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Chapter 3 and Coming on Strong

I see the girl I’m supposed to collect falling, falling, and falling. I guess Antonio’s lot got to her first. Smart girl though, making sure that they’ll never have her or what’s in her head. She is getting close to her death though, so I do need to bring her back to HQ alive.

I walk down the side of the building silently. Not wanting to attract anyone’s attention and grab the girl around the waist, halting her plummet to death. She’s panting heavily, and I would let her rest for a moment to catch her breath, but I can hear shouts, and we don’t have much time. “Can you stand?” I ask, my voice clipped and taught. She shakes her head, trembling. Heh, shock has probably made her temporarily mute, and it was foolish of me to ask. Nobody can get back up on their feet right away after a fall like that.

“All right then. Get on my back. Up you go.” I say this as I lift the girl carefully onto my back. She grips my shoulders so tightly that I’m pretty sure that my arms are going to be numb by the end of this ordeal. I walk back up the building carefully so as not to throw the girl into hysterics. I pull us over the rim of the roof of the building and we’re standing on top.

I hear the creak of a door opening and set the girl down. I spin on my heel to face the possible threat. I see a woman in a leopard print pant suit opening the door. She’s quite ugly really. There’s an entourage of men behind her. Dang. A bloodcurdlist. I notice her reaching into her pocket for something, and I’m pretty sure it’s not a blood vial.

“What’ve you got there witch? Blood? If you think you can control me, you’re wrong.” I snarl, blocking my charge from view. “You silly boy,” the bloodcurdlist laughs whimsically, “I wouldn’t dare try that with you. You’re much too clever. No. I have something much more effective.”

I tense, preparing for the worst. The woman smirks and pulls out… a knife? She must be more stupid than I thought! She throws it perfectly. The knife cuts through the air, whistling sharply. It’s almost as fast as a bullet. Deftly, I catch the knife and taunt, “You missed.” “Oh I never miss darling.” She drawls. I feel a tickling sensation in my palm and glance down at the blade in my hand. Blood is trickling down the smooth, steel surface. Great. Just great. I guess it’s the hard way.

I pull a smoke bomb out of my pocket with my good hand and toss it at the goons’ feet. Careful not to breath in the smoke, I put the girl over my shoulder, run down the side of the building, and disappear into the maze of streets and alleys. I can hear sharp voices and footsteps behind us as I sprint through Elbert Drive. “Where’d they go?” “They can’t have gone far!” “Yeah! He won’t last long! Mistress’ poison is fatal!”

I slide into the sewers and the voices fade away. It’s going to be one smelly trip to base, but it’s the fastest way there. Luckily, the water level is low so it makes for easy travel, otherwise, I would have been waist deep in sludge. In about fifteen minutes, we’re at the entrance. “Password?” The word rings out before I can even knock on the door. “Antonio’s Bane.” I breath. “Welcome back chief.” I flinch at the word chief as the door closes behind me. I’m not the leader. I’m just subbing in for him until he gets back.

I put the girl down gently on her feet. “Thank you.” She mouths as a few of the other kids lead her away. I shrug, and then, the world begins to spin. “Hey, can I get somebody to check out this cut?” A younger boy’s voice says as I crumple to my knees.

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