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Rated: 18+ · Book · Sci-fi · #2111940
Final version of story I started in 2006.
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Chapter 6: Professor Hyperion
Chapter 6: Professor Hyperion

Mike drove the Micromobile toward Pasadena. Moxie asked, “What's the Professor’s name?"

"Professor Hyperion!" Mike replied.

When they got there, people stopped and stared as Mike got the transponder out of the trunk and carried it to the professor's lab. After walking through a maze of hallways, they found his office. Inside, a gray-haired man with a goatee stood up from where he had been sitting and greeted Mike.

"Hi there, Mike! To what do I owe the good fortune of seeing you again?"

"This transponder," Mike replied, "was placed at a sporting event by my arch-nemesis, Amnesio. He's a master of mind control! I'd like you to take a look at this device and see if you can tell me anything!"

"I'll see what I can do!" the professor replied.

For the next hour, Professor Hyperion dismantled the device with tools he had with him in his office, and he analyzed it. He took one device out of the transponder in particular and looked it over. "This is an alpha wave emitter, and only one company that I know of manufactures this variety! The Vizotech corporation! That's about all I can tell you!"

"Thanks a lot, professor! Moxie, use your smart phone to look that company up on the Internet!"

"Mike," the professor asked, "would it be okay if I kept this transponder unit? I'd like to run some tests on it!"

"Sure professor," Mike replied, "go ahead!"

Once Mike and Moxie were back in the Micromobile, Moxie did some research on her smart phone and found out the name and address of the president of the Vizotech corporation. "His name is Mason Eisenberg, and his home address is in Beverly Hills!" Moxie informed Mike. "I'll punch it into the GPS, and we can go there!"

"Mason Eisenberg is probably an alias for Amnesio!" Mike declared.

"Actually," said Moxie, “the name Mason and the first two letters of that last name form an anagram of the name Amnesio, so I think you're right!"

“You figured that out quick,” said Mike, “when I first met you, your parents weren’t kidding when they said you had a genius level intellect. You’re smarter than me!”

Mike drove the Micromobile toward Beverly Hills. When they found the address, it was a mansion surrounded by an eight foot high wall. "You're going to have to shrink," Moxie explained, "so I can toss you up onto the wall so you can investigate."

Mike keyed his neutrino dissimilator device, and shrunk down to one inch tall. Moxie picked him up, and tossed him up into the air, but she didn't throw him far enough, and he came back down and landed in her hands. On the second try Moxie succeeded, and Mike landed on top of the wall.

Mike walked around on the wall until he was pretty far into the backyard, which was huge. He hid behind the canopy of a large tree, unaware that a video camera was perched in one of the higher branches of the tree. Beside a swimming pool, Mike could see Amnesio's three teenage nieces. Mike keyed his wrist-radio and told Moxie, "This is definitely the place! I can see April, May and June by the swimming pool, but I don't see Amnesio!"

At that exact moment, Amnesio was in his control room, watching Mike on a video monitor. "So, you tracked me down, eh, Micromage?" Amnesio said to Mike's image on the video screen. "Well, you won't get far!"

April and May went out the back gate of the backyard in one direction, and June went out the back gate in the opposite direction, and walked around the block. When Moxie saw June approaching, she turned to go in the opposite direction, only to be intercepted by April and May.

"You weren't going anywhere, were you, Vector Girl?” April asked, as she grabbed Moxie’s left arm, while May grabbed her right wrist. Nobody saw them drag Moxie into the house. April returned outside and met up with June by the wall.

Meanwhile, on the wall, Mike had noticed that Amnesio's nieces had left out the back gate. He figured it was nothing to be concerned about. He didn't notice June and April walking around the wall toward his location, because he was standing near the edge of the inside of the backyard, and they were on the outside of the wall. June knelt down on the ground, and April used her back for a ladder, and reached the top of the wall. Mike turned around to see April’s hand reach for him, and found himself firmly enclosed within her fist.

“I want to swallow him now,” said April. “You got to swallow him last time!”

April lifted Mike above her mouth, but June interrupted her. “Make sure your dampening field is activated, so he can’t activate his neutrino assimilator and re-enlarge while he’s inside your belly!”

April flicked a switch on her utility belt, then swallowed Mike. When they returned inside the mansion, Amnesio asked where Mike was, and April informed him that she had just swallowed him.

