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#978267 added March 16, 2020 at 12:14pm
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Some thoughts during this challenging time...
Dear Writing.Com,

We know that you’re being inundated with emails from companies concerning COVID-19 and what they are doing to cope with it. At Writing.Com, more than ever, we are grateful we have our amazing community to keep us connected and “social distancing” is how we roll. Take these next few weeks to spend some extra time here. Our members are encouraging, helpful, friendly, and we can be as “close” as we want to be in our community and that is huge right now in the world! We absolutely need those connections.

SM and I are big fans of finding positives from a negative. Yes, the world is on pause and our lives are being disrupted, but this could be a time for you to focus on you! Use these extra weeks to start that writing project you’ve been meaning to tackle, but just didn’t have the time. Take some hours in your day to read and review others here. You might just find a new online friend who makes you laugh, discover an exciting new genre to read, or reveal some slick reviewing skills you didn’t even know you had!

Interacting with each other here will absolutely keep you from boredom and there isn’t nearly the “doom and gloom” that you see elsewhere online. Let’s keep our community booming and creative and positive in these dark days.

A few ideas to get you started:

*Badge4* Send merit badges to each other, encouraging and lifting one another in spirit. There is just something to be said for seeing one of those in your inbox or real life mailbox!

*CheckG* Organize your portfolio! We know this can take some thought for some of you, especially if you have lots of items, but now is the time to do that!

*Reading* Read some random items from the “Read and Review” link on that left side menu. You will be making connections that might brighten someone’s day.

*Pencil* Start on that new writing project you’ve been planning in your head for years. Post about that on newsfeed and let everyone know your plans and progress!

*News* Click over to our Newsfeed and see what the rest of the community is doing. What are they reading? What new item are they advertising? It’s a great way to find a fun new activity you might not have otherwise discovered! Make sure you follow Writing.Com Support ’s newsfeed for daily prompts and activities!

*Writing* Start a blog! These days are different, we all know that. Start a blog for each day and fill it with your thoughts. It is never a bad idea to record your perspectives and observations, so that you have them to look back on weeks, months, years later.

*Dialog* Find some forums to post in and get into a conversation! Search for a topic you are interested in and join in the discussions. This is a wonderful way to interact within the community.

*People* Join a group that interests you and jump right in! Groups are a fantastic way to connect with others of your same interests. Now, more than ever, when connections are not encouraged in the outside world, we encourage you very much to reach out to each other in our little Writing.Com world!

*Hug* Invite your friends to join us here! Writing.Com is special and we know that. Now is the time to share that and encourage your friends who love reading and writing to join your favorite online community. We know some of you like to keep us your little secret, but be kind and spread the positivity to your friends. They might just discover something new for themselves, too.

You’ve been handed this opportunity in life to slow down. Perhaps in the weeks to come, you will view that as a gift, depending on how you use that precious time. In 1665, Isaac Newton had to stay home due to the plague that ravaged Europe and he came up with some of his best ideas during those months. You now have that extra time in your days over the next few weeks to actually sit down and do the things you’ve “been meaning to do”. We know it’s not a perfect scenario in our world right now, but take that negative and turn it into a positive… for yourself and for each other! We are literally all in this together.

Stay safe out there, friends! *Heart*
The StoryMistress and The StoryMaster

PS... Please don't judge me on any found grammatical errors or typos this morning. *Wink* I wanted to reach out to all of you as quickly as I could today and just wrote from my heart.

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