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Leaky What? Leaky Gut!
It's been a few days and I feel great! Why? It's kind of a long story, about a months worth, but don't worry, we can condense this stuff down further than Campbell's soup.

I was doing what I had come to think of as average for myself a month ago. I have gained some weight from ending my smoking period, and on top of the excess I already have, was getting way too heavy. Also, my back was hurting, a lot. It's an old injury but as winter arrived it grew worse than ever before. Also, I was tired and feeling run down, kind of in a fog, and just filled with the Blah. Winter blues I thought, and I was doing alright at holding my own against them.

Then I stumbled across some information about something called Leaky Gut Syndrome, and it seemed like what I was suffering from. But, the medication was herbal, not much for support form other research, and I was leery, especially at the cost of the herbal medication. Even so, I thought, if it works it will be worth it. I spent a week doing further research on the product, the condition, and the list of ingredients in the medication. I decided to try it, and ordered one months worth for a trial run.

A week later and I find out it's going to be a while to fill the order! By this time, I should have had the stuff, and now I find out it hasn't even shipped yet. I was very upset and figured I had fallen for a scam. I wrote a not so nice letter, expecting it to not even be delivered, but it did go through. I do have to say at this point, I did not ever get an actual replay to the letter I wrote, but shortly after I was notified that my order had shipped. a few days ago I received an apology letter and a coupon for 50% off my next order, no limits. I also received my product, last Wednesday.

Eager to try it, I started right away on Wednesday and also, on Thursday, decided to make a batch of homemade, from scratch, vegetable beef soup. It was difficult to do much of this kind of thing for me, due to my back hurting so much, but I set myself up with a stool in the kitchen and took frequent breaks as I washed and prepared the vegetables. I had not eaten lunch, so snacking was my plan, since I had lots of yummy vegetables at hand.

It all went well, except as I was cleaning, and snacking on some broccoli, I discovered a bit of dark coloring within the plant stem and into the florets. Barely noticeable, but it was there, so I discarded it, but not before I had snacked on some of it. I didn't think much about it, since it taste fine and it wasn't really anything except discolored. In fact, I almost used it in the soup, but decided at the last minute not to.

The soup was terrific, the whole family enjoyed it, an everyone did fine, but me. By the time dinner was over, I was in extreme stomach pain! I took Pepto-Bismo to help with the pain, as well as Tylenol, and it helped, but not much. By 8:00 pm, I was becoming feverish and I retired to bed. I did not get over the fevers and pain, which by later that night had extended to full body pain in all my joints, my entire abdomen, and an extreme headache until Tuesday morning, when I woke finally feeling better.

Better, but so week I could not even open a bottle of Pepsi, or walk across the apartment without having to stop and rest. The fever had finally stopped, the aches and pain had all diminished, but there were flare ups and like I said, a lot of weakness. It took another two days to regain my strength and fully recover. I would have to say I had some kind of food poisoning, and I'm just thankful that I didn't end up in the hospital.

Tuesday, feeling better, I returned to my bottle of herbal medication, thinking that it may also help with the recovery and healing, since it was for stomach/digestive issues. Wednesday I continued with no real changes except for being a bit stronger and more rested. Thursday I was no longer ill and that's when I noticed I had not only regained my strength, but I had more energy than I've had in a long time. Also, my back seemed to be less sore. This morning, and through the morning, I have been feeling better than I have for years! My back pain is all but gone, I have a lot more energy, my thinking/concentration is clear, and even my mood is better.

Many of my symptoms, including the increased back pain were stated in the advertisement as possible side effects of Leaky Gut Syndrome. I have also had problems with elevated white blood cells with no reason, immune problems, and stomach and digestive issues for about seven years now. I have seen doctors over the years and never found any cause, just treatments for the symptoms I was suffering. Recently, I was told that I may have West Nile Virus, since I was bitten years back by a deer tick and the condition was verified at the time. I had also gotten shots and antibiotics, but I was told they do not always stop the infection.

But now, I'm a believer that it was all side-effects of the stomach/digestive issues I've been plagued with over the last seven years; I also believe that Leaky Gut Syndrome was the culprit. I'm excited, yet still giving myself time to see if this continues or if it's short lived; I am hopeful, however, that it will not only continue, but even increase as I continue to take the supplements over the next month.

If your interested in knowing more about Leaky Gut Syndrome or the medication I found to treat it, please write and I'll share the information I found. I'm also thinking about switching to a different supplement after this is done and see if the lower cost one does as well. If it does, great, but if it doesn't I'll be switching back to the current one. It's a bit expensive, but if it works and I can feel this good all the time, it's a small price to pay.

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