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Rated: 18+ · Book · Romance/Love · #2211207
A Work Place Romance
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#974157 added May 6, 2020 at 8:04pm
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Going Up! ~ Chapter One
Ted entered the elevator at its lowest level, directly from the subway station that stopped below the museum, like he did every day. She always entered on the elevators next stop, the parking garage. Most days the routine never varied, she got on, and they greeted each other, a smile and nod from him. Her shy little smile gracing her pretty face before she turned around to face the closing doors, both of them ready for the ride to the top floor Administrative Offices of the Museum. As the elevator made its way up the building, she was eventually hidden from view by the increasing press of people. He enjoyed the first minutes of their ride together, 'their alone time,' chuckling to himself, the most. The gentle scent of her perfume filled the car with light flowers. She was, as his rather flamboyant Assistant Douglas, had said repeatedly, "very easy on the eyes". Ted had to admit, Dougie was correct in that assessment. Most days she dressed in classic business attire, which did little to hide her striking figure. Today's black pencil skirt and soft white blouse were no exception, her skirt ended above her knees revealing a shapely, well turned calf. She was shorter than him, in her flats, her head would have nestled comfortably into his chest as they embraced. Sighing, Ted shook off the daydream forming in his mind as they arrived at the top floor. It would be rather difficult to pass off his bodies reaction to his flight of fantasy as he walked to his office.


Parking in her assigned spot, Allison hurried to the elevator, she wasn't late, but she needed to make sure she was there at the right moment. Often she had to wait for the elevator to go all the way up and return to the subway floor before He was on it. The first things she had noticed about him were his kind, gentle eyes and that sexy smile. His suits were always neat, shoes nicely shined, he was a traditional dresser, mostly a white shirt and power tie type of guy. He kept his hair neatly combed, except for one cute little lock that insisted on dropping down and curling on to his forehead, defying his every attempt to control it. He was deliciously taller than her, well-built, an ideal cuddle partner, the thought making her smile shyly. Her back to him now, she often wondered what He thought about during their shared ride? She had never liked being ogled, but this was different. She enjoyed pretending that his eyes were drinking her in. Did he ever undress her with those kind eyes? She was glad He couldn't see her as she stepped out of the elevator, a pretty blush rising from her bosom, shading her face pink.


The Museum's Gala this year was a two fold celebration, it celebrated not just the Museums, Anniversary, but also the commencement of the major renovation the Museum had been planning for several years. As usual all Museum personal at the Administrative Level were expected to attend, Ted hadn't able to find a way to wiggle out of it, so today he boarded the elevator, brief case and garment bag in tow. He dreaded the party, dreaded all parties really. He enjoyed quiet times spent with special people, not the forced good nature he had to share with the Museum's many patrons. His day brightened when she joined him in the elevator. She too had a garment bag, a bit of a surprise for Ted, as an Administrative Assistant, normally she would not be asked to attend the Gala. Ted asked, "are you coming to the Gala tonight?" Awkward and eager at the same time, he kicked himself mentally for his lack of "cool".

Her answer though pushed those thoughts from his, first that shy smile, then, "my boss will be out of town, so the Department nominated me to attend in his place," before taking her usual position facing the sliding doors.

Still, a bit off guard, "well that's just grand," smiling broadly, "at least there'll be one distraction at this thing tonight."

A slight flush touched the cheek he could see, tension gripping her posture, she sounded almost disappointed when she answered, "nice, nice to be thought of as a...Distraction," Before he could recover and repair his botched attempt at flirtation, the doors opened once again, the elevator flooding with people entering from the main lobby, cutting off any hope of fixing things.


She had chosen her gown carefully after being directed by her boss to attend the Gala. She wanted something sedate enough to be "work acceptable" and yet be striking enough to attract attention. "Red...red was okay" she thought aloud, it is a Gala, there'll be lots of red. The gown though was a departure from the usual for her, the hem would touched the floor in her red high heels, the dress featured a side slit that went midway up her thigh, showing quite a bit more of her supple leg then she was comfortable with at work. A deeply plunging neckline would emphasize her ample bosom. Now she wasn't so sure. "Distraction," thinking out loud, "is that what I am, nothing but a distraction in his busy day? Maybe she wouldn't go to the damned Gala after all, home, pjs, hot chocolate and her fuzzy slippers sounded a lot better than high heels and jerks. 'Frig him,' she thought as she slammed the closet door closed, finishing aloud, "just another ass hole!" She tried everything on her boss, not feeling well, too much work, bad weather coming in, every attempt was shot down. She was stuck, really stuck unless she wanted to quit, that would show him, she'd quit. "Yeah, right," talking to herself again, "that would really show'em, become unemployed...perfect plan." She decided not to bother with the gown and it's sexy high heels, she'd wear what she had on now. He didn't deserve anything better, none of the clowns she worked with deserved better.

Heading out of the office she ran straight into Doug, "whoa, there Sweetie, we are we hurrying off to now and why aren't you dressed," frowning, "the Gala starts in a half hour."

"I am dressed," she retorted, "as dressed as I'm going to be anyway," her voice and eyes shooting daggers.

"So wait," he asked, "you bought a killer red gown and you're not wearing it...?

"No," her lips pouting a bit.

"...but why," he continued.

"Because I don't want to be a...a distraction to in some assho...idiots day," tears welling up in her eyes.

"Oh Allie," turning her about, pushing her back into her office, "I live to be a distraction. Crossing the threshold, he began unzipping her skirt.

"Douglas," she exclaimed in protest, "what the hell..."

"You shush now," letting the skirt drop into a pool at her feet, "we have to get you dressed for the ball Cinderella," unbuttoning her blouse, "and besides the reason you love me is that I'm your favorite girlfriend."

Strangely enough, she couldn't argue with his reasoning, he was her work confidant and maybe her only friend at work. She blushed a bit when he complimented her on choosing to wear red panties, blushing even harder when he pointed out, "I would have chosen a thong though".

She did protest and tried to stop him when he reached to unclasp her bra. "Dougie...really?"

"This is a no bra dress Sweetie," turning his back to her, "so off it comes, Allie does it or Dougie does it."

"Fine" she huffed, she reached back and undid the clasp, tossing the bra aside, she stepped into the gown and pulled it into place. "How the heck do I keep my boobs in this thing?"

Doug laughed as he turned back, "silly, you haven't even taken the tags off yet?" Removing the tags and a small plastic bag, "with magic, that's how those lushes boobies stay covered until the right moment." He produced several strips of very special double faced tape from the bag, after arranging the material carefully to expose just the right amount of her creamy flesh, he gently taped the gown in place.

Doug got her shoes from her bag, "alrighty than, get these on, time for the ball"

She spun a bit after putting on the red heels, "do I look okay," not used to being this dressed up, she was still blushing a bit at the "luscious boobies" comment. 'Being a bit distracting wouldn't be a bad thing,' she thought.

Dougie, teased her long, blonde locks into place, "Sweetie, if I weren't gay, you'd never make it to the ball. "Now go get Him," patting her on her curvy bottom like he was sending a star quarterback in to win the championship.

Signiture Item...I'm only the trombone player!
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