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Chapter 14: Ivy's Poison Parts
As Poison Ivy walked back to her hideout, with her new toy in her hand she was satisfied. Usually she doesn’t do this, especially given how much she hates humans. The difference about the one she has captured though is that he is helpless, and clearly doesn’t want to. His been trying to pull himself from the this entire time. Of course you didn’t succeed, but that was making her look forward to this.

As she moves into her secret hideout, it goes dark for a long while until finally you saw her home. Plants everywhere. It looked similar a normal person’s home, just more plants? Surely not what you were expecting to see. She walked through the living room, her plants reacting to her being.

“Not now my sweets, I have to deal with this small human.” She said simply which left you worried. What will she do?. She walked into another room, where her bed was. Of course plants all around which left you worried. This woman had control over all plants or at least that is what you know.

“W-What are you going to do to me?” You question within her grasp. She smiled right at you but it was not a kind and caring smile. It was not a smile that calmed you down, in fact it very much did the opposite. It left you worried and scared.

“What am I going to do? I’m going to have my fun. Now, let’s begin.” She said as she dropped you. Not onto the bed like some other girls would, no she dropped you right onto the ground. It was a far fall for you, and when you hit you felt no safe landing as you hit the wood.

“Ow...” You say simply as you turn around, rolling onto your back as she smiled down to you.

“Since you humans like treading on grass so much, I think it’s about time you people get a taste of your own medicine.” She said as she lifted her foot. She lifted her foot up high and stomped it right down onto you. You could do nothing about it as it came right down and pushed him into the wood. Since she doesn’t wear shoes often, her foot was dirty and covered. She pushed it down with little remorse as you got a foot full.

With a evil smirk, she shifted her soles over you. Grinding you against her flawless skin as she was loving it. Most humans aren’t small enough to step on, so this was making her enjoy it. She twisted and danced her foot around as she made it hell for you.

Up above, Ivy was loving it so much that she was tempted to move her hands to her breasts and start fondling herself. Actually, that is exactly what she is going to do.

Moving her hands into her green outfit, she touched her nipples and started playing with herself, grinding you even more as she played herself.

She stopped for a second, but it was just to give a command. Lifting her sole and resting it on the heel she gave you the simple order.


“B-But that’s not fair? Grass doesn’t lick.”

“I don’t care! Do it or i’ll stomp you into nothing you little pest.”

Considering she was an evil eco terrorist, she was going to do it if you did not lick. So you did just that. Moving your head forward and licking her sole. Dirt entering your mouth as she felt this. Touching herself more as she was enjoying this to a stupid degree. Eventually she slipped one of her hands down her outfit, feeling her privates and smiling. “Well little human, it would seem you can do the one thing no other man can. Get me wet.”

You kept licking as a response, cause you really don’t want to anger this woman. She smiled at this, seeing how scared you were of her. Why can’t all humans be as small and as useless.

“Now, let’s stop.” She said seemingly to have had her fun, but when she looked down at your body. “You know what, let’s try it one more time.” She said as she stomped right down onto you. Pushing even harder as she kept lifting her foot and stomping it down. This happened multiple times as she treated you like a bug.

She got creative with it at least, as she stopped stomping and just walked over you. Walking around the room and stepping on you several times to replicate the situation grass is in.

She waited for a while until she picked you up, harshly you should add. She held you in her fingers and seemed to be trying to squeeze the life out of you. You were not happy about it, but it was happening.

She walked around and went to the bed, sitting down as she smiled. She held you and made you watch as vines came and began to strip her. Pulling everything off until she was as naked as you are.

The green really adds to her completion, and this woman was beyond beautiful. It was so natural. too bad her personality is so wicked.

“I’m sorry.” You say back to her defending yourself “I-I-I will never step on grass, or eat plants of anything like that!”

“I know you won’t, you are too small.” Ivy said rolling her eyes. “But that doesn’t get you out of the punishment I will give you. I’m... venting to you. All my issues with humans, you are about to get.

“What other issue is there?” You say as you than defend yourself. “Just wondering!”

“You humans, so ignorant to the problems you are creating. That’s why I hate all of you.” She said rolling her eyes. “Global warming, cutting down trees, vegetarians! Oh don’t even get me started there.”

“I won’t!” You say defending yourself as your eyes shift around over her naked body, and sadly her stomach. She saw your eyes shift and she got a fun idea.

“Speaking of vegetarians, I think it’s only fair I reverse the situation.” She said with a massive smirk as this is not what you wanted. She opened her mouth wide and showed her white teeth to you. You move around and try to free yourself, but found that you cannot. She dragged you around so if she did bring down her teeth you would get cut in half. All you could do was see inside of her mouth as you cry.

“Please! Don’t do this! I-I’m sorry for everything humans do and- Ahh!” You shout as you feel her teeth stab into your stomach and your back. It felt like hell, but thankfully it was not enough for her to actually cut you in half. She held you there for a long while as she let you scream. Eventually stopping as she opened her mouth and shifted you around.

You get turned and pulled as you were then pushed into her lips. At the side of your head as you could feel just how plus they were.

Not only that but you could see her pulling your arm right into her...

“Ivy don’t!” You shout as she brings her teeth together. Chomping don on your arm as you scream from the insane pain. You feel like she was holding nothing back this time. Thankfully your arm was barely able to make it between the columns of teeth, so despite being hurt and broken, it was still there. She opened it up and you were resting, feeling your broken arm.

