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Chapter 13: Out In Gotham
As Martian arrived into the middle of the Watchtower. She joined the others for the debrief. Other heroes that were able to get in. She stood and listened. She could feel you struggling her chest and she frowned. Moving her hands she placed it right in the middle Calming you down with her hand on the other side. She needed to listen, not mess around.

For you down below, you felt the hand on you and you tried to calm down. She was taking you to battle? Why, would she do that. Your small, your in danger constantly. You just don’t get her reasoning. Maybe she wasn’t comfortable leaving you alone or like she said, she didn’t have time. Regardless you were going. Stuck between the giant green breasts, you take your time and rest. To be honest, unless she gets hit right in the tit, you should be fine. No one will check her body. You just need to wait and hope for this to be over.

For Megan, she heard the entire thing. Apparently the Royal Flush Gang are robbing a bank in Gotham. Since Batman and his Robin was away, that was the perfect time to strike.

So they had to pick up the slack. Once the orders were out, they went to the Watchtower main teleporter. Going with the others as she stand among all the other heroes. Trying to blend in and trying not to raise a scene.

When the teleporter lit up, all of the heroes were brought down to Gotham. Brought right down as they arrived in the hidden room. They had to had these Teleporter rooms in walls and buildings, so criminals won’t find them.

“Okay...” Mr Terrific, taking the leader role that he was good at. Turning to the other heroes he talked “Now if i’m counting right we got one each. So pick your gang member and take them down. Keep the fight away from civilians and others. They have worked together for a while, so chances are these cards are good at a team. Let’s go!”

And with that, they flew out. Going quickly to the bank as you were hiding inside.

She was about to fight, god just prey for the best. The alarm for the bank getting louder and louder. As they got near though, you could hear a loud blaster shot. Then a hero getting hit and pushed back.

“They know were here!” Mr Terrific yelled as you could hear more blaster fire. Crap, don’t get hit Megan!”

And well she didn’t. She knew how to fly, and she could easily dodge and get around. The whole members were firing their blaster lances. King, Queen, Jack, Ace and Ten. They had the money bags behind them, knowing that the heroes were the ones to focus on.

She grew a smile, flying into the air as she had to get the attacks on her. Get her team closer.

“Talk about a broken deck! You can’t even hit me!” She shouted as they all heard the insult “Pretty bad! Pretty terrible!”

“Stupid girl!” The queen in particular barked as she aimed it up. Since it was so far away, Megan could easily dodge it. Which only infuriated the Queen even more.

“Ten! Jack! Aim at her!!!” She shouted as more and more blasts came to her. Three fifths of the gang was focused on her. It took a long while, but this was shown as a mistake. Cause all of the other heroes came up.

This started to brawl. Each hero having one down there. None of them took the Queen, so that was Miss Martian’s.

She quickly flew right down, getting and dodging as she went for a hook to the Queen.

However she was fast enough to react though, dodging and getting down as she swung the spear.

“Ahh!!” She yelled in so much vigour. Miss Martian noticed as she grabbed her and drove her back. Away from the rest of the fighting. Just like Terrific said, she separated from the fight.

Miss Martian stopped a couple yards away. Stopping as the Queen flew and bounced a couple of time. She was only human, but her suit could help her. She got up, her eyes shooting at Megan.

“You stupid girl!! You’ll pay for that!” She barked.

“Now is that anyway for a queen to sp- Wha!!!” She said, ducking down as the blast came for her. The Queen let her anger control her, just shooting more and more. Miss Martian could easily dodge this. Flying around elegantly.

Which pissed off the queen more. She was a smart leader though, she could see she wasn’t gonna suddenly win by doing the same thing over and over again. She had to outsmart and outthink, and she think she has got it. Smirking she turned her weapon, aiming it right at someone who Miss martian did not see.

She saw a civilian there! The evil queen aimed her weapon and fired it right at the man standing there. Miss martian was a hero, so of course her heroic tendencies kicked it. She started flying, at her top speed as she flew in the way. Getting in the way and blocking it. just as the blast hit her.

The man was find, but Megan was not. As she started to fly back. Hit in the stomach she got sent into the nearby 2nd hand shop. She flew fast through the glass window and into the middle. That alarm going on as she rolls in pain. Thankfully she took it in the stomach and not the chest, cause otherwise you might be in danger.

Suddenly, a sound happened as there was another blast! Miss Martian was quick and flew to the ceiling. Holding herself there for a second. Cutting her breath as she heard foot steps. The sound of heels coming through her. While you, you were being tossed and thrown around in the giant breasts. Needless to say you had no idea what was happening, but you hope Megan was winning. No doubt about that

She stepped on a glass as the Queen entered, and as soon as she could fired up to Megan!

Megan dodged, dropping down and right in front of the queen. With her Martian strength she punched the Queen right into the ceiling. Dust coming off as she came back, letting Megan grab her again. Tossing her around and out of the building. She flew quickly, getting to her before she could react.

The queen bounced once and felt a hand on the spear blaster she had. She panicked, knowing if she would lose her weapon, that it would end quick. She stopped quick, getting down and switching the weapon around. Pointing right at the Martian.

“Take this! You green bitch!” The queen barked, using rude language as she aimed it right at Megan’s face. She had no time or place to dodge.

This would of been the end for a human, but thankfully she was a martian. As the blast came out, Miss Martian turned on her intangibility. Her body becoming like a ghost as the attack went right through her. The queen furious seeing this, that even an attack this close was not enough to finish her off. She paused though, cause she saw something that she did not expect.

For you down below, it was really the last thing you expected. A blast and then suddenly you were falling. You could still see Megan’s body but right now... it was see through.

