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Terror, a short story for you horror geeks
I run down the street as quickly as I can, trying to get home before dark. I stop at a crosswalk, panting,it’s sunset, the time when the monsters and creatures come out. I’m scared and sweaty. Not a great combination. The town is usually a beautiful and fun place to live but now at sunset, though breathtaking it hides an ugly secret. The light turns green and I walk calmly across the street, concealing my anxiety and as soon as round the corner, break into a full out run. I sprint all the way home. I sigh with relief, I barely made it home and the sun is sinking down over the horizon. I reach my hand in my pocket to pull out my keys and unlock the door but find an empty pocket and a hole. Panicked, I begin to knock on the door shouting, “Help! Let me in!” desperately trying to get my family’s attention, but they don’t seem to hear me. The sun sinks below the treeline and it’s pitch black for a few seconds and then the street is bathed in an eerie white light. I spot a figure in a black hoodie under one of the streetlights. Creepy, but not creepier than any monster could be.

Timidly, I call, “Hello? Could you help me get into my house?’” The person moves closer but stops a few steps away from the sidewalk, dangling my keys in front of their face. A wide frightening smile breaks out across their face and they say in gravely, croaky voice, “Aren’t you going to come get them?’
It's close to midnight. Something evil's lurking from the dark
I close my eyes and take a breath, then I open them to a scene I couldn’t even begin to explain. Grotesque creatures of every shape size and species. It’s the stuff of nightmares.
Under the moonlight. You see a sight that almost stops your heart
I stifle a scream in my throat before it could come out. I never should have stayed so late at the coffee shop. This mistake could get me killed or worse.
You try to scream. But terror takes the sound before you make it
I carefully pull out a flashlight, maybe the monsters are afraid of bright lights? That’s just wishful thinking on my part but at least I’ve got a little bit of protection.
You start to freeze. As horror looks you right between your eyes. You're paralyzed
I flash the light into the horde of creatures and the keys drop, clanging on the ground as a shriek rings from a bats lips. The monsters move closer, moving as one body, snarling, and growling. I’m done for.
'Cause this is thriller. Thriller night. And no one’s gonna save you.. From the beast about to strike
I’m paralyzed with fear and I can’t call out for help anymore because my voice won’t work. I quiver a little bit and step away from my doorstep, running to get over the fence to the back door, but the creatures have already thought of that.
Suddenly, an arrow flies and stabs one of the monsters through the head. “Stay away from the girl!” the distinct growl of a man rings out as yet another arrow flies taking out another monster. I sigh quietly, feeling a small spark of hope light up, but my heart sinks when the man says, “She’s mine.” The monsters clear a path to reveal a slender man in a cloak carrying a bow and holding a knife menacingly in his hand. He moves slowly and seems to have a limp but suddenly he moves with more swiftness then should be possible and in an instant he has cut my throat and I’m dead. Everything fades to black and nothingness.

A bright light pierces the dark and I wake up panting, in my bed, safe and away from the monsters. Still panicked, I survey my room and it finally dawns on me. It was only a nightmare. A nightmare that felt more real than life, I can still feel the knife at my throat... I think I’m doomed to die tonight.

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