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Where Reality Will Byte, if You Aren't Careful What You Read... My Year's Quest.
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Hodgepodge & Popourri
"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise DAY 2033: October 26, 2019

Use these fabulous e words in your blog entry today. Have fun.


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Oh I'm already tired thinking of using all these words *Facepalm* No seriously. It's not the prompt's fault: I'm just really tired. My steroid withdrawal by only 1mg less a day was going super—for ten days—then my all day soujourn to my appointment just wiped me out. Sometimes it be that way. It's rare I sleep very much because of my pains, but since changing my schedule whoa yup I usually nap in the afternoon but I wakeup way before dawn. So, even though I am sleeping more, the effect is actually I am up longer hours. Who gets up at 3am? Me. It does ensure more quality time with my cats though *Bigsmile*

My expenditures are increasing this month and next month: Obamacare open enrollment premiums are gonna go up as they have every year since its inception, 2014. The economists swear it'll go down, but no way! Used to be $50 now it's $613 premium, per month. Not happy. I'll eat my foot if it's any lower this year... ha.  Speaking of medical, why DO my ears always itch? I always think it's an earwax buildup, but it's not and I've no idea why they itch so. It's vexing!

Excavate. What? Whata word! I need to excavate my kitchen under all the dirty dishes and that may be gross but it's true *sigh* Once I get too sick to clean, it goes downhill quickly. Then I don't want to touch them because it makes me gag. I am perfectly able to keep cleaning up, for the most part, when I am not constantly ran over by that steroid train, but this year it's been ridiculous. I never recovered my house from being out so long with the PE. Just something to endure; if I 'just work through it' my tapering will be for naught as I'll have to go UP on the steroids, past the point I was at before. Frustrating. By the way, 'endure' is one of my favorite words. It says a lot without any obfuscations.

Out of the six previous romantic relationships I've had in my life, only four are still alive. That I know of. They're dropping like flies! I'm still trying to work on a tribute in writing for my friend Gus, who was also an ex, yes—but remained a friend. 54 is too young to die. It bothers me that there's no one to really talk to about him that wants to face the truth of his death, and how he lived his life. My mom is there though, she liked Gus too! He was a character in every sense of the word. I think he came to me the other night. I've been having these visits lately.

In the first moment of opening my eyes from sleep, I will see something or someone I know cannot possibly be there. It started out with me seeing spiders on my bed. I would jump and scream and tear apart the house to find it, make sure I got rid of it, but nothing. Nada. I always find the culprit or my cats do so it wasn't good. It happened every time I woke up for that week. Then it moved to objects looking way different than they should:  I saw a 'box' on my floor, complete with packing tape and a label and everything. I thought my mom had opened my front door and delivered it. She said no. I was freaking out! Who broke into my house?  When I got up, I could see it was just the play tent for my cats. Yet I SAW this box.

So, these events kinda kept happening. Then I opened my eyes and naturally they could see into the kitchen. There was a figure completely in black: like black sweatshirt with a hoodie, and sweatpants in black. It looked to be about Gus's size. But there were no areas that weren't black. I was not at all afraid, hell anything's better than spiders. I am really, really secure in my faith, and I've had a couple visitations years and years ago when my friend and then again when my dad died. But this... I have indeed been worried about him hanging around. We want our peeps to move on, ya know? Yeah. I don't feel like he absolutely has.

The next night, same thing figure in the kitchen. Only this time it was a woman, a woman in a burgundy colored sari. An Indian woman, real pretty. Ugh yeah I don't know anyone like her... I have no idea who she is. She was there for me to see so very briefly, then was gone POOF! I felt like I wasn't actually supposed to see her. Gus I felt like I was.

It might not have been Gus, I am aware of that; perhaps someone who lived here a long time ago. It is a 100 year old farmhouse and property, old in my area, but I just don't want to assume it's my friend. Regardless, these events don't scare me and I know the lore is anything in black is a shadow person or an entity or something evil, but I do not at all feel this is the case. I do have spiritual discernment I have developed, so I do trust in my observations. This all only occurs in the very first moments of waking up. In the past things have happened here and there in my sleep, lucid dreaming, etc.

So, I feel I am in a very open state mentally. I got a lot going on up there right now. Lots of family stuff. But, 'tis veddy interesting, non?

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