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When will the economy bubble pop?

What caused the Great Depression of the 1930s?
The banks were overextended in loans and mortgages
as they are now.
And when the Federal Reserve called in their loan
to the banks, the banks fell like dominoes.

Some utopian economists believe the Federal Reserve can
keep printing money to cover a 22 trillion dollar debt.
They call this paper currency democracy money.
Some say we have petrol dollars.
But the national debt continues to rise.

What is very worrisome is the growing multibillion-dollar military budget.
Every state in the union has a weapons manufacturing contract.
Every Senator is encouraged to spend more money on industrial-military contracts.
But, the money is not backed by gold or silver it is petrol dollars.
There is a need for more oil and more wars for oil.

Eventually, the bubble will pop.
And there will be a war to end all wars.
Let us hope reasonable people prevail.
There are enough nukes to burn off the atmosphere and boil the oceans.
But, there is no prophet in that.

Bob County

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