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Jesus said, "Obey or I will kill you."( Luke 19:27)
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A Secret Society should be secret...

The secret of the Illuminate is all over Youtube.
It cost a lot of money to run a government.
And the Illuminate spend a lot on getting their candidates elected.
If you want to get things done, you need a lot of donors. ..
But, if your secret society is constantly being analyzed it isn't a secret.

According to the Catholic Wanderer, the Pope is a member of the Illuminate.
Pope Francis is from Argentina and has a daughter. He joined the Illuminate in his youth.
Before Pope Francis entered the priesthood he had a daughter and was in a masonic labor union.
Pope Francis believes in Liberation Theology and supports the Illuminate labor party in Rome.
He openly supports reunification with the Anglican Church of England and the Masonic Royal Order.

This would enrage my dad, who was an Angas Dei Catholic and a Fenian.
Dad said, "The Illuminate want a New World Order with no Catholics in it."
I did not care about Catholicism or the Illuminate.
It just wasn't important to me and the Latin Mass was very boring.
I liked the choir and the organ ... But, I have trouble understanding Latin.

I believe God speaks to all religions and spiritual people.
There have been many wicked Popes.
The Pope is a dictator, who believes he is infallible in matters of faith.
Catholics must believe this and never question dogma.
Why are there no female Priests?
There might have been a female Pope in disguise.

Dad liked to attend the Hibernians in South Boston.
I liked the food and live bands, like The Clancy Brothers.
This was not a secret society...I met Mayor Bill Bulger there.
Dad was a conservative Democrat, who voted for John F. Kennedy.
I'm a moderate Democrat, who is skeptical about Fenians and the Illuminate.
Dad believed the KKK Masons in Dallas Texas assassinated President Kennedy.

How should I know?
It's a secret.+

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