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A man trying to carve out a piece of life for himself in the universe.
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Chapter 3
         Evin gasps awake inside a cylindrical chamber. Throat dry, he coughs and hacks dry heaps of air, as he pushes himself up from the metal floor. A sharp pain tears through his skull making him grab his temples with his hand.

         He looks around at his spacious, light-brown metal cell noticing the metal bracelets latched around his wrists and ankles with a blinking red light. Shirtless the only thing on his body is a brown pair of pants with no shoes.

         “Gravity restraints,” he says. “Why am I in gravity restraints?”

         His heart races as his palms fill with sweat.

         “What did I do? I don’t remember anything…”

         Then he remembers the events on the moon.

         “I went over my limit.” He says.

         With his hands, he touches his face chest and stomach to see if anything had happened to him.

         “My score reader’s gone.” He says glancing at his wrists.

         Then a loud buzz blares inside the chamber causing Evin to clasps his ears. Something switches on and a humming noise fill the chamber. The braces on his wrists and ankles beeps from red to solid blue and are pulled towards the walls of the room.

         Evin struggles to resist the pull but fails and his limbs stretches out in all directions suspending him in mid-air. Muscles stretch to their limits he feels his body stretch beyond their limits. Tightening his muscles and pulling, he tries his hardest to keep his body from being pulled apart. Above him, the metal roof spirals open and a one hundred and six feet long barrel lowers directly above Evin’s head.

         Evin freezes as he gazes into the dark barrel big enough to fit a man inside.

         “Schwerer Gustav” A man’s voice echo in the chamber.

         Drake looks down and sees a blonde haired man with blue eyes wearing glasses and deep blue coveralls.

         “An eighty centemetre cannon vit the penetration power of 7 meters of concrete at maximum elevation. Enough to bore a nice sized hole in a dragon such as yourself. As you may have guessed, you are vearing gravity restraints vit a little extra, how you say…umph put into it.”

         Then the man taps his wrist band and the humming in the room grows louder. Evin’s arms and legs are stretched near breaking point as bones snap inside his body. He screams in pain as he tries to resist the heavy pull.

         The man taps his wrist band again and the pulling ceases.

         “How did that feel,” the man asks.

         “Not good” Evin responds gasping with beads of sweat pouring down his face.

         “Pardon my rudeness, the man says, “I get excited vhen someone such as yourself enters my domain and tend to show off my gadgets. My name is Edmund Schönbeck prison warden here on Osiris Terminal.”

         “I’m back at the space station?”

         “Oh, Edmund reminds pointing up to the ceiling. This chamber is also rigged with twenty hydrogen bombs so should anything should happen…vell you know.”

         “Do you understand the situation you are in Evin Heartright,” the man asks as he wraps his hands behind his back.

         “You had me at the cannon part” Evin replies huffing in exhaustion.


         “What’s that floating next to you?” Evin asks pointing his head at the orange floating Torus beside the man.

         “Vat, this?” He responds pointing his hand at the 3d shape. He stares at for a few minutes as he folds his arms, wondering. “Hm. I don’t know”

         “Why am I here then?” Evin asks

         “You don’t’ know?” The prison warden asks. “You vent over your limit and turned into a dragon.”

         “A dragon?” Even shouts eyes widen in disbelief.

         “Yes a dragon a high class dragon to boot. Nearly destroyed the mining station.”

         “That’s not possible” Evin says shaking his head. My score wasn’t that high to begin with.”

         “Vell” The man sighs as he shrugs his shoulders. “I’m just a simple prison varden. They tell me to build a chamber to house a dragon and I build it.”

         “What’s going to happen to me?” Evin asks.

         “I suspect they’ll interrogate you, probe you, cut you open-I don’t know” he says with a dismissive wave. “But vhatever happens it vont be pretty. General Nadine died trying to put you down and she was a very important person to the council.”

         Evin’s eyes widen in shock as confusion fills his mind.

         “A general? A whole general died trying to stop me?” I never wanted to kill anyone. I was just working towards retirement.”

         “Why is this happening?” his voice echoes in the chamber.

         Evin breaks down sobbing as tears rolls down his face.

