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#968961 added November 6, 2019 at 3:35am
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Saying Goodbye & Ratings, Oddly Enough...

There were so many things I could have written about my friend Gus, yet I chose the hardest one: his alcoholism. I never quite know why I choose to focus on what I do in my writing, but it's  bothered me a lot since hearing of his sudden death at just 54 in September. No one will touch the topic because most of the friends drink too. And I guess because it seems like it's not only a taboo subject, but not the best way to pay tribute to someone.

Then again, I have to think he's more enlightened now that he's gone, and as it began on the heels of his mother's drug overdose (labeled a suicide) I think it's important to talk about openly. His alcoholism didn't negate Gus as a person—he was still in there, although less and less obvious was his real self as the years ticked by. I mean, I couldn't live with him anymore, but if you took away the drinking he was a great person to live with! Neat, tidy, great at cooking, shopping, and took pride in his environment.

Anyways, the only person I know who's read it so far is my bestie and she said it was obvious how much I cared, and that's one of the most important messages you want in a tribute, so...  although why she doesn't just pick a rating without reviewing is beyond me *Laugh* I think of ratings like calling cards: I was here. I read it. This is the rating that most accurately portrays my feelings on it. Ba da ba bing! People are too afraid to offend. Yeah, that sounds like her, she's a sweetie. Was thinking of putting it on NO RATINGS just emails once it's how I want it to be. Of course, I think it's good as-is, but ya never know what can improve with suggestions! 

Speaking of, someone's, or some ones, are going around and changing my ratings in my items lately *Laugh* It's kinda funny because I give much thought to my ratings, even on something as simple as a picture. I guess there's a new interpretation of the 'fuck' rule:  If you say it once, your 18+ is perfect. If you say it 'multiple' times, it's gotta be a GC Rating. We all know this, the longer you're here you do, at least. HOWEVER if you say it TWICE, well that's considered 'multiple' times now so best change that 18+ to GC. I always thought twice meant 'a couple' of times, but those words aren't used in the "Writing.Com 101.

Now my other item needed the rating changed, that was fine with me, somehow I was born imperfect and missed that lol. Ooopsies. So, if you're wondering why I changed the rating in here when I hardly cuss, it's because I've cussed in 'fucks' more than once *Ha*

Oh and don't forget the 'murder' rule! If it's in your INTRODUCTION you best make that a 'Non-E' introduction, as I did in my recent "Passive Suicide I mean, suicide is death, a murder of thyself so to speak, so it only makes sense. I put that rating from 18+ to GC because I just wasn't sure, it seems the consensus is leaning more to the higher ratings these days than in the past. Some of this IS subjective, after all... not the hard and fast rules, but the in-between areas of the rules. Yes I care about this shit! Plenty of other things I could care less about and be slightly rebellious, but if it's a rule it's a rule and I shall follow it!

(Please refrain from saying how the rules are made for everyone and it's nothing personal. I am not taking it personally, trust me: then, I'd post formally about it, or complain, or something else annoying. I've moderated on other sites, I 'get it'. No, I do. Seriously. I'm just saying I now have to go through my whole port and see if I cussed in 'fucks' more than once—but less than thrice—in any other items. Yes, I know we are to err on the side of caution and bump up when in question, and I do and I shall continue to do so, but sometimes there's no question to start with. Now, there is. Oh I bumped up my last blog too, should anybody ever go there... But seriously, if I missed it once, I could've missed more items... *Whistle*.)

Bottom line? Count your 'fucks' *Rolling* Also, don't be afraid to tell Whata whata you think of her items; I mean, if you're gonna go to the lengths of actually reading them, leave a star without speaking (no problems, nice to know you visited!) or your review comments. Whatever. I do not freak out if I get a 3 star rating only from someone, I figure they didn't have the heart or maybe the time to comment more. No biggie.

The only problem I ever have with reviews is when I have a humongously long item and someone says, Ahh I saw this error and didn't bother reading the rest, might want to fix that. Which is great, I appreciate the head's up, but how can you assign a rating to something you only read 1% of? And if you KNOW how to fix it, I surely would love to know, too! I'll throw GPs at ya, please, tell me! Chances are I knew it might be an issue but my brain has no clue how to fix it. It doesn't work right. I also don't learn well from reading so yes, your opinions and suggestions for edits really are important to me! Thanks for stopping by *Smile* 

PS: I've had to work with a deadline looming on financial paperwork. PLUS, I re-sorted all my graphics files and reorganized them when the internet wasn't working, offline, then when we came back online they jammed up in a huge traffic jam and it will be another week probably before I have access to them all. They're at 80,000 uploading, which I highly doubt I actually have that many you know, but methinks they count each MOVE and RENAMING of the files and their folders individually, so like, giant ooopsies there! Ah the learning curves in life *Irritated*

PPS: Actual number of graphics images and my writing documents stored in my Dropbox account:  117,000 Oh DEER! There ARE some duplicates for easier finding though as I get the organization down... I'm an image hoarder *Think*

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