did this, the taste of Mari was in your mouth and you were hating it. You didn't like it one bit, but you had to keep going.

“Come up to my chest, start licking my nipples” She said to you as you pause for a second. You considered saying no to that one. But the look she was giving you made you quickly throw away that choice. You climb up her body, getting on two feet as it was more like a trek if anything. You keep going up and up until you were under her breast. Vixen had her body situated so she could see you.

You move up and climb up her body. Making your way up top as you climb. Climb her boob as you then get to her nipple. On your knees you look right at her. She had her eyes on you and a very sultry smile. Sighing you follow orders and do what she wanted. You bring your mouth down and lick her nipple. Licking it over and over again. You start going around, circling it as you get every part. You then eventually move up and licked the tip.

Unlike when you did this to Beatriz, Mari didn't look away or make any noises. She just stared at you with that frightening smile. You were a bit afraid of it but you cant do anything. You cant do anything but lick her.

You get all over her and do it for about five minutes. You got bored of it quick but clearly Mari didn't. So you didn't stop and you just kept going.

Keep licking and keep licking until finally she ordered you to “Stop!”

You do just that as she opened her mouth wide. Her teeth looking sharp as you looked in

“Really” You say a little unhappy. Although Mari didn't mind. It made it even more sexy when she makes you do what she wants. You go off her breast and climb across her chest, but then you keep climbing past her neck and into her mouth.

Walking right in there as you step over her lips then over her teeth. A little bit confused as you walk right in there. You were a bit unsure of the environment. And before you had the chance to turn around she shut her mouth. Trapping you right there.

“Uh Mari... your not gonna eat me or chew me apart right? Right!?” You say as she smiled.

Of course she wasn't going to response, since her mouth was shut and if she opened it there was a chance you would run out.

Instead she moved her tongue onto you. Pushing you back as you get hit into the teeth. Her teeth acting like a wall as you feel her tongue over you.

It was at this point you understood what was happening. She brought her tongue down and touched your bottom. She then licked you up over and over again. Licking your junk as she slathered it over and over again.

She got a bigger and bigger giggle because of it as her mouth was moving as she violated you.

“Please stop!” You say as you now have a boner from all the touching. You try to fight the tongue off of you but the useless fight only made her more playful. She pretty much wrapped her tongue around your boner. Playfully trying to get anything off of you. However she then stopped as her teeth opened up. With one final push she pushed you over the teeth and onto her lip. Landing down s you weigh on it. Only for a second as she grabbed her finger and pulled you up. Her fingers wrapped around your body. You get lifted up to her face as she smirked.

“Well well well. Look what we have, or should i say what you have” She said licking her lips

You close your eyes down and sigh a bit “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Jerk off. Jerk off right there. In my sexy grip. Now!” She said out loud. Hearing this you didn't have a choice now. Looking at her giant beautiful face, you move your fingers and gripped your dick.

You then began to stroke and stroke over and over again as you got yourself to bust. The situation was scary, but at the same time erotic so it didn't take long to do it. Not to mention she was rooting for you as she told you “Hurry up!” Over and over again.

After a while you Cummed. Busted right there as it was dripping. She caught it with her Pinkie Finger though as she was done with you. Tossing you to the side you land right in her cleavage. You then watch as she dips her finger into her mouth as she tastes it.

“Good” She said with a smile, happy you did that. However she wasn't going to stop as she had a plan. She brought her tongue to you and licked your entire body. The same tongue that not only violated you before but tasted your little gift from before.

Finally you can come down now as she dropped you onto her chest right now. Hitting hard and falling back as you look up to her. Hitting her chest as you were a bit worried right now.

“What else are you gonna do to me?” You say wanting to know. Hearing this she knew exactly what she was going to do. And it was all she could think about right now. She moved her hand and grabbed you once again. You barely had any time to be safe outside of her hand. She grabbed you and lowered you down to between her legs. Letting you see her lips right in front of you.

“Oh, that is what’s else” You say as you should of been expecting this. It happens with all of them. Thankfully it usually seems like the end of it. As it goes with all of the other girls.

She could see this as she smiled widely. Bringing her hand forward and pushing you in. Like a wild animal clawing its food, her movements were not precise but vicious. Viciously throwing you around against it as she had simple touch. Not to mention, she also had moments where she just threw you around. Times where you didn't even touch her pussy.

However there was a little bit though as your face was rubbed against it. So it was the same balance. Suddenly she brought you into her lips. Pushing you in. Unlike the other girls who grabbed you and shoved you in like a dildo. She pushed you in frantically.

Hitting you hard as you were in there. With that she grabbed your legs and tried to thrash you around. Moving you around until she got frustrated.

She pulled her hand back, as she then ordered “Move. Wiggle. Do anything!”

Hearing Mari do this, you can hear the animalistic tone in her voice. Hearing this you started to move around even more. Wiggling and getting her to grunt even more.

Her hand outside being a bit playful. You were not happy about this but it was happening, her hand was acting like a cage making sure you wouldn't jump out. Even though you considered doing that.

You keep moving and keep moving until finally she shot her load all onto you. Hitting you in the back as you fell down in her pussy. Going down into and getting a face first.

For Mari, she calmed herself as she felt herself shoot out. She then fell down onto her back, laying there with her legs spread. That was by far the best she’s ever had. Maybe even better then John. She hates to admit it, but it was thanks to Shayera she even had you.

However as you were about to point out. You were here for a reason “So did the peace offering work?” You say to her wanting to know.

“Peace offering?” She answered back. Of course you two were not talking back and forth.

“Well Shayera through me in here as a way to stop you two from fighting. Did it work?”

“It...” She said as she was really considering if she should “You know what. I think I'm gonna keep you. She took my man so I'm taking hers”

“Yeah, I'm not the Hawks. Im actually Supergirl's. So you can try to piss her off and take me from her”

“Yeah, not gonna happen” She said quickly as she realises that you were away “Well you can sleep here. In there more specifically”

“Actually, maybe i can take a break. Out from here. I was relaxing and-”

“No!” She said with a smile as she then closed her eyes and dropped her head. Going to sleep without any covers on her.

“Mari! Mari! Great” You say as she wasn't reacting at all. She was asleep which pretty much is terrible for you. You could get out of there, in fact you really consider doing it. It stopped you as you saw her hand right in front of you. Blocking the path and ready to catch. You could try to slip through her fingers and get out that way. But the Lion is keeping you there. The worst of it, she even seemed to be purring hard.

Hearing this you realise your not going to get out. Of course not as you fall down. Not the place you really wanted to sleep in but you don't have a choice. Moving down you get onto your side. Laying on your shoulders as you don't want your head touching it in any way. Your head resting on your hands.

So you have been with a powerful Krytonian, A hawk Hero, a magical Magician, A busty Brazilian and now a vicious Vixen.

You should consider yourself lucky in some weird. They say they cant contain and the fact that they were heroes is the only thing making them safe for me.

Now you only can imagine what would happen if a villain found you besides a hero. You would no doubt be used as a sex toy. You wouldn't be left out of their pussy.

Falling down and relaxing a bit you drift off to sleep. After a while of course. You can’t go to sleep for a while. You had to get over the stupid situation and ignore what you were really sleeping in.

And Supergirl will be back soon, and she will probably want another chance with you. While thinking about your first blonde.

You go to sleep, thinking you were done for the night. But you weren't, you still had one more
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