         Evin’s ill fourtune baffles him as he curses his existence. A low score that plagued him all his life bad prospects for a decent career and now he’s a criminal. Things were only getting started for him.

         “I need to talk to my mom” he says in a shaken voice. “She needs to know where I am”

         “Ohh, Tsk, sorry, but ve cannot allow you that right at the moment. Not before you’re interrogated.”

         “What could anyone possibly want from me,” Evin asks, “I don’t even know what happened yesterday.”

         “Yesterday?” Edmund says with an arched brow, “You’ve been unconscious for five months.
Evin’s eyes widen in disbelief.

         Five months, he thinks. I’ve been out for five months?

         “The mining operations on Gala has shut down, a new general has taken Nadines place. Any and all occurrences regarding your actions has been broadcasted throughout each and every available netvork.”
Edumund reaches into his pocket, pulls out at device and presses a button. A flat hologram image shows a news report.

         “Evin heartright is currently being held in a maximum security facility for the Karma catastrophe which lead to the death of General Nadine.” A female reporter says.

         The warden shuts off the broadcast and everything goes silent.

         Eyes still widened he lowers his head, processing everything that’s transpired.

         “Everyone in the galaxy knows you now”

         “Kill me.” Evin says in a soft tone.

         “Excuse me?” Edmund asks turning his head with his hand behind his ear.

         “I said kill me,” Evin shouts. “Shoot the cannon, end my life. It’s not worth anything anymore.”

         “Now Now Evin,” the warden says, “You don’t have to bee so glum about this. It is always important to look at things on the bright side.”

         “And what bright side is there?” Evin asks with an angry look on his face.

         “At least…youre not dead.”

         “I’m not seeing the bright side here Edmund”

         “Ofcourse there is,” Edmund says by the highly unlikely chance you escape this place, you may be able to fix things.”

         “How the hell am I supposed to fix things?” Evin asks eyes narrowing in anger. “I have no life, no job, no magic, and no aptitude in any of the sciences and now I’m a criminal.” How am I going to fix things?

         “Hey, just trying to cheer you up.” Edmund shrugs.

         Then the hatch slides open behind Edmund and in walks a woman with platinum hair wrapped up in a long braid hanging down her back. Wearing an officer’s uniform she snaps to attention and salutes the warden.

         “Sir, Officer Kaleen reporting for duty.” She speaks in a soft female voice.

         “Hm?” The warden says tilting his head to the side in suspicion. “Strange, vernt Gabrielle vas supposed the stand vatch?”

         “Bah” he says with a dismissive wave. “Who knows what goes on with the military now a days. Be sure to check his vitals every hour, I vant to be notified of the slightest abnormality.”

         “Yes sir.” The woman responds as the doctor walks past her and exits through the windowless hatch. The door hisses close behind him and a loud clack sounds signaling the doors locking.

         Evin, still in shock has his head lowered looking at the floor. His mind racing with many thoughts one of which was that of his family.

         What mom thinks about all this? Dad will probably be disappointed in me. He’s always disappointed in me. I guess it doesn’t matter now. I probably won’t see them again.

         “Does it bother you?” The woman says.

         Evin looks up and sees the woman with her back turned typing on a holographic keyboard and swiping the screen above of what appears to be a graph chart with fluctuating bars and other charts.

         “What”? Evin asks looking at the woman taking notice of the familiar platinum hair.

         “Being in a deep sleep so long that when you wake up everything around you changed. The things you once knew are no longer there or the world you spent the majority of your life understanding is even more confusing it’s ever has been.”

         Then her fingers come to a halt as she stares at the ceiling.

         “I used to be somebody.” She says with a tinge of sorrow. “Now I’m, someone everyone walks pass without a second thought.”

         Evin eyes the woman with a perplexed look on his face. As if there was something important he forgot about the events that occurred before he broke his limit.

         Then she happily spins around clasping her hands behind her back.

         “But that doesn’t matter now.” She says with a smile on her face. “You’re awake now.”

         Her deep blue eyes jogged his memory as he gasps in shock.

         “You’re…You’re the one who was inside that metal casket.” Evin says. “Karma?”

         “Don’t call me that!” She shouts in a burst of rage. “Her irises glowed gold as her face twisted to a deep frown.”

         Evin jerks his head back taken by surprise by her outburst.

