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Chapter 11: Wait... Your Not Kara!!
As you laid there with Vixen, you were starting to wake up. Worst thing about this was that it was in the middle of the night. Waking up you see the clock still saying it was late. And well... if you haven't gone to sleep in a giant pussy before, its not really the easiest thing to do. In fact you cant go to sleep anymore.

You would try to escape and possibly find a better sleeping spot, but that wasn't an option for you. Her hand was over you and protecting you. You couldn't get out right now. Not unless you wake her up. Something you don't want to do. You don't want to give her a round two. She scared you enough with Round one.

No your just gonna plan on sleeping and... well at least try to sleep. You wait there for a while, breathing in and out as you try relax yourself.

The wet pussy in you not making that easy. However as you rest, there was someone coming in.

You were beyond concerned as you heard the door open. This was not a good sight for you! And whoever this is, well if they find you then you could be on for another round of sexy fun. Which is exactly what you wanted to avoid. Her hand thankfully came into reason as you duck down behind the hand. Seeing the figure come into view as it was actually a sight you really liked.

It was Kara? You didn't think she would be here but she is. Which was something you were really happy about. You cant fight your way out but Kara can. And you feel safe with her.

Even though she violated you, she has kind of gotten over it. She keeps saying how its building up but you feel good now. You move up and whisper her name. Knowing her super hearing should hear you.

“Kara! Kara! In here! Im in here!” You say to her, however she didn't give a response. In fact she didn't even look your way. Instead snuck her way around Vixen’s room and looked in the drawers. This really should of been your first clue that this was not Kara. However you would soon find that out later. She kept looking around for something until you speak up a bit loud.

“Kara! Im here! What are you doing! You can hear my voice! Kara!” You say as she seemed to hear you this time. You were pretty much speaking normal volume so it makes sense. She came closer and looked down to you, gaining a smirk as she saw you. Kara’s smiling being so big to you as she bought her hand down. You could see her pause at the entrance, seeing that it wasn't easy to grab you.

Luckily you were up for this as well. moving over to Vixen’s lips and pushing it, trying to make any room for Kara to snag you. You push and Kara saw it. Her hand coming for you and grabbing you. Yu accepted her fingers as she held you in her hand.

She looked at you for a bit as she seemed to inspect you in her palm. Little did you know she moved her hand and grabbed her privates. Feeling the affect already.

She smiled as she walked out of the room, making sure to not wake the animal as she arrives outside. She walked out and created a line to her room. Or at least that was what you were thinking at first, but that quickly changed.

She walked past her own room as you answer “Uh... Kara? Your not gonna rent me out to someone else again”

She paused for a second, a bit in disbelief as she kept on walking. “And why are you being quiet? Kara i don't get the game your playing”

When she finally stopped, another door opened. It opened wide as she went in. This room having a green tint over it and having some things that your pretty sure isn't human. Artifacts maybe.

She smiled at you as she places you onto the new bed.

“Kara, i don't get it? Who’s room is this?” You say to her expecting an answer from Kara.

You did get an answer, but it was not from Kara. No it was not.

“You see, the thing is...” She said as you jumped. That voice. It was not Kara! Not one bit. “Im not Kara, I'm actually...”

and with that, her body changed. Starting from her chest, it spread out until you see a completely new girl. Her outfit was blue, red and black. Being different from Kara’s. Her hair now being red and long, a bit like a schoolgirls if you were to guess.

Not only that, but the thing that is alarming to you is the green skin. It... it was natural. This thing was not human, not one bit.

“What are you? Who are you!” You say to her as she smiled nervously at you. This got you as you panicked. “Oh god its gonna happen again!”

“So it has happened?!” She said, moving in closer onto her knees “I know i shouldn't, but i was reading their minds about you. I... i just couldn't believe it!”

“Wait, first answer my question! Who are you!?” You say to her as she sighs.

“Right, I'm Miss Martian. or you can call me M’Gahn. Or Megan”

“Right Megan?” You say to her “Your a martian?”

“Yeah, don't worry were pretty similar to Humans. We can change our appearance though and read minds among other things. Which is how i knew you”

“Right?” You say to her as you look at her. A bit confused as then talk to her “So... your gonna have your way with me”

“I didn't plan on it” She admitted “I was just curios! Honestly. I read Fire’s mind and learnt about you. Then i read Hawkgirl’s saying you ere in Vixen’s room and... Well... here we are”

“Really?” You say to her “So re you feeling it. Are you immune cause your an Alien. I really hope so”

“No. I am not” Miss Martian said as she stood up “But look at the bright side... your about to have some real fun and... Oh i just read your mind you are not happy about this”

You panic as you move your hands around, grabbing your head “Hey, at least warn when you do that” You say as you didn't even know it was happening “No, i was actually wanting sleep”

“Oh i can help with that” She said as she smiled “I can overload your mind and make it retire. If you want i can do that when were done”

It was a good deal, but you had to go through... well why not. You've done it enough times so it is not that bad “Sure. What do you want me to do?”

“Well i want you to get some enthusiasm” She said crossing her arms “I mean it wont be fun either way”

You roll your eyes and rub your eyes “Oh golly gee! Im so excited! Cant wait to be raped!” You say to her as you smirk.

