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Chapter 12: Doing It With A Martian
You move over close to the giant martian’s body, getting onto it as you got to admit it was something else. The green body was slim and kind of perfect. You loved it.

You move over and climb up, getting past her stomach and onto her breasts. Miss Martian was kind enough to put her hands on each side and separated the breasts. Opening them up as you could get in. You listen and crawl in between, going to the other side of her body.

“Well, seems like your a good climber” She said to you with a giggle. The martian playing with you.

“Yeah, got to admit though, struggling not to fall down” You say to her as she looked at you a bit confused.

“Really, wouldn’t peg it for me. You seem to be good at this, well instead of watching out for it”

Hearing this, she shifted her hands around and brought it down to you. You could do nothing as you feel it pressed down into you. From both sides as you get smothered by the breasts. She laughs loudly as she can see your small body stuck and battered in between her green tits. She separated and smiled.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist” She said to you as you were not so sure that was true. She watched as you struggle and move around, trying to get around as you look around. “I know!” She said, her whole body jumping when she said that “Why don’t you move and climb my tit! Imagine”

“Right...” You say as you do what she says. That should be able to get you going. You move over and climb her boob. Grabbing the alien and pulling yourself up. Climbing her beautiful body until finally you were up on top. You look around yourself, seeing that you were on the hill and seeing the nipple. You look right at it as you tell her.

“Uh... your gonna want me to suck that aren’t you”

“Wow, and i thought i was the mind reader. Hehe” She said to you as you get exactly what she was saying. You do what she wants and move over, getting closer to her as you climb her giant boob. Walking over to it as you move down onto your knees. You grab the sides of the nipple as you lower your hands on. You then started to suck it. Knowing you were doing a good job cause at this point you were basically an expert.

You do this over and over again as you suck and play with her nipple. Megan loving it as she giggled and moved her body around. She could do nothing but lay down and love it. Her body just accepting it as she kept her eye on your penis. She kept an eye on it and loved every second of it. You sucked on her nipple as you grew a bit under there. She just let you do it, thinking that it would be better.

Her nipple as you suck wasn’t getting harder, it was just staying there so that confused you. You gaze over to her face, seeing her smile as she was clearly enjoying herself? So what were you really doing wrong.

“I’m a martian, different body” She said with a laugh “I’m basically ready to go right now. So just keep sucking”

You roll your eyes and keep doing that, seeing what she wanted. Finally you finished. You lift your mouth and wipe your mouth. “So... is it good?”

“It is” She said to you although i think you might need a bit more”

And with that, she brought her finger to your privates and started to tickle it. She tickled your privates over and over again as you could feel the joy she was doing. She loved it, as she kept going. Tickling your balls and penis as you shudder from the touch. You take a couple of steps back, feeling her finger assaulting you as you move onto your back.

“Wow, that feels great!” You say as she smirks. She continued, seeing your reaction as you were loving it. It lasted for a long while until she really relaxed.

While she did this, you breathed in and out and caught your breathe. “Okay so... we’re done?”

“For the buildup” She said back to you as her whole body moved and danced. You found that you almost tripped when she got up. She got up and shifted her body. Seeing what she was doing, you start running. Running over the long shifting landscape as you get moving.

You move around and jump onto her side as she got onto her stomach. You landed on her green back as she giggled. She could feel your small steps there and she loved it. “Hey want to see something cool” She said as you look to her long orange hair.

Which quickly moved and spun as she turned her head around, going around like an owl as you jump.

“Ahh! T-That’s freaky!” You shout to her as she giggled loudly.

“Sorry, but i wanna see you fuck me. So go ahead” She said as you listen. Ignore the weird, and just get the job done. You move over and walk down her body. Walking down as you arrive onto the other side. You move and scale down her ass. Going pass the cheeks thinking she would love it. You moved over and get down, looking at the hole that you were about to work on. The inside was pure white, as you guess that it what her alien biology would be.

“Okay so fuck me! Fuck me in the ass. Oh i’m so excited” She said as she was so giddy. For you, you didn’t really get how she could be so excited. In your mind, your penis was far too small. And that was not an idea you really liked.

You do what she wants and gets down. Getting down and in between the ass hole. She had her legs closed, so you really had a platform to work on.

You face the hole right in front of you, finding it quite the sight. Guess it was good that you were not going inside the asshole. You were just going to stick it in there.

You listen to what she was saying and close your eyes. You close your eyes and put your penis in. Sticking it in there as you could feel her giant walls on your penis. You can barely stick in there, like seriously it would just be splinter size to her. You seriously don’t get it at all, like this can’t be that-

“Oh... Ohh!!” She said up above as you pause. You stop moving and thinking about this for a while “W-Why did you stop?”

“This is working?” You reply back to her as she was surprised.

“Of course it is! Martian’s are... we’re very sensitive in certain spots. So keep going, your doing great”

“Great!” You say as you grew a smile. This was going to be easier then you thought. You move over and started fucking her. Moving and playing with your dick inside of her as you were hitting the bottom. She was liking it, so there was that.

You move your arms around and place your hands on her ass cheeks. getting a good grip as you grab it and start humping it. Your prick making her love it, every second of it. You were a little bit uncomfortable but you will admit. You were getting turned as well.