         “Don’t...call me by that name.” She says calming her tone. She closes her eyes for a few moments before opening them to their original deep-blue color.

         “Well what do I call you?” Evin says eying the woman.

         “Kaleen.” The woman says as she saunters up to Evin looking up as he’s suspended in the air.

         “Poor thing,” she says gracing her finger on his stomach and sliding it down towards his navel. This is no way for a dragon to be treated don’t you think.

         “I’m not a dragon.” Evin says with a firm head shake. “I just turned into that because I exceeded my limit.”

         “If you had exceeded your limit, you’d already be dead nor would you’ve returned to your human form.” The woman quickly informs.

         Evin shakes his head in denial but couldn’t come up with the words to combat her logic.

         “Listen,” she says as she folds her arms. “As we speak, the military are gathering their greatest scientist and mages to tear into your body and mind. Using methods that people would find horrific. “You may not believe that you’re a dragon,” she continues pointing at him. “But they certainly do. And if you want to escape I suggest you quickly come to terms with what’s happening.”

         Her words brings Evin’s thoughts of denial to a standstill.

         She’s right, he think as he lowers his head. But there has to be some explanation. My mom nor dad never told me that I was a dragon. They must be dragons too.

         “Alright,” Evin says looking back at the woman. “But if or when we break out of here I have to see my parents.”

         “Great.” She says with a clap of her hands. “Now hold on a sec while I configure a few things. Have to make sure not to set off the alarm.”

         She turns around and brings up the holographic keyboard and starts typing.

         As she types away, glancing pensively at the screen, Evin couldn’t help thinking about her intentions or motives. Why was she helping him? In fact what is she?

         “Hey.” Evin speaks.

         “Its best not to disturb me while I’m doing this.” She says fingers inaudibly tapping various keys. “One wrong move and things are going to get complicated.”

         “What’s your take in all this? Why are you helping me?”

         “Isn’t it obvious?” She says beaming with delight that Evin couldn’t see. “You’re my little dragon.”

         “Little Dragon?” Evin says head tilted sideways.

         “That’s right.”

         “I don’t get what you’re saying.” Evin says.

         “And there…”She says as the large barrel slowly retreats into the ceiling as it spirals close.

         Evin breathe a sigh of relief as the humming inside the chamber ceases and he falls to the floor in a loud gong.

         “Alright, all I have to do now is disarm the security controls so we can escape.”

         Evin plops on his backside wringing his wrists and ankles from the throbbing pain caused by bracelets and anklets. He looks up at the woman busily typing away on her holographic terminal in silence. To Evin, the woman was well built. Slender tall and a graceful air about her that made him somewhat attracted to her. However, this wasn’t the only time he fell for a beautiful woman and if he had learned anything with Anitra, if it’s too good to be true, then it usually is.

         Then, the lights shits dark red and a blaring alarm booms through the chamber. Evin’s eyes widen in horror as his head tilts up.

         Warning, a female robotic voice spoke through the intercoms. Security breach detected in chamber 5.

         “Whoopsie.” The woman says as she scratches her head. “I forgot, first lieutenants don’t belong in the security servers. Hehe.”


         2920 hours earlier.

         Traction Resort is the hotspot for travelers looking to get away from space faring to enjoy good scenery and exotic foods. Located on Planet Yamnon, an earth-like planet in the Nonalus planet system, the pub is situated between a beach where one could see the green ocean and the forest where towering blue leafed trees with living antenna’s giving off an a natural relaxing aroma. Although a paradise, Planet Yamnon lies outside the council’s jurisdiction therefore, all businesses are made and funded by criminal organizations. Nevertheless, anyone who pays their fare would enjoy a safe relaxing vacation without the worries of authorities, government or non-government. Untill…

         A human musician stands at his Theremin waving his hand in its space playing relaxing chords as waiters and waitresses carry treys of wine and food to customers. The elven bartender wearing black dress shirt and slacks busily shakes cocktails as waitresses pick up their orders from the counter top. Black tables float inside as glowing orbs hung by green vines from the ceiling. Although the music was calm, a group of burly orcs sat at the center most table with loud cheers and drunken celebratory laughter. With piles of exotic food on the table ranging from yellow squid and black furred octopus, the orcs tore into their meals and tossed finished bones across the room as their bulky green-skinned elbows knock over wine cups, spilling their contents on the floor.