She did not like that, as she was thinking about what to do with this. She could... well she could do something about this. She can get you to love this, and she will.

“You know, as a Martian i have some really good powers. Powers that I'm pretty sure you would love. For example and as you've seen, i can change”

And with that, she started to change her body once again to Kara. Looking up at her as the Kryptonian “Not only that, but i can do more. Have you done Wonder Woman then?”

And with that, she started to change her body and you saw Wonder Woman. The giant amazon in front of you, only for a second though as she teased you with it. Going back to Kara. “Oh, got you excited!”

“Right...” You say to her.

“Or maybe a villain, how about this” She said as her body changed once again. Letting you see the sexy villain Harley Quinn. her suit hugging her body as you look up to her. She smiled seeing you change at the sight. She quickly switched back to her original form.

“So... wanna do a villain? Or maybe another Hero. i don't mind, i can easily switch” She leaned forward.

“No, no its fine!” you say as you shake your head left and right “Just... be yourself”

“Right” She said as she smiled “Another power i have is mind reading. i can read your mind and adjust to what you like. For example”

She then brought her finger to her chest, forcing you to look there. She suddenly started expanding in that area. Her breast getting bigger and bigger until it was even huger then two pillows. It looks so big that it was hard to carry them.

“Those are... hard to believe. A bit distracting if I'm honest” You say as you hide the fact that you really like them. you really really! like them”

“Do you now, thats good to know” She said as you clearly pause “Forget i can read minds”

“Like i said warn me!” you say as she giggles.

“But they are off putting, lets bring them down” She said as her breasts go down to a more natural look. Still bigger then what she had before. “You want to know the funny thing is, they were still not bigger then Power Girls”


“Anyway i think i should change clothes. Let me ask you, Maid Outfit or Dominatrix”

“I... Your really making this hard not to get excited” You say to her as she smiled “I guess... naked”

She smiled as she changed her body, only this time to lose all her clothes. Her skin being nothing but a green body and looking over it was amazing. Her nipples, her pussy and even her ass that she was more then happy to show off.

“God, i am so into this. And we haven't even touched each other! And reading your thoughts still. You love this.

“N-No i don't! I hate it” you say as you couldn't convince her, at least your pretty sure you weren't even convincing yourself. You must be really out of this right now.

She then moved closer standing over you as she spreads her legs on either side of the bed. Sitting down with her legs spread as she smiled at you.

“Well go get it” She said as you look up to her.

“Really... just like that? No foreplay or anything like that?”

“Nope, although i got to change it” She said as you were confused “Well i like being like this, but honestly... i love when i have a little hair down there so...”

You see her body change around her pussy. Gaining a bush as it covers. Her orange pubic hair right in front of you as you look at it.

“See, not so bad! Now go in there and have fun!”

“No!!!” You say to her “I am not touching you down there with hair. Major turn off for me” You say as she noticed. The boner that was building up was getting destroyed. She frowned as she wanted you to do this. Which means it was time for an ultimatum.

“Okay, you pick then. Front with a bush, or my back”

“Your back 100% of the time” you say to her as she heard that. You must really like it. So she feels bad for you when you are forced to do one with a bush. Megan was more understanding.

She smiled as she shifted around and got onto her knees on the bed. Smiling as she laid down onto her bed. Her ass in the air as you move as well.

You climb her giant ass as you get on top. She let you climb there as she smiled. Feeling you stand on her ass as you look at the two cheeks and more importantly, the hole she no doubts want you to go to.

“Now, i know what your thinking. Should i wiggle my way in and act like a dildo and the answer is no” Megan explained to you as you listened “I want to feel you inside of me. i want to feel you fuck me in the ass, so can you please”

“Uh... that is not going to work?” You say to her as you stand up and look in there.

“Don't worry, we Martians have really touchy skin. I will feel every part of your little prick. So that can happen.” she says as she was more then happy to support it.

What you said though, was something she didn't think about “No i... well the sight of the bush didn't really get me going. In fact it put me back to the start. So unless you want my limp dick banging against your butt, we need to do something”

“Right, well... thats gonna be easy” She said as she moved around, letting you get off as she laid down onto the bed. The giant naked martian over you as she smirked.

She was needless to say okay with this. Of course as a martian, she was always ready. An advantage she had over Humans. But you needed to be built up. Which she can do.

She felt you move closer as she smiled, patting her stomach and welcoming you on board. You move and start climbing her body. Getting on top as you finally look around at the body. The two giant breasts and the pussy right behind you. Which was still covered in hair!

“Come one!” You say to her as she giggled.

“Wow, you must really be against it. Just don't look down there, its these two that you want” She said pointing back and forth to her breasts. Which you noticed were even larger.

“Megan, are you really having fun with this. I mean you seem to be... pretty normal about it”

“Oh on the outside, on the inside i am getting horny as hell” She said with a giant smirk, pretty much telling you “Now climb to my breasts okay? Ill... well will get you off so you can have fun in my back”

You sigh, as you of course start moving closer as you know you need to do this. You don't know why you like Megan so much. She was kind to you, and playful. Plus this will be your first time that you go at it with a alien.

Well maybe not, you will have to check with Sheyera. Regardless you climb to her breasts, planning on having fun. Megan watching you as she was thinking about what three things she was going to do to you. Three things she planned to do as she first say you.
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