Which didn’t stop you from falling all the way down to the ground. Landing on the bitcherman as you got hit hard. Gripping yourself as you feel immense body within you.

“No!!!” Megan said her body turning real as she looked down at you, right under her crotch. She should of seen that coming! She has to save you now, she has-

She suddenly stopped her train of thought, feeling a heel come and stab into her stomach. Sending her back onto her back.

You see your Martian protector fly back as this was not good. She was not moving. You turn around to her, seeing her on the other side as you see the Queen smirking down to you.

“Well, it would seem the Alien has a little boyfriend with her” She said with so much joy and evilness. You were scared. She smirked as she lifted her heel over you. With your hurt body you could do nothing like look up to her with fear. Holy shit. “She may be able to dodge me, but you can’t”

“No!” You say as she just cackles at your screams.

“Don’t worry. Dying at the Queen’s foot. You could go out worse. I will grant you with this death” And with that, she brought her heel down. You cower with fear seeing the heel ready to stab you.

She did not actually get down there though, as Megan was quick to fly back up. Grabbing the Queen and holding her down. You see their two giant bodies hugging each other as the Queen tried to fight her out.

“Run!!!” Megan yelled, looking over her shoulder to you. You listen to what she was saying. Your body was hurt, but seeing her heel coming was enough to push you. Your adrenaline carrying you as you escape. Running from the battle. Going into an alley as you don’t stop yourself. You keep running and running, until finally you were by yourself.

You have no idea how long you ran, you just kept doing it. You would say for about an hour. It was hard to stop, seeing what would happen. By the time you finally rested and stopped, the fight would of been over. Still you didn’t stop. You were too scared and frightened. At the time you came down. Laying on a giant building’s wall as you relax That was... well that was so much. Your body hurting as you need to just rest and recover.

You hope Megan and the others won. You were of course on the side of the heroes, no matter what. No matter if they use you like a sex toy. You were team hero.

Still, you can’t focus on that. You need to focus on yourself. being small in Metropolis was bad to you. You were defenceless and you were running from everything. This though... this was much, much worse.

Your in Gotham. Man, your fucked. Gotham is widely known as the worst city in the world. Being so big, but filled with crime. There was a reason that there was so much more heroes who operate in Gotham then Metropolis. Because it was so much worse in a city.

You were not happy about this, and you were ducking down. Ducking down as you make sure you need to hide. What can you do? You guess maybe Miss Martian will start looking for you. It’s such a big city though. Darn! What are you going to do? What can you do really?

Well, you walk through the alley. The dark alley your pretty sure people have been mugged and killed in. You try not to focus on it, not focus on it at all. Knowing it could be really bad if you let yourself drop into despair. As you walk though, you suddenly pause as you see something? Something confusing that shocked you very much.

A plant?

It was sticking out just in front of a garbage can. It was not that big, in fact it was just slightly bigger then you and barely out of the ground.

There was two things that made you notice it. First was the way it came out of the ground. It seemed like it almost forced it way up. Fighting with the concrete under it broken apart. That was one strong plant!

The other thing, was that it was a Venus Flytrap. That’s right a Venus Flytrap. In Gotham.

This left you stunned, but thankful. It was just a plant, a plant that is deadly, but you can very easily walk away from. Which you did.

You got a little bit though, until you feel something wrap around your leg. You turn around and see a small vine wrapped around your leg. Coming from the plant, as it was looking at you. It’s leaves open and ready to eat you.

“Of course!!!” You shout as you feel yourself pulled. Pulled all the way as it drags you. Drags you closer to the plant as you get stuffed in it’s mouth. The flytrap trapping you!

It closed and you felt yourself stuck inside. Getting very wet as you get drenched in it’s saliva. You have no idea how this type of plant works, but you do not feel safe at all. Guess this is where you die. Not even to a sexy giant girl, it’s to a freaking plant! Well, just accept it and relax.

Or at least you would of, if you did not hear a loud sound. A very loud sound as you can steps. “Well, i grew you only a minute ago and you have already got a mouse in you. Momma is really proud of you, my baby” She said as you listen. She sounded... sexy.

Well, suppose you might as well go on and keep living “Hey!” You shout from in the mouth “I’m alive! Can you get me out of here!”

You shout that as you pause, thinking she will hear and help you. Which happened. As the mouth opened and you feel a hand come to you. Wrapping around you before you could really see the girl.

When she finally opened it though, holding you by her two fingers she looked down at you and was... not impressed.

You on the other hand, was staring at a beauty. She had red hair, and wore a plant for a dress? Not only that, but she looked amazing. Her body beautiful and growth in the perfect places. You look her up and down as you were amazed.

“Wow... an angel?”

She smirked when she heard this “More like the devil.” She then looked down to the plant “I’m sorry baby, but i will be taking this one. I want him”

“Great!” You say as you were kind of up for it too. “I got to be honest though i-”

“Have a pheromone” She said, interrupting “Much like mine, although... stronger? God i want you. I want a human” She said contemplating “Well, let’s take you”

“Cool! Honestly i thought i was gonna die out here in Gotham. Glad you found me... plant lady?”

She paused, as she grew an evil smirk on her face “You don’t know who i am. Do you?”

“N-No?” You say as she smiled wider.

“Poison Ivy. Plant Lover. Human Hater.” She said as you suddenly changed your expression entirely.

This... is Poison Ivy. Shit.

“Hahaha” She cackled as she wrapped her hand roughly around you. Holding you tight “A perfect size human, to get stepped on.”

And with that, she went back to her hideout
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