         “Hey waiter,” one orc shouts with a deep booming voice. “More wine and food!”

         A door flings open and several attractive waitresses from dark elf to human burst from the door carrying treys of food hurriedly rush towards the table to serve the boisterous customers. Seeing a human beauty, an orc wraps his bulky arm around her slender waists and yanks her close to him. The brunette woman’s eyes widen in shock as she drops her plate on the floor.

         “Hey babe,” he says with a stench loaded belch. “How about you and I have a little fun eh?” He pulls her close as grease from his hand soil her mini skirt. He wiggles his wet, pink tongue licking her rosey cheeks. The woman turns her head away in disgust from the heavy stench and the musty aroma from his exposed armpits.

         “No!” She protests get away from me. She grabs a wine bottle and smashes it against his head spilling purple liquid over his green skin. The act didn’t faze the orc in the least but it did cause him to release her as she darts away back to the kitchen.

         Laughter erupts from the table as they held out their drinks towards the wine soaked orc.

         “Looks like she didn’t like you.” One orc shouts in laughter.

         A lone patron, sits near the wall a few tables behind the rowdy group. Wiggling her cowboy boots plopped on the glass table she leans back against the black curved bench and watch amusingly at the events playing out. Her wool Stetsons hat sits comfortably on her auburn hair as she taps her finger on her holster. As she cases the group, a blue cloak- hooded figure holding a briefcase saunters to the other side of her floating table and sits on the bench.

         “Good day Ms. Trixy how are enjoying things here at the resort?” He says clasping his hands on the table.

         “Not bad, she replies though this place is in dire need of some… her deep red eyes glance at the disruptive bunch.

         “Quality control.”

         “They’ve returned from a successful heist and decided to celebrate here.” The blue hooded individual says.

         “Did they now?” The woman says removing her feet from the table. She leans in amused resting her arm on the table to get a closer look at the hooded man’s face.

         “And how did you come across this information?” I don’t recall anyone knowing about this except for the one who gave me that information.

         “You’re as perceptive as ever Ms Trixy. Yes, we were the ones who tipped you off but our reasons for doing so were to see if you’d be able to accomplish the task.”

         “Then why are you here? I haven’t finished the job yet.”

         “To offer you another job.” The hooded figure says.

         “What?” The woman says slightly tilting her head sideways.

         “Ofcourse you still have to deal with the orcs before you can pursue this next target”

         “Pfft..Forget it,” she says with a dismissive wave. “I don’t like organizations shrouded in mystery. They tend stab you in the back if you get too deep with them. I only did this job for the credits and the vacation spot. They have some of the best ale a brewery could produce in a planet system.”

         “Well that’s terribly unfortunate” The figure says shaking his head. I hoped you’d be more aggregable considering your situation.”

         “What are you talking about?” The woman says as her eyes narrow while clenching the grip of her 439 Rugers laser pistol holstered at her hip.

         “To be honest, you wasn’t our first option when we decided to look for a bounty hunter.” The figure says as he raises a napkin to his face dabbing a bead of sweat running down his face.

         Trixy’s nerves settles as she releases her pistol and leans back against the bench.


         “Your older sister Vanity.”

         The woman freezes in silence hearing her sister’s name. Her head turns away in distant thought as memories of her past haunts her.

         You’ll never inherit our father’s legacy.

         Words that always tore her to her core.

         “She told us that the orc job was way below her level of expertise and suggested that we offer it to you. Being the famous bounty hunter that she is, I figured that there’s some type of rivalry going on?”

         “It’s nothing to write home about. Trixy says with a disappointing sigh. She’s worth her salt as a bounty hunter and she hasn’t failed a job. Just wish she wasn’t looking down on me for it.”

         “Well that’s why we came to you? Ms Trixy” the figure says elatedly. “A new mark has showed up recently a high value mark at that. If you accept it, we’ll pay you half right now and the other half whenever you bring him in.”

         “Him?” She asks raising an eyebrow.

