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A collection of poetry dealing with getting over the past and a hope of a better tomorrow.
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08 - Hands In The Mud
there's work to do. countless words untold
holding on to illusions. my life was rendered to
scenic highways misconstrued. ensuing trauma
left unchecked. stacks of opened letters
spilling forth, spelling out contempt of fate.
at this rate i would bleed out from the hatred
and sate the thirst of the prowling hellhounds.
scowling now i press my body up against
the rusted metal grates. if it's pieces i must
turn to then my escape has now been found.
the sound of backbones crunching,
its music to my ears. at least i know i'll be
reconstructed stronger than i've been in years.
no tears to run away from. no longer does
the poison find a way into my veins.
wounds are mended and this tender heart
restitched and tuned. dissolving like a glacier
to be unyielding as a wave. a will as infinite
as stars to shine my light within a flame.
boiled within the shame for years, yet
still of man i'm made. so when the spectacle
comes to an end i'll be proud of the
ashes in my grave.

-m.m. Morris
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