“Why did you do that!?” You say, with tears in your eyes as she simply laughed.

“Oh, do you want me to kiss it better. Here.” She said as she pushed her lips right to you. You barely had time to react what was happening as you were pushed into the lips. Feeling them drive into you as you were given a very powerful kiss. She dragged it right into your face a bit too powerful, and when she finally pulled away you were covered in her lipstick.

Dropping you down onto her bed right between her thighs and right in front of her womanhood.

You know it was stupid, but after what she has put you through you thought you had a chance to escape. As you ran though, you did not cause she manage to stop you with one, powerful world.


And just like that, your body didn’t react as it froze in place. You were shocked and amazed at this, seeing you could not move your body around at all. A big frown on your face as you gritted your teeth.

“Come back.”

With that command, you could do nothing as you were dragged back. Having to turn around and walk that way closer towards her. You face her and stand opposite of her as she wore a smile.

“What...” You sat gritting your teeth struggling to get the words out. “Is happening...”

“Don’t worry about it.” She replied simply with a laugh. “Come to my thighs. Let me squish you between them.”

And once again, you didn’t seem to have a choice as you did just that. Getting closer to her and facing her womanhood. She can control you with a kiss? You wish you had that power, you would get out of this stupid situation.

“Now welcome it.” She said simply as you did jus that, opening your arms up and welcoming it. With a smile she closed her legs on you. Closing it there as she smiled widely. She started to mess with you, grinding you against her bare thighs as she was loving it. You were so weak and powerless before, now you were literally forced to obey every command that she gives you. Of course it was going to make her enjoy it. She shifted it over again and again when suddenly she decided to stop. She stopped herself, as she decided on what she was going to do to you next. Opening them up she relaxed as she sat right there, seeing your discarded body after what just happened. She was not going to let you rest though.

“Get up.” She commanded, and due to that kiss you have to listen. Standing up as you grit your teeth even more.

“I... hate this.”

“Oh, you won’t be saying that in a minute.” She cooed, almost like she didn’t have something evil planned for you. You knew better though, and you were worried.

“Noe, come inside me.”

“N-No!” You shout, however your body commanded. Stepping forward no matter how much you tried to stop it. After a while, you did end up stopping yourself, as instead of shifting your body back, you shifted it forward. You figured this force I stronger than you, but if you go with it too much.

Your plan worked! You fell right down onto your stomach as you smirk at her.

“Hah! Not doing it! You shout to her as she had her eyebrow raised.

“Got to admit, you did something you haven’t before. That doesn’t change the fact though that you are going in, one way or another.”

When she did this, she shifted her hands around beckoned something over. Something came and grabbed you, lifting you up and wrapping around you. You not only could not move because of the kiss, but now a vine was wrapped around you. Hovering you up off the bed and to her smile.

“I suppose this is better, I can control what you do inside me, not you.”

“P-Please don’t.” was all you could simply say.

It wasn’t enough though, as she dragged you right down and stuffed you into her pussy. She thrusted you in there with the vine as you got inserted and pulled out. Poison Ivy fell right onto her back, grunting and squealing with every movement that she forced you to endure. She loved the feeling of you in there, just the concept of using a human as a dildo. It got the eco terrorist excited.

She repeated doing this several times, in and out, in and out. While you were forced to watch it headfirst. Your body getting covered in no time and your body getting chaffed.

As she got faster and faster, she could feel herself about to burst. Admittedly, she was not a master at the orgasm. She has only done it with one other, and she was a bit too crazy to be trusted.

She did this so many times though, as finally she sprayed her toxins right onto you. Right over your face as you can’t believe. Whether it was because of her plant bio, but her pussy juices were a lot more... sticky. Like a plant trap.

She smiled as she rested, lifting the vine out as you get hovered up. Poison Ivy’s smile at you as you did not like this.

“Ahh... what a fucking toy.” She said with a laugh. As she than yawned. “Feeling tired all of a sudden, maybe... maybe I should kill you right now. It would be pretty easy.

You would talk, but you were still coated in what she developed onto you. She eventually decided against it, as she relaxed and pulled back the vine. “Nah, you are too valuable to kill. Instead i’ll let you live, be glad i’m sparing your useless life.”

You would be happy about it, but not in this situation of course. You were angry you just got used, once again. This time by a villain though, who not only stomped on you as hard as she can, but also broke your arm and tried to impale you with her teeth.

“Now, i’m gonna sleep, and to make sure you won’t be a little creep crawling over my body?” She questioned as she than whipped the vine. Sending you flying over and out of the room. She clearly had no regard for you, and as you hit with a thud and rolled, that became clear.

You got up and gripped your shoulder, covered in a coat as you were just about to cry. What the fuck are you gonna do? Well escape obviously. You were not gonna get used by that stupid villain ever again. Luckily due to a pattern, you knew she would be sleeping now. So it was your chance.

“Oh! Ivy got a sex toy!” A voice said that got you to pause, it sounded happy, and jumpy. Many steps came as you slowly turned around, seeing a giant girl in a red and black outfit. She had white makeup on and a devious smirk on her face. “A small guy too, oh that’s exciting.”

“Shit.” You reply knowing who this was. It was the insane Harley Quinn!”

“Now, do I want Ivy’s sloppy seconds, hmm...” Harley said with her finger to her chin, until she smiled. “Hehe, of course! Come here to Momma Harley!!!”
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