         Then the boy lifts the black leather brief case and places it on the table. Opening the latches, he opens it and a light blue glow erupts into Trixy’s face. Light blue rectangular crystals lined neatly in a row pleased her eyes as she removes her hat and places it on the table. Gracing the crystal’s wavy surface with the tips of her finger, she feels a rush of warmth course up her arm.

         “Novarian Crystals.” She says. “All of them real and authentic. How did you managed to get so many in one place?”

         Noviarian Crystals is to the universe as gold is to earth but with more magical properties. They are primarily use to instantly reduce the users magic score back to zero, giving them a significant advantage for those heavily relying on magic. They are extremely valuable in any market with prices so high that just one alone can afford a life of lavish and luxury.

         Then, the hooded figure slid a flat picture across the table with Evin’s face on it. Trixy grabs the picture and squeaks back into her wooden bench staring at the photo of him wearing his work issued overalls.
His name is Evin Heartright, twenty four years old. Scored low on his aptitude test and could only work as a miner.

         “So you want me to hunt this guy?” She asks glancing at the hooded figure in front of him.

         The figure gives a single nod as she keeps his face from view.

         “What did he do to fetch such a high price?”

         “That information is classified I’m afraid. Bear in mind this payment is more of an accessory for use than a reward. I highly recommend against selling these crystals until you bring him to us. If there’s a need to use them, please don’t hesitate.”

         “And you’re giving me more once the jobs done.” She says closing the brief case.

         “Yes. But please be careful when handling him. He’s…unpredictable.”

         “I’ll keep that in mind.” She says as she takes the picture and shoves it into her light brown leather coat making sure that it was in her inner pocket.

         “So how do I contact…”

         She looks up only to see an empty bench with no one in sight.

         “Figures.” she sighs sitting back on the bench shaking her head.

         She ponders for few moments scratching her head. Normally she wouldn’t accept a job so abruptly especially from a dubious organization. But the pay is too good to pass up and it’s a perfect opportunity to show her sister that she just as worthy of her father’s legacy just as she is. Even if she didn’t inherit it, the down payment alone will defiantly make her sister her jealous.

         A devious sneer sweeps across her face as she takes her Stetson hat and graces it back on her head. She pulls back her sleeve and checks her score reader. Tapping the rectangular device twice it blinks on.


         “Well better get started, she says as she opens the brief case taking one crystal out and closing it. She sits the case on the seat and saunters pass the drinking orcs with her boots thudding the floor. Slamming the blue crystal on the counter, she calls for the bartender.

         Give me the largest glass of ale you got.” She says.

         “Um…”The bartender says eyes fixated on the crystal. “Madam this is way too much.”

         “Take it, she says it’s for the whole building if you get what I mean.” She says jerking her head towards the orcs at the table.

         The bartender’s eyes bounce between the woman and the group behind. Understanding what’s about to happen, she nods and takes the crystal from the bar.

         “Please dish out more pain to the brute in charge.” She says. “For humiliating one of my girls.”

         “More pain? No problem.” Trixie says.

         The woman smiles as she turns around grabs a large handled beer mug. Filling its contents to the brim, she places the mug on the table for Trixie to take. Tasting the cold bittersweet liquid, Trixie’s body quivers in delight as she clears half the cup.

         “Damn that’s good” she says wiping the foam from her lips. She turns around and walks towards the group.

         “Cheers” she shouts thrusting her mug above her.

         The group cease their chatter and all turn towards her squeaking in their chairs with their ivory tusks covered in food stains.

         “To the last successful heist.”

         The orc’s smile disappear upon hearing the words final and seeing the pistols holstered at her side.

         “Pulling off a heist is nothing to take lightly. I’m sure all of you did your part in tailing cargo ships, disabling them and stealing everything that’s inside.”

         She lowers her cup as she places a hand on her hips.

         “Unlucky for all of you that particular ship belonged to someone who has enough credits to automatically place a bounty on whoever steals it. Which is the reason why I’m here”

         The smooth scalp orcs glare at Trixy as she throws her head back to finish her drink. One orc sitting in front her springs out of his chair, yanks out a machete and swings it downward. In a flash the bounty hunter yanks out a pistol and unleashes a red bolt into its face. The orc head jerks back as his body soars across the room shattering table and chairs as he collides into them.

         She finishes her drink and slams it on the table in front of the growling orcs.

