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What's the Best Day of The Week?
It's Friday and the weekend is upon us. Fridays tend to be, for most people, a day they look forward to all week. For many, it's payday, and for many it's the end of the work week. I've been there for both counts and know the feeling. Even so, I've also had jobs that payed mid week and my last job made Saturday payday. Most of my jobs have provided me with weekends off, unless something out of the ordinary was going on, but my last job also had no weekends off, so I quite often had to work on weekends. Things like that can take the joy right out of Friday.

Now, I have no official job, and was recently informed by a county official that my official occupation is retired, even though I don't get any type of retirement compensation. It's a long story, but because of some special needs, I had to resign from my position and take on some at home duties full time. Anyway, it's again taken a lot of the joy out of Fridays, since on the weekend I am home with the children who tend to require most of my attention and time. Also, my wife usually has to work on the weekends, or at least part of the weekend.

What I'm saying is, Monday is a great day with the children back to school. However, my wife often gets her days off Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, with Monday and Friday being in there occasionally, but more often than off on the weekends. So, it kind of puts all the days even again, with the best days being the days we can spend together as a family enjoying ourselves.

During the week, I have time, if limited because of appointments and all that is going on, to relax a little, read and write a little, spend more time in Writing.Com, and reflect a little. A couple days a week, I have time to spend with my beloved, and on weekends I have time to spend with the children. Once in a while, since school has started, there are a couple days a week we all get to spend together as a family. I sometimes reflect on this, on how some days seem better than others, and ponder now, how much is just programmed into thinking like the majority.

Sure, for working people, weekends are great, but I remember many weekends getting so tiring trying to do so much, that Monday was kind of a reprieve from it all. Yet, back then, I disliked Mondays. I also look back at my days in the sawmills, hard work, tiring, and it definitely made a person happy to have the weekend off. Yet, Mondays tended to be the slowest and easiest days as everyone transitioned back to work from the weekend. Thursday and Friday on the other hand, was what we called, "Balls to the walls". It was all out as much done as possible, sometimes a bit beyond, to fill orders before the close of business on Friday.

It's interesting to look at it now and see, all the days have good things and not so good, sure they differ, but all have there high points and now I have to rate them all as equal, unless there is something specific that really sets the day apart. Looking back, I see the same thing, yet back then, I could not see this.

I wish I could have, I think it would have made me appreciate everyday like I do today.

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