“I need him! June, use a neural stimulator to force April to vomit him back up.”

June used her device as Amnesio ordered, and vomited into the sink. June picked Mike out of the puddle of vomit and rinsed him off, then clenched him in her fist.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the mansion, May had tied Moxie to a chair with her hands bound behind her back, then June duct taped Mike to Moxie’s right thigh. "It's interesting that you found me today," Amnesio told them. "I recently completed a new mind control device, the previous version didn’t work on people who had been miniaturized, and I need to test the newer version out on Micromage."

"Drop dead, creep!" Moxie yelled at him.

“How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” said Amnesio.

“King Lear Act 1, Scene 4,” said Mike.

“The only reason you were able to find me today is because I wished it,” said Amnesio. “I purposely left clues for you to track me down. When I first developed my mind control device, it apparently didn’t work on the brains of people who have been miniaturized. I’ve made some improvements recently, so I lured Micromage here to test it out. He will be completely mesmerized, and quite useless!”

Amnesio continued: “It's also interesting that I am in the process of relocating. All my furniture has been packed and shipped to my new location. I've already sold the land this mansion occupies to a new buyer! I informed them that I would take care of the demolition process, they aren’t interested in the mansion itself. Pity that they will have to clean up the charred corpses of a young teenage girl and a miniaturized self-proclaimed hero!"

Amnesio pushed a button on a remote control device in his hand, and heavy metal music began to emanate from speakers located throughout the room. "This is Dio's greatest hits album!" Amnesio informed Moxie.

"Tell someone who cares!" Moxie said defiantly.

"You should care," Amnesio continued, because I rigged a circuit connected to some C4 explosives that are keyed to go off when this CD player finishes the last song of this album! This entire mansion will be utterly destroyed, with you in it! It was nice knowing you!"

Amnesio exited the room, followed by his three female assistants. When they were gone, Moxie tried untying her hands from the rope that bound her. A recording of Amnesio's voice could be heard coming from speakers, saying: "Mike Roman, you are on hidden camera! This is all part of a new reality television series that you and Moxie will be starring in!"

"Mike, we've got to get out of here! Amnesio has some C4 that's set to go off when this album finishes the last song!"

Mike was strapped to Moxie’s thigh with duct tape. He replied, "You're crazy, Moxie! We're going to be on TV! This is all part of one of those reality shows!"

"No, Mike!" Moxie argued. "That's just what Amnesio wants you to think! You're mesmerized right now!"

"We have to do what Amnesio wants us to do!" Mike argued.

The voice from the speaker instructed Mike to stay where he was. Moxie realized she had to play along with Amnesio's game to defeat him. "Mike," Moxie said, "I was briefed on the specifics of the show! In order to win the one-million dollar prize, you have to go against what Amnesio is telling you to do!"

"Are you serious?" Mike asked.

“Yes! Unstrap yourself from the duct tape and work your way over my shoulder and untie my hands!”

Mike looked over and saw the rectangular block of C4 with wires hooked up to it. Without an engineering background, it would be impossible to unhook the C4 from the circuit without causing it to explode. Mike forced his way out of the duct tape, and in several moments, he was free. Moxie’s legs weren't tied to the chair she was sitting in.

"Mike," Moxie instructed, "climb over my shoulder and untie my hands from behind my back! Remember, you have to do this if you want to be the star of this new reality television show!"

Mike, at one inch tall, climbed over Moxie’s shoulder as she had instructed, and reached her hands. When Moxie felt Mike on her right hand, she felt Mike untied her from the chair.

"Good job, Micromage!" Moxie said triumphantly.

By the time the last Dio song played, Mike had untied Moxie from her ropes, and she had escaped with Mike to the front yard, just before the mansion exploded from the C4 explosives Amnesio had set to go off. The explosion was as large as Amnesio had warned them, but both Mike and Moxie were far enough away that they were completely safe.

Mike used his neutrino assimilator built into his gauntlet to return to normal size.

"The Teen Preference awards are tonight!" Moxie said. "We've got to head over there, to see if we can stop Amnesio before he carries out his plan!"

"There's no time to change!" Mike replied. "We'll have to go to the awards show dressed as Micromage & Vector-Girl!"

To Be Continued!
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