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april 9th (8th ) poems
Thursday April 9

the future is comingwriting.com prompt

the future is upon us
as we live
in a SF world

the question remains
will the future be bright
and filled with hope
will we overcome climate change
and repair the broken dying world

will humanity take to the stars
leaving behind our planet
as we colonize the solar system
and invent faster than light
interplanetary travel

will the future be a dark Orwellian nightmare
will fascism take over the world
starting in the United States
as democracy dies not in the dark
but in the bright light of day

as the public embraces
fascisms applauding
the end of our freedoms
in the vain hopes
that will save us all

will the evil AI
take over the world
unleashing endless robot wars
screaming death to all humans?

the old song says
que sera seara
the future is not
for us to see

but I hope and pray
that in these dark dangerous times
we can overcome

and end up with the vision
of hope transforming the world
and not end up
with the dark Orwellian future
that I fear is our fate

Unless of course
the AI robots
kill us first

poetry super highway

classical music prompt Beethoven fifth opening

the fate of the world
looms ahead of us
and we have a choice
to make

all of us
must decide

will we follow
the fate
of ancient Rome

surrendering our freedoms
and becoming an autocratic empire
ruled by emperors

will we become
like Germany
letting the madness
of fascism overwhelm us

will there be a final solution
to the problems
poised by the coming
transformation of America

as white America
becomes brown America

will muslims be rounded up
and killed
as ethnic cleansing
in the name of Christian freedom
sweeps across the land

will the evil AI robot
launch robot wars
to extermine mankind

will we choose
to confront
the pending climate change

rebooting our society
and economy
with a green new deal
putting people first

will the 1 percent
even let us try

or our we doomed
to end our lives
in a dystopian nightmare

I listen to the music
of Beethoven
and find comfort
as he confronts
the fate of the world

proving that human spirit
will overcome
in the end
filled with love

and I am saved
and my optimism returns

the sound of temple bell brings me peace writing.com prompt

the sound of a temple bell
ringing in the crisp mountain air
in the buddhist temple
deep in the mountains

brings me peace
and joy
and fills me with happiness
as I contemplate
the meaning of buddha

and seek to find
in the everyday life
around me

and I ring the bell
wishing hoping
for an end

to our suffering
on this planet
of ours

creative talents prompt one the old man in the lake sees God

An lonely retired old man sits
in a simple boat
In the middle of a lake
in the middle of a storm

a sudden onset of rain
blasts of brilliant lightning
and roaring thunder
the boat is overwhelmed

the old man debates
whether to give it up
head for shore
too late to resume fishing

By a brilliant flash of lightening
he sees in the sky
the snarling angry face of God
filling the sky with his visage

In a loud thunder clap
He hears
the snarling angry
voice of God

Old man in the lake
I have a message for you
it is time for you
to go home

prepare to meet your maker
the end times are coming
Armageddon is about to be unleashed
the final battle between good and evil
your mission is to warn
the world before it is too late
repent and you will be saved
otherwise you will die

suddenly the storm stops
the sky clears up
the spring time nice day
returns filling the air with hope

the old man in the boat in the lake
decides there was nothing
more to do
other than resume fishing

creative talents White Flower spring Time Haiku

now in the springtime
white flowers blooming in the park
corona death waits

creative talents balloons of hope

A young woman
walks in a park
on a sunny spring day

she has with her 25 red balloons
each one contains
the name of those
that recently died

in the corona virus pandemic
she is releasing the balloons
hoping they would rise
to heaven
with a request for God

to hear her prayers
End this pandemic
End the death
and destruction

release us from the corona pandemic
the woman releases the balloons
and slowly walks
back to her house
to prepare
to attend yet another funeral

creative talents Cthulu lurks in the evil cabin in the words

Deep in the bayous
of Louisiana
sits an abandoned cabin
in the swamps

the cabin is inhabited
by an ancient evil creature
newly risen from the depths
of hell

He has taken over the house
deep in the impenetrable swap
he prepares to unleash
an evil upon the world

calling upon the dark demons
of hell to emerge
into the light
and lead an army
of the undead zombies

to take over the world
and make old ancient one
Cthulhu the undisputed
king of the world

evil overwhelms the cabin
in the woods
and the smell of evil
seeps out into the surrounding bayous

the end times are near
the old demon in the cabin
summons the dead
the zombie armies arise

they begin to march
out of the swamps
unleashing hell
on the sleeping world
evil woman
with mad hair

creative talents unleashed evil woman grins six word poem

the best day of my life all poetry wedding poems contest

the best day of my life
was when the woman
of my dreams
became my wife

for eight years
she haunted my dreams
then one day
she walked out of my dreams
and entered my life that day

three days later
while walking in the woods
I proposed to her
and she said yes

two months later
we were married

It has been 45 years
since I first met her
in my dreams

and 38 years
since she walked
off that bus
into my life
becoming my wife

I met my fate
that date

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