         All of them spring up from their seats and aim their laser rifles at her. She leaps back and snaps her fingers just before they unleash a barrage of lasers. A light-blue glyph appears in front of her and the green lasers bounce off, pelting the walls and roofs.

         “Keep firing!” One orc shouts as green lights flash from their muzzles.

         She un-holsters her second pistol and points each in opposite directions towards the walls.

         A narrow eyed sneer spreads across her face as she unleashes several red bolts towards the wall. Blue glyphs appear on the wall as the bolts bounce off them and tear through two orcs filling their legs with sizzling holes. The orcs collapse to the floor but another tosses his laser assault rifle to the floor, raises his palm and clench his wrist with his free hand. Embers pop from his light green palm and erupts into ball of fire. Swelling to the size of a beach ball, the orc unleashes the burning sphere consuming everything in its path.

         Trixy raises an alarmed eyebrow and dives away as the burning sphere slams into the glyph in a fiery earsplitting blast. The glyph shatters like glass and vanishes amidst the smoke and embers. Trixy rises to a knee and pear at the black shadows beyond the smoke.

         “Not the brightest star in space aren’t we” She says as she crosses her neon lighted revolvers in front of her face. She shuts her eyes and focuses. A deep chill travel up her spine and into her hands and the neon lights on her pistols turn from red to blue. Cold frost cascade from the muzzle and she stands to her feet.

         An orc burst from the cloud of smoke with an angry war cry waving his machete over his head. The woman quickly unleashes a single bolt of blue energy into its face freezing it in a block of ice. The orc collapse on the floor dropping his machete.

         She adjusts her Stetson hat and looks down at the orc’s frozen face widen with surprise.

         “Magic scores tend to drain quickly if you lack the brains to use it properly.” She informs sneering at her victim. “But you never stood a chance in the first place.”

         However an orc springs out from behind clasps her neck and slams her against the wall. Her head bumps the structure and her hat flies off and floats on the floor revealing her bun-wrapped auburn hair. Using its brute strength, the orc lifts Trixy and her feet dangles in the air. She feels the orc’s grip tighten across her neck as she clench her teeth in pain.

         The orc angrily grins as the tip of his blade touches her reddened face.

         “I’m goanna slice up that pretty face of yours.” He growls as his rotten fish breath fills her nose.

         “That’s… sweet fish breath, but you forgot something”

         “What?” The orc asks.

         “I still have my pistols”

         Then two reverberating pops echo through the bar. The orc’s eyes strain in pain as he releases her neck and backs away. Trixy lands on her feet and see’s the orc grasp his gut as he backs away. Ice crystals spreads from his stomach to his waist as his body shivers to the core.

         “Big on brawn small on brains,” she says twirling her pistols on her index fingers. “Should’ve laid low instead on spending your catch on lavish parties.”

         Her twirling halts and she trains both her pistols at the half-frozen orc.

         “Now to fulfill the bartender’s request”

         Her pistols recoil as she unleashes a barrage cold energy bolts freezing his entire body leaving only his head untouched.

         “There” She says as she holsters her pistols. She reaches down, picks up her hat pats it on her leg, and graces it back on her head. She saunters up to the frozen statue. The shivering orc’s eyes fill with fear as she reaches grabs onto his tusk with two of her fingers.

         “This is going to hurt” She warns before snapping his tusk off his face. The orc’s painful wail tears through the bar as the woman playfully tosses it up and catches it in her hand.

         “My t t tusk! It hurts!” He shouts in a cold shudder.

         She walks to the food table and with one sweep of her arm, clears its contents, spilling them on the floor. Raising her arm she checks her score reader on her wrist.


         “Almost made me break a sweat” She mumbles to herself as she snaps her finger. The tip of her index finger glows and with it, draws a neat circle with an even sided cross inside. She places the tusk dead center of the glyph and it turns green. The glowing symbol grows until it hovers over all of the groaning orcs and the woman walks towards her seat. She grabs the suit case full of crystals and makes for the exit. Pulling the picture from her back pocket she stares at it and a half smile graces her face.

         “Well Mr. Heartright, Looks like we have a date”

         A bright light envelops the orcs under the glyph and they vanish in a flash of light.
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