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A collection of poetry dealing with getting over the past and a hope of a better tomorrow.
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02 - Eyes
new love glides in and lands where it may settle.
your touch as sleek as raindrops on a petal.
discovered life as we laid next to one another
and watched it blossom into another level.
above our bodies is where we both hovered
as if two stars bound to meet each other.

a time i never thought i'd be in.
your heat that scorched my skin,
exposing new terrain no one has ever seen.
glowing love, i see the cause of your affection.
our passion grows, you open wide, enjoy the scene.
tell me it may never end and that we'll stay forever green.

all things settle and colors fade,
but the beauty all remains unchanged.
the sparkle you reflect like diamonds shine,
a perfect combination like glass that's stained.
keep falling back in love with each blink of time,
a time when i am yours and you are mine.

and looking now i cannot recognize,
i see it's withered, my soul on ice.
i read your pain, you've seen a beast,
a stranger now without disguise.
and now i sit alone upon my seat,
no eyes to light the way to whom i seek.

-m.m. Morris
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