Not from the sight, the sight was by far terrible as you could only see a green wall and a white hole. But the thought.

Doing her in the ass, it was nice. Sure it was a bit odd and weird, but you were liking it. And Miss Martian was really liking it!

“Man, oh fuck! This is amazing! Why can’t all humans be your size. Oh you feel amazing. Keep going, keep going!”

Since the sight was a bit of a turn off, you could easily go longer and longer. Making her love it as you could not be stopped. You kept doing her in the butt and in the ass, shaking with excitement as you can tell she was going to finish before you.

She did something else though. As you see her giant ass clamp up. In a way that only a martian could. She changed her body around so the hole got smaller, and it was perfect size. It clamped around your penis as you were amazed. Almost like a normal asshole.

“Finish me off!” She shouted as you smile. You do what she wants, pushing and pulling it in as since this was much more powerful. She could feel this.

She wore a giant smile on her face, as she finished and cummed. Spraying over everything in the front and even a bit in the back.

From her lack of speech, and lack of movement, you could tell she was finished. You could tell you finished her off. You take a couple of steps back, relaxing as you stand there full erect and tired.

Up above, Miss Martian was so happy. That was the greatest she has ever had. Whether that be with Martian, or Human. She smiled as she shifted around. Throwing her legs around as you feel this. You were in the air for a little bit as she moved. Placing you onto her stomach as she got onto her back.

“Thank... you. Oh man, give me a second. Then i will finish you off”

“Uh... actually that isn’t needed” You say to her being honest “Just take me to Kara’s and i’ll rest in there. Simple as that”

“No” She said back “I’m a nice girl. I have to do this” She then moved her hand and grabbed you. You get grabbed and pulled up. Pulled right up to her as she hovered you up. You were a little bit worried about this, but it happened as you were pulled right up to her face. She smiled at you, the beautiful alien loving it as she told you in a friendly whisper “Don’t worry. This will only take a couple of seconds”

And she then brought you forward. Bringing you forward and sticking her lips out. You knew what was going to happen, as all you could really do was let it happen and accept it. You were about to get a blowjob, just accept it. She brought her lips forward and they touched your penis. Coming on both sides as the greenness was really weird. Amazing feeling though, that you could not deny.

It was just little strokes, clearly not many effort into it. It was enough though as you wiggle and squirm in her grips. She had her eyes right on you as she kept doing this. Bringing it back and forth as she sucked you off.

She thought you finished her off first, but it was nothing compared to what she did to you. As she sucked you off faster and you got finished. You drop down right onto the ground as you breath in and out.

She could feel your jizz go into her mouth as she had to admit, it was a weird taste. She might like it though. She pulled you back and held you in her hand, looking over you and looking over your penis which was going down.

“I... love that. Did you love that, cause i did”

“Yeah... out of all the times i had. Guess that was pretty high up there” You say to her as she flashes you up a smile.

“Well, tell me then. Rate all the girls, right now”

“We just did it, and now you want to gossip?” You question as she laughed. She moved around and dropped you onto the foot of the bed. She let you lay there for a while as she laid on her stomach. her breasts pushing into the bed

“Yeah! Tell me!”

“I Dunno” You reply to her “I was... pretty against it so it was just negative really. Don’t really think i can wreck them. I guess Zatanna was the best. Didn’t even remember that one”

“Well, you should start liking this. I mean i’ve seen heaps of human behaviour since i got here” She said, bringing her finger and tapping you “And guys seem to love Super Heroes. A lot of... stuff online”

“Yeah but it’s not for me. I don’t like getting used. Guess i can’t not let it happen though” You say thinking about your powers. She laughed it off, finding it very funny. You were not into it, that really is shocking. Still you were not against it. At this point you just wanted to get it over with.

“Well, i imagine you got a lot more girls in your future. Your gonna be the luckiest guy in the world” She said as she smiled “After all, you can add a Martian to your belt”

“Yeah... weird” You say back to her thinking about this. You just did it was an Alien. How weird is this. You two just relax and stay there for a while, getting your energy back. Honestly, Megan was thinking about going for another round. Sure she didn’t have the lust she started with, but she would still be up for it. She likes you, a lot.

She’s gonna have to organise with Kara some sort of shared custody. The idea alone made her giggle.

However before she could really offer the idea, a loud sound rang out in the place. Making you cover your ears and making Megan get up. Getting onto her knees she had concern in her eye.

“What’s happening?!” You question, trying to yell over the loud alarm.

“Villain’s. The watchtower has it in. It’s to be suspected, given that most of them try their stuff at night. I got to go!” She said getting up and stand on the bed. She quickly shifted her naked body, putting on her fake outfit. Wearing it over her skin as you look at the blue and black outfit.

“Well take me back to Kara’s then go” You say to her as in your mind that was the smart thing to do.

In Megan’s mind though, she couldn’t. She reached down and grabbed you “Sorry, but there is no time! Too much of a detour. I got to go!” She said as she started running out of the room. Jumping in the air as she flew high.

“Your taking me!” You say to her amazed.

“Don’t worry, you will be safe. Right near my heart” She said as she brought her hand back. Grabbing her neckline and pulling it back. She pulled it and back and you knew what was happening. She tossed you right in between the giant cleavage as she got flying. Ready